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Character Statting - Yurei - 5 Games (Updated)

This is a recently inspired character from a bit of transformation-based art that hit my deviantart notifications. The actual art is more than a little NSFW so it won't be linked here (though I did find a good yurei picture by Genzoman). The original idea wasn't all that deep and was mostly a sexy twist on the Japanese ghost lady story. I'm going to take a slightly different tack here.

Not many games statted here yet, all three Powered by the Apocalypse, I may come back to this later with some Hero System and Fate stattings, but it's late.

Update: Added Fate Core - Venture City Stories and D&D 5e Stats, intended based on a modern setting.

Basic concept involves a "cursed brothel" which I theorize is actually a sort of underworld resort frequented by various female spirits that occasionally touches on the mortal realm on dark, foggy nights. This affords the various yurei, banshees, spectres, valkyries, vampires, revenants and the like a period in which they can basically have a payday party, enjoy mortal food and have a rare friendly encounter with the occasional mortal that stumbles on their party. 

Said mortals are safe in carousal as long as they avoid eating the fruit, which all comes from the Underworld. Perhaps it is a necessity for the women to nourish themselves in the mortal world, perhaps it is present specifically to act as a sort of recruitment for more numbers to the ranks of the underworld, but those who eat of the fruit become a woman of the underworld with all the responsibilities that come with that position. Exactly what sort of spirit they become depends on which fruit they ate first.

The character in question, however, didn't eat the fruit on the premises. She sort of wandered into the place when it was touching on the mortal realm, absent-mindedly picked up some fruit and wandered out again without drawing much attention. She didn't actually taste the fruit until the following morning when the party had already come to an end and the resort no longer touched the mortal world.

Soon after eating the fruit, she felt a bit hot and on shedding what she thought were her clothes, found that she had shed her mortal body instead. The situation, however, has left her in a bit of a loophole of supernatural law, assuming a legalistic cosmology a la the Chinese mythology where Hell and Heaven aren't enemies but just different departments of the celestial government. She hasn't broken any laws to either enter the mortal world illegally or steal the power of the underworld and, as such, she doesn't suffer the curse of having to feed on mortals to remain. She doesn't have any sort of assignment so she's compelled to take no actions. She's basically on a sort of indefinite vacation free to interact with mortals as she chooses.

Masks - Playbook: The Doomed

Hero Name: Yurei
Real Name: Lisa MacKenzie
Look: Woman, Asian (Japanese post transformation), Haunted Eyes, Unassuming Clothing, No Costume

Abilities: Telekinesis (supernatural hair), Body Transmutation

Nemesis: Jakel, a particularly uptight celestial functionary who seems particularly offended by Lisa's situation and is trying to find a way to close the loophole that that she enjoys.

  • Danger +1
  • Freak +1
  • Savior +1
  • Superior -1
  • Mundane +1
Doom: If Yurei's Doom comes about then she will be recalled to the Underworld and only able to interact with the mortal world within the limits of the laws governing travel between the two realms. Either that or she would have the break the laws which would essentially make her a monster or villain. On the plus side, getting deported to the Underworld doesn't preclude a happy life, but it does mean a bit of a separation from any friends or family she has in the mortal world.

Her Doom is advanced by harming innocents (as that would weaken her position with the celestial government) and speaking about it openly (can't speak about an active legal case).

Doom Signs: Start with Portal because Yurei are often able to appear out of nowhere. (Using her Doom Signs advances her Doom because it forces her to touch on the underworld and risks breaking the loop hole leaving her on Earth).

Sanctuary: Her former house has become gradually more haunted and underworld-touched as she has lived there. If her doom falls, it is likely to pass completely into the underworld with her.
  • Aide or Assistant, a minor god of limited powers (probably less dangerous than most human soldiers) who is essentially her legal advisor.
  • Art, music and food. 
  • A power enhancement system, she is more powerful in her house.
  • Tied intricately to her Doom
  • Draws dangerous attention.

Monster of the Week - Playbook: The Spooky

Lisa MacKenzie (appears Japanese since her transformation)
Alternate Playbooks: The Monstrous, The Divine, The Changeling

  • Charm +1
  • Cool +0
  • Sharp +1
  • Tough -1
  • Weird +2
Look: Asian woman, Dark Eyes, Casual Clothes

Dark Side: Secrets (can't discuss her supernatural legal situation), Dark Bargain (touchy supernatural legal limits), Paranoia (worries about breaking her loophole)

Moves: Hunches (know when something bad is going on and appear to intervene), The Big Whammy (Use +Weird to Kick Some Ass by engaging her Yurei powers), The Sight (see and communicate with the spirit world)

Luck: 7

Urban Shadows - Archetype: The Tainted

Look: Asian woman, Dark Eyes, Casual Clothes
Yurei Form: Long, twisting dark hair; blackened nails; pale skin; dark eyes
Demonic Jobs: Delivering threats and messages, guarding someone or something (these are essentially "while you're there" bits from the underworld and heaven)

Demeanor: Detached

Stats: Blood +1, Heart +1, Mind +0, Spirit +0
Factions: Mortality +2, Night -1, Power +0, Wild +1

Moves: The Devil Inside, Invocation

Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Warlock

Human Variant
Str: 11
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 12
Wis: 10
Cha: 16
HP: 10
AC: 12

Proficiency Bonus: +2

Ability Score Increase

Armor Proficiencies: Light Armor
Weapons: Simple Weapons
Saving Throws: Wisdom, Charisma
Languages: English, Japanese

Background: Cloistered Scholar

Feats: Lucky

History (Cloistered Scholar)
Nature (Cloistered Scholar)
Religion (Warlock)
Investigation (Warlock)
Persuasion (Human)

Pact Magic
Otherworldly Patron: The Undying
Among the Dead

Spell Slots: 1
Spell Level: 1st

Cantrips: Spare the Dying, Chill Touch, Prestidigitation
1st Level Spells: Hex, Arms of Hadar

Fate Core - Venture City Stories

Defining Aspect: Rookie Yurei
Trouble: Absent-Minded Is Understating Things
Other Aspects: In a Loophole between Mortal and Spirit, A Remarkably Quick Study, Celestial Legal Advisor

Lore +4
Will +3, Stealth +3
Rapport +2, Burglary +2, Physique +2
Resources +1, Crafts +1, Athletics +1, Empathy +1

Telekinetic Hair: Use Will to physically manipulate objects in place of Physique when using her hair. Use Will to physically attack in place of Fight when using her hair.
Special Effects: Forced Movement, Extra Action

Yurei Movement: A successful Burglary attempt to bypass a barrier allows her to pass the barrier without removing it. (teleportation/walking through walls/dematerialization/etc)
Special Effects: Extra Movement, Physical Recovery

Stunts: I've Read About That, Shield of Reason, Specialist: Underworld Law

Physical Stress: OOO
Mental Stress: OOOO

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