Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sentinels of the Multiverse just some thoughts

 Some basic situations.

Turn Order

  1. Villain Turn
  2. Hero Turns (3-5)
  3. Environment Turn
  4. Rinse Repeat

Villain Turn Order

  1. Start of Turn Effects
  2. Play Card
  3. End of Turn Effects 

Hero Turn Order

  1. Start of Turn Effects
  2. Play a Card (by default only 1 Card)
  3. Use a Power (by default only 1 Power)
  4. Draw a Card (if you skip BOTH steps 2 and 3 you draw an extra card)
  5. End of Turn Effects 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Juri Como's Hero Career

 Okay, time to figure out what sort deeds Juri achieved during her period as a hero. Hero is as far as we're going here because I want to put my thoughts on demigod elsewhere. For one thing, demigod isn't complete yet, though we are getting to see bits and pieces of it now that the kickstarter is going on. It's enough to do some planning with but has the caveat that mechanics may change when the actual games come out. So, anyway, let's move on to figuring out the deeds.

Looking at my GM's summary list of stuff we did we have the following (in her words).

  • Utgaard-Loki sets you moving on finding Kaguya under threat of being tougher than you.
  • First meeting with the Sumiyoshi of setting out.
  • Kaguyahime's requests are impossible.
  • Austria, healing the toxic cave.
  • Red Stone of Aja = get, Kaguya = Marry, Life = Awesome, Kaguya's immortality = stolen by Utgaard-Loki...oh no.
    • The marry here relates to one of the other band-mates, a Chosen of Artemis.
  • Amaterasu hates you now for letting some 'more immortal than even other gods' immortality fall into titan hands.
  • Second meeting with the Sumiyoshi of travelling.
  • Island of anonymity, hiding from everyone, getting in a fight with a scion of Odin in front of all those camera phones is not hiding you trashpandas.
  • Ruya joins the party. Ruya melts the forest. Ruya wrecks the anonymity on the island even worse than you guys already did. Nice Job Breaking It Hero. The Teotl also hate you for this now.
  • Third meeting with the Sumiyoshi of arrivals.
  • We like Laura, we should recruit her. Oh shit, how do I break her being a corpse puppet to this group?

The next item on the list is "Welcome to Demigod, enjoy the buffet." And while that would indicate that the adventure with the cannibal spider adventure is the point at which the players entered Demigod, and in 1e that was correct, but there you started at Legend 2 and 3 moves of Legend put you to 5. And given my ideas for Juri's Theophany, it presents a good bookend for an adventure involving a spider Juri had to fight being the story putting her into the last rung of the Hero tier.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Combat Hurricane

So, before moving on to converting Juri's 1e adventuring career into 2e deeds and such, I think I'm actually going pull out a series of charts I put together once upon a time to figure out a little bit about Juri's webcomic and the anime that was eventually based on it. So, I didn't know too much about save a couple of things: she borrowed from the adventures of herself and other Legendary types for her story arcs, it was an interdimensional shounen action extravaganza, and people meeting her kawaiiko self might have trouble believing that it is something she wrote and drew.

However,  while her art was a constant thing she used, her webcomic was only mentioned now and again as a background thing. Like she used her fans to get things done and some of her fans actually became her yokai followers later. But there was little discussion of what her webcomic was actually like.

So, here we go.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Scion Conversion Juri Como

Juri Como is a character I played in a first edition Scion campaign. She is a daughter of Bentaizen and an Australian man....whose name I sadly can't remember because he never actually showed up in game or became relevant. Her early childhood was spent sheltered from enemies by a clan of jurougumo before being delivered to her mortal father in Sydney. So, she has a bit of a friendly attitude toward spiders in general. Juri grew up to be a webcomic mangaka who became a popular success but she was always aware that she was special.

As an archetype, Juri was about a couple of things: being unbelievably cute and adorable; spiders; pretending to be an complete airhead to screw with people, and turning her manga into literal magic.

During her time as a hero, Juri was gifted with her "Fire Rat Kimono" and that caused fire to become a part of her nature. She gained the service of a number of spider-yokai that were fire-spiders rather than the typical watery jurougumo or earth-dwelling tsuchigumo. Said yokai were the spirits of fans of hers that had died and been resurrected as yokai in her service.

I don't have a real inkling of her Origin adventures since we jumped right into Hero, because that's what you had in 1e.
As a note, her webcomic, which was getting an anime, was titled "Combat Hurricane" and I never really designed it much, dealt more with the fans and such than anything.

So, now it's time to build her directly as a 2e Scion.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Gender and Sexuality in Divine Blood

Some of this is inspired by real life but a lot of it is just created for the setting. I put a note next to one item in particular that gave a pre-reader a concern as to whether that was actually a thing that happened in real life. Also note that I am cis myself, so I have limited perspective on some of this stuff. I have help from people that know more than me and they've generally approved of this write up. If I can get a good write up for 2nd mechanics done I plan to include something like this in the book. 

The General Public 

The average human considers sex to be an intensely personal and intimate subject not to be discussed in open conversation. Many major religions include a concept that sex is at best a distraction from greater issues and at worst a dangerous lure to sinful behavior. Individuals that espouse a philosophy of being more open about sex and the discussion of it are often characterized as making excuses for promiscuous behavior. This is to the point that most cultures avoid giving their adolescents anything like a proper education on how sex and sexuality works. In this culture of avoidance and willful ignorance, deviations from the norm stand out and tend to make people feel uncomfortable. 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Computer Games I'd like to see

I'm going to organize this by Game Genre first and then Story Genre and list some similar games and things I was dissatisfied with on that game. Sometimes I'll list specific world settings I'd like to see.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Note on the Daughter of Eisen 7th Sea Fanfic

This is dangerous for my intention, because I'm trying to jumpstart my writing habits again, but next week there's a lot of call for extra hours at work and I could use the extra money, so I'll probably put a pause on this for the next week. Just so people know what's up. Not that I have that many readers, if any, right now.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Whispered Words - 7th Sea Fanfic

Next Survey 


Kirsten looked over her shoulder but could see no one. It wasn't the first time she'd thought she'd heard whispers on the wind. But this was the first time she'd heard a discernible word. Her jaw clinched and sucked in a breath past her teeth waiting. But the whispering did not continue and slowly she relaxed.

Suddenly the pressure of the grey sky seemed so much heavier than it had before. She looked down instead, out over the forest.The trees stood rustling in the wind that was now dwindling. The nearby forest was thin and easy to walk or ride through, but the thick and ancient core of the forest was visible from the tower. The barren, rocky coast was harder to survey. Most of it was obscured by the cliffs rising out of the ocean.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Rot and Dawn - 7th Sea Fanfic

Kirsten looked back towards the ship and saw the sailors hauling the limp form of the captain out of the wreck of the ship.  She tapped Seona on the shoulder and pointed to the sight. The older woman nodded and hurried down the beach as they were bringing the insensate figure to a place far from both the wreck and the piles of still twitching body parts.

"I was wondering where he was," Seona muttered. As she leaned down she sniffed and then shook her head. "Well, looks like someone can't handle their liquor."

The First Mate nodded. "Captain likes to have bit of mead when he's not on duty, but doesn't usually overindulge."

Diona Apostu - Savage Worlds Adventurers Edition: Deadlands


  • Agility - d6
  • Smarts - d6
  • Spirit - d8
  • Strength - d6
  • Vigor - d6

Monday, March 9, 2020

The Land of her Blood - 7th Sea Fanfic

Lightning struck out across the sky, branching out along the clouds like the roots of a tree followed by a peeling roar of thunder. Kirsten stumbled up the wet stairs and gripped at the railing. Looking about she could see the waves rolling high alongside of the ship. A flash stretched down from the sky and slammed into the water alongside of the ship, Kirsten rose a hand up to shield her eyes from the sudden flush of light.

"I think you'd be better served below decks!" the First Mate shouted loudly. 

Sentinels of the Multiverse just some thoughts

 Some basic situations. Turn Order Villain Turn Hero Turns (3-5) Environment Turn Rinse Repeat Villain Turn Order Start of Turn Effects Play...

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