Sunday, September 17, 2017

M-Com Mission Report - Operation: Burning Reality

M-Com Campaign

With the Mexico City ritual in good hands, Carracci and Kasper moved on towards the combined task of leaving a false trail to draw attention from what remains of Suidobashi Heavy Industries. In the course of her tracking activity and laying false trails, Carracci tripped some security protocols while in-flight and drew some attention from some of the local government where they landed. While they had the governmental authority to deal with the situation, they didn't want to waste time dealing with red tape and instead tried to slip the net of federal agents attempting to wrap up the hacker they had detected. In the course of their attempts to get out unnoticed, Carracci unfortunately triggered a power outage in the airport. However, Kasper took advantage of this and his as always aggressively offensive attitude to play the part of the offended businessman threatening to stir up a stink. In the confusion, Carracci was able to slip out.

At Mexico City, Katkemat and the other mystics took it upon themselves to set the site for the ritual to take place a little bit outside of the city upon a lesser but connected ley line nexus. This would minimize the number of civilians in danger and make it less obvious as to where they might be performing the ritual from. As per his now normal routine, Thomas used the magic that allowed the Spooky Girl to take his place in the ritual leaving him free to act as a security along its edges.

Upon acquiring a new laptop to replace the one that had been fried, Carracci received several bits of warning from her watches on Suidobashi Heavy Industries alerting her that they were moving several sets of mercenaries to attack the Cinco de Mayo festivities themselves rather than wasting time trying to track down the M-Com ritual. Upon discovering that, she passed on the information to the rest of the team and tracked down several such mercenary teams with a set of information to be delivered toward the appropriate authorities in each city and country where Suidobashi was targeting Cinco de Mayo festivals. She managed to get the information out to everyone on the night before.

Angered by this deliberate targeting of civilians, Thomas darted out to the nearest field that he could and released a display of magical ability to serve as a challenge to Hikozaemon and his minions. This resulted in Hikozaemon's human mercenaries losing their direction and focus as he turned attention away from them and leaving them easy prey to the authorities that Carracci was anonymously maneuvering from her location in the States. Thomas, however, received a bit more attention than he originally expected.

Hikozaemon opened numerous rifts onto prehistoric Earth spilling a horde of monsters that may have been Neanderthals or other homonids corrupted by the same energy that was used in Kazakstan to create the emotion beasts. He managed to avoid their attacks at the start, slashing several of them deeply, but the rifts were still pouring out more monsters. Fortunately, Kasper had planned for the idea that Thomas might do something a bit reckless and Valerio made an appearance taking advantage of her crystalline body to wield a mini-gun and unleash automatic death upon the mutated Neanderthal beasts that pressed Thomas.

Intimidating the other mystics around her with both her prowess and attitude, Katkemat provided some cover for this event by summoning a storm designed to keep all the locals inside and out of trouble. Then, while Valerio and Thomas held each others' flanks against the swarm of monsters, she worked to seal the rifts closed. In doing so her magic entwined with that of Hikozaemon's and they had a brief face to face conversation which confirmed that he had a patron he was working for and that he had been part of making most of the normal conduits for time travel unsafe. At that point he boasted about how he would defeat Katkemat shortly before she unceremoniously ended his spell and shut down the rifts.

Valerio and Thomas cleaned up the remaining monsters and called a team to dispose of the bodies. Further teams pushed the idea that the sound of gunfire and flashes of bright lights that came out of the battle and rifts was due to some people celebrating the night before Cinco de Mayo despite the presence of the heavy rain.

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