Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Support - Just a Game Avatar

Your build is meant to enhance and heal your team-mates.
  • You get 1:
    • Healing Techniques – When you Tap a Skill that includes recovering Health or Mana, the Skill heals 1 more Health and/or Mana than it would normally. (Thus, if you took the Heal effect twice, you would heal 3 Health. If you took both the Heal and Mana Recover effect, you would heal 2 Health and recover 2 Mana to the target)
    • Revive – When you Tap a Skill you can choose to Revive an ally that has fallen to 0 Health provided you can reach them in time. They revive with 4 Health and 2 Mana.
  • You choose 1:
    • Bolstering Health – When you Tap a Skill to increase a target’s Health, you can give them Health more than their maximum. This can represent ablative barriers, extra regeneration or even temporary health. Any extra Health goes away at the end of the scene.
    • Recall Friend – When you Tap a Skill you can use it to teleport an ally within the same zone to your current location.
    • Pacifism – As long as a skill does not affect an enemy, the GM cannot choose “You Draw Aggro” as a flaw when you take an extra effect.
    • Karmic Reversal – When you Shield Other and roll 10+, you can change the enemy’s damage into recovering any combination of Health or Mana up to its Weapon Damage as an option rather than choosing one of the normal options. If you choose this option, you spend 1 Mana.
    • Cleansing – When you use Tap a Skill to Dispel a negative status, you receive a +1 Forward to the roll.

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