Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One-Shot Gaming Sessions #3: Accursed

This is in preparation for the next One-Shot game we tackle, Accursed by Melior Via.  We have at least one more session of Numenera to get through at the time of this posting.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Numenera Mods for the One-Shot

Okay, we tried the system as written and had issues both with the published adventure and the system.  We can't do much about the adventure without a lot of work, but I can implement some of the mods I've seen discussed in other areas to see if we can address the system.

Kuro One-Shot Part 4

This is part four, and the conclusion, of the Kuro One-Shot session:

Kuro One-Shot Part 3

This is part 3 of the Kuro One-Shot session:

Kuro One-Shot Part 2

This is part two of the Kuro One-Shot session:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Strands of Fate Character Creation

A quick summary of character creation in Strands of Fate with a focus on Divine Blood.

5e Tiefling War Sergeant

This is a build for a 5e Tiefling infantry sergeant.  This is based on a character of mine named Shard from a 4e PbP game that fizzled away early.  She was a tiefling from a poor part of time that joined the military to earn money for her siblings'. She was a fighter with elements of warlord.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Kevin Reardon - Confident School Athlete

Name: Kevin Reardon

Forrest Mason - Injured Team Captain

Name: Forrest Mason

Jennifer Summers - Lemurian Swim Team Captain

Name: Jennifer Summers

Piper Costas - Exhibitionist Sculptor

Name: Piper Costas

Quincey Haile - Gifted Actress

Name: Quincey Haile

Uriel Wisconsin - Empathic Jazz Musician

Name: Uriel Wisconsin

Bruce Walters - High School Politician

Name: Bruce Walters

Yancy Marlow - Laid Back Rich Kid

Name: Yancy Marlow

William Brasco - Friendly Pretty Boy

Name: William Brasco

Leah Killian - Activist Cheerleader Team Captain

Name: Leah Killian

Chiko Sawatoru - High Queen Bee

Name: Chiko Sawatoru

Jess Kara - Adopted Succubus Girl

Name: Jess Kara

Alexei Kanst - A Likeable Robot Geek

Name: Alexei Kanst

Elizabeth Audrey - Straight A Mary

Name: Elizabeth Audrey

Krystal Osprey - Self-Taught Shaper

Name: Krystal Osprey

Chei Green - Low Income Thug

Name: Chei Green

Dima Zaman - Gothy Gamer Girl

Name: Dima Zaman

Clint Faerbolg - Gung-Ho Half-Demon

Name: Clint Faerbolg

Torben Belenos - Conspiracy Theorist Blogger

Name: Torben Belenos

Miki Kwan - Ambitious Would Be Investigative Journalist

Name: Miki Kwan

Adrian Rocha - Icon of Local Reporting

Name: Adrian Rocha

Timon Brandon - Easy Going Track Coach

Name: Timon Brandon

Greta Van Hout - Ancient History Teacher

Name: Greta Van Hout

Elene Church - Eager Young Math Teacher

Name: Elene Church

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Homeless Characters Part 1

This is a list of characters who I would like to either write a story around, but don't have the time currently, or else would like to play, but have never found a game for them. Or, in some cases the game they were in ended before I could do much with them.

Day at the Fair - Divine Blood RPG: Demon Next Door - One-Shot Scenario

Jess Kara, as far as she knew, was a normal teenage girl. She knows she's adopted, the difference in hair color and complexion between her and her parents told her that easily enough. Waking up one morning with your pupils in the shape of a four-pointed star was a bit less easy to explain or understand. Her reaction was a bit over the top, but thank goodness they were back to normal before her parents came to see what's wrong. The fact of the matter is that Jess is a changeling, and her non-human DNA is starting to express itself. Actually, it's been expressing for weeks, she's just starting to notice it now and she is not reacting well.

Tuesday 22nd - Slot 2 - 12pm to 5pm - Day at the Fair - Divine Blood RPG (Fate-Based)

Virtuacon Don't Let the Sun Go Down Preparation

While the Gods and Demons have pulled back manipulating the countries of mortals, they still live in the world and spend their childhoods usually growing up on Earth.

Divine Blood Mindscape Basics

The Mindscape

Every being that has some sort of thought process has a mindscape, though the mindscape of sentient beings are much more intricate. Most people only ever catch glimpses of their mindscape during sleep and in dreams, and they forget most of what they see at those times. The mindscape is a reflection of a person’s personal understanding of reality and the way the world works. Every conviction, memory, goal and nightmare has some sort of reality within each individual’s mindscape.
Mindscapes can be quite beautiful places and oftentimes inexperienced psychics will find themselves distracted by the sights when they are first pulled into one by accident.

Divine Blood Demons and Gods

This is a discussion of Gods and Demons in the Divine Blood setting.

Computer Games I'd like to see

I'm going to organize this by Game Genre first and then Story Genre and list some similar games and things I was dissatisfied with on th...

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