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Terrorism, Trumpism, and Riots - Centerpoint Station Campaign - Session One

Piracy in the sector goes beyond the ability of the station to control and raises hostility among the foreign governments for the UTSNS's inability to protect their merchants. Offers of aid in securing the sector prompt immediate concern (terror) in everybody and Captain Sekai immediately calls for aid. Rumors fly about the station about aliens threatening to take over the sector. Information that the pirates have a carrier that was supposed to have been mothballed by the Terran navy is made public. Consulate row gets angry. A new bill is put to the Terran government that rises more ire. A UTSNS patrol group and a Yapathi escort group appear close on top of each other and the station raising tensions. A riot breaks out on the station fueled by hacker encouragement until it is defused. The riot disperses but the ship standoff continues...and then a Yax colony ship appears.

Centerpoint Station Campaign - Uncharted Worlds

The story of the events at Centerpoint Station.

Player Characters

  • Ar-Oki Maddox'Ki'Rav - Hybrid Emissary. (My character)
    • Programmed. Consul Personality 
  • Malina "Mal" Molleux - Human Smuggler
  • SUD0! -  Te'Akka Hacker Anarchist
  • Lieutenant Eoin Dauss - Augmented Human Pilot and Terran War-Hero
  • Zee-ale (spelling uncertain) - Xauntau telekinetic and Terran Marine Spec-Ops
Species and Empires
Miscellaneous Information


Centerpoint Station Campaign Information - Uncharted Worlds

Will try to add more as I pick up more.

Centerpoint Station Campaign Hub

Centerpoint Station 

  • Originally meant as a military refueling station to support war against the Commonality of Ir-Vol-Ta (Yax'Klalock)
  • When the short war with the Yax ended and this was no longer a hostile border, converted to a trade station.
  • In the Dido system.
  • Commanded by Captain Sekai
  • Defenses
    • Two fighter squadrons.
    • Point defense guns.
    • Green alert is the highest level of alert because not all species can see red.
  • Active Factions on board:
    • Consulate Row - Collectively the emissaries foreign to the Terran government.
    • NODE - Freedom of Information Anarcho-Hackers
      • No Obfuscated Data Existant
    • Starlight - Smugglers, underground railroad, transport refugees and the like.
      • Good smugglers
    • Secure Human Future - Human supremacist minority Poli-Sphere
    • Black Flag Pirates - In the sector more than the station.

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Centerpoint Station - Uncharted Worlds - Factions and Species

Xauntau and Yax'Klalock are not yet represented.

Centerpoint Station Campaign Hub

Ar-Oki Maddox'Ki'Rav, Hybrid Emissary

Centerpoint Station Campaign Hub

Species: Yax'Klalock Hybrid Emissary
Primer: The Yax'Klalock are an insectoid race often called the "Yax". They are a hive mind and have difficulty communicating with other species since they don't really require language in a classical sense. Most other species find them terrifying and have trouble thinking of them as anything other than monsters. However, the species is mildly pacifistic and fascinated with the idea of individualism. Also, the idea that one human or other individualistic species dying is the equivalent of their entire species being destroyed, so in general murder is horrifying to them and they try to avoid killing. In order to manage communication with other species they...kidn...captu...acqui... recruited several members of other species including humans take samples of genetics and memory engrams and used that to create some hybrid emissaries. These have some level of individuality while still being part of the hive mind and are capable of comprehension and use of language. Ar-Oki is one of these early generation emissaries.

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Gorgon Archer - Character Advancement - Savage Worlds Adventurer's Edition

In early games, Savage Worlds used an experience point system with advances coming after acquiring 4 experience points. Adventurer's Edition has moved toward a more general method. Advancement in this edition is basically determined by how long you want your campaign to go. The book suggests Advancing once at the end of each session for a short campaign and every other or every third session for longer ones. ETU was originally written for the earlier edition which used experience points and was designed so that Advances would occur in time with mid-terms and finals of each semester. Saving Throw Show seems to be running it so that an Advance occurs every three to four sessions resulting in an approximately 12 to 15 episode seasons (Season 1 is 15 episodes, season 2 and 3 are 12 episodes. Since they were part of playtesting the rules, I assume they were helping find a balance on when to place advances and settled on the every third session).

Rayna Farley - Savage Worlds Adventurer's Edition

Rayna was a former child performer who performed in mostly symphony appearances with a handful of pop-music appearances. There are a few albums out there that are popular in the classical music circles. In wider circles she's more well-known for her heavily publicized car accident and the legal battle that followed. Her parents and agent fought to get a piece of her royalties and insurance money. Thankfully, her uncles managed to secure her a portion of her own royalties. It's small compared to the whole sum, with her mother securing the bulk of the proceeds from her childhood career. The experience has left her a mix of bitter and appreciative of life. She has, maybe unwisely, chosen to double major and also spends a lot of time moving from one casual relationship to another.

(hard to find art for this, finding realistic prosthetics either involves photos of real people or major fantasy/sci-fi prosthetics)

Devon Benson - Savage Worlds Adventurer's Edition

Devon is from Austin and wasn't quite able to get into UT's science program. However, ETU has a respectable physics program as well and when he started looking into it, there were some weird stories about the area that might be a bit interesting to look into in his free-time. He has spent a lot of time and focus on building up his knowledge and understanding of the natural world and is prone to stick his nose into things that people might not want him to get involved with.

Sienna Wallace - Savage Worlds Adventurer's Edition

From the ETU Archetypes book
Sienna is a character I'd like to play for ETU, a grandchild of Forrester Harris, the half-demon ex-sheriff who now runs a small pawn shop. She is unaware of her grandfather's inhuman nature, but her mother and father, a fire-fighter and EMT respectively, both do. The family has a history of civic service and at least bordering on heroism and her mother also dipped into her demonic heritage to help with that. But they're hoping Sienna will avoid that and the danger that being supernatural attracts. Unfortunately for them, Sienna is looking into Law Enforcement like her grandfather which is likely to put her closer and closer to having to choose a side in the cosmic battlefield the way her mother and grandfather did.

Jennifer Summers - Savage Worlds Adventurer's Edition

I already did a version of Jennifer in Savage Worlds, but I think I'll have to edit that in a bit since I mis-read how Skills are purchased. But in this case, I'm just going to include Jennifer as part of the Study Group for my gorgon archer, the Savage Worlds edition. Also, I think I'm going to up the cost of Water Breathing to 2 points, because it's a similar level of benefit to being able to swim fast and so we're going to have to get a negative trait or so in their.

Gorgon Archer - Savage Worlds - Adventurer's Edition - Character Creation Analysis

I am going to admit that I have not had the best success with enjoying Savage Worlds. I've written for third party publications that use it (mostly the fluff). I've run it. I haven't gotten to play it yet, and that may be an issue. I am thoroughly of the mind that if you want to enjoy a game, the GM needs to really enjoy the game they're running. In any new game your going to have some growing pains but at certain point you start to wonder if you're really clicking with a game. That said, you can change as a person and come back to something and find you really enjoy it. Not coincidentally, I've been watching a bit of Saving Throw Show's ETU campaign, a story line I quite enjoy (and am running via MotW). So I'm coming back a bit to re-trying Savage Worlds.

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