Book Reviews

Book Reviews

* Horrible, can't find anything good about it.
**  Bad, still probably not worth reading
***- Has some significant problems, but may still be worth reading.

Worth Reading from this point on.

***+ Some definite issues, but very good story none-the-less.  Enjoyable.
**** So definitely worth reading.  Could not put it down.  Want more.
***** Excellent story.  Flew through it. Want more.

The Academy: Central Series Book 1  ****

A superhero story about a young man who is taken to a school for people with powers.  Dark and gory.

Faerie Tales: Revelations Trilogy Book One ****

An  Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance from Fiona Skye involving werecreatures and faeries.

The Spirit of a Witch ****

A fantasy novel by Sarah Jane Avory

Book Review - The Turning ****

A vampire romance novel by Xao Thao

Sacred Promises ***-

A paranormal romance by Jennifer Hines and Mindy Bigham

Hard Luck *****

A fantasy serial by M.A. Ray

Kyrathaba Rising ****

A clever post apocalyptic setting by William Bryan Miller

Kindred: An Alliance of Bloods ***-

A political sci-fi by Tani Mura

Sing the Midnight Stars ****

A story of intrigue, magic and murder by CMJ Wallace

Aoife and Demon ***+

A paranormal romance by Shamila Ghyas Ahmad and Humeira Kazmi

The Forest Bull ****

A paranormal horror story by Terry Maggert

Hero for Hire *****

A fantasy noir story by CB Pratt

Shadowed ****

A paranormal mystery novel by Ken Hughes

Cowboy Ending *****

A paranormal/superhero story by Adam Knght

Tenjin ****

A dark fantasy by Simon Gillen

Daughter of Mystery ****

A young adult fantasy by Melissa Davis

Djinnx'd ****

A paranormal adventure which I fear is out of print.

Legacy ****

A superhero story by Jon Davis

The Raging One ****

A fantasy novel by Lexy Wolfe

The Prodigal's Foole *****

An Urban Fantasy with a Catholic flavor by RB Wood

Cast of Illusions *****

An ode to Shakespeare by Ashley Bernard

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