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Patricia Althius - Vampiric Veteran - City of Mists

Patricia Althius is a character I created for a grittier than average Mutants and Masterminds game that never ended up happening. She then became the first of a set of four protagonists I had in mind for a visual novel idea. She is also the inspiration of two separate versions of a vampiric D&D 5e character in my theoretical D&D 5e builds page

Patricia Althius - City of Mists - Character Sheet

Character Journal

Mythos: The Count of Monte Cristo / Lamashtu

Logos: The Guardian

Liza Anzhelina - The Soup Kitchen Worker - The Place of Naming 
Kelsey Eldred - The Writer - Lilith, the Dark Mother
Evan Hijiri - The EMT - Yamabushi Tengu Sword-Saint
Ophelia - The Chanteuse - Orpheus

Liza - 1 Help, 0 Hurt
Kelsey - 0 Help, 1 Hurt
Evan - 1 Help, 2 Hurt
Ophelia - 0 Help, 0 Hurt

Other Tags

Defector from Old Money - Logos Theme: Defining Event

Character: Patricia Althius

Attention: 0/3

Crack: 0/3

Identity: "My family are parasites for whom I must atone."

After the hostage event when she was a teenager, it became evident that her father and mother cared more for the family secrets than they did for their own children.

A Patriot's Duty - Logos Theme: Mission

Character: Patricia Althius

Attention: 1/3

Crack: 0/3

Identity: "I will protect those who cannot protect themselves."

Patricia served as an MP in the War and was discharged over concerns that she was suffering from PTSD. She still has a driving need to be of service to her people.

Knight in Sour Armor - Logos Theme: Personality

Character: Patricia Althius

Attention: 0/3

Crack: 2/3

Identity: "Don't judge a warrior by the lack of muscle tone."

Patricia's physical transformation has erased most of the signs of her physical training and war-time experiences. Likewise, many setbacks have left her frustrated and sour with life, but she holds tight to her duty.

Suddenly Vampirism - Mythos Theme: Bastion

Character: Patricia Althius

Attention: 1/3

Fade: 0/3

Mystery: "What exactly happened in that tomb?"

Ever since she fell into that old tomb on her tour in the War, Patricia has been changing into something else.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Heat is On - Princes of the Apocaverse - Session Twenty-Five

Fire Mage by

The Chapters and Cast of the Ballad

The band awoke on the morn;
To find their locksmith somewhat gone;
But they were not truly forlorn;
As Lohn awoke with shrunken yawn.

Monday, September 18, 2017

M-Com Mission Report - Operation: Weird Library

M-Com Campaign

Watch Report - Scenic Waterfalls, Disgusting Sludge, and Domestic Bliss

As my final watch report, I have to say that the Moon Light Monastery's facilities continue to surprise me with their periodic lapses in basic common sense. We eventually found the underground river into which the mountain-top lake apparently feeds and which apparently moves on to the water supplies all across the region. It was not that far underground, perhaps a day's exploration from the worked portions of the monastery's basement. If they had merely taken the effort some centuries back to establish some basic security, they might have been able to prevent the events of the past few weeks.

Chosen of Two Patrons - Tiefling (Winged Variant) Fiendish Pact Warlock

Works for the over-the-top battle-form they often took.
This character is based on a tiefling witch I played in a Mythic Pathfinder campaign focused on settling a newly discovered continent. Due to the inclusion of the Mythic rules, they got very powerful for their level.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Away With the Team - Airship Lost - Divine Blood Campaign - Second Session

[The face in the camera is not Aeryn but the narrow faced visage of a teenaged fox-girl wearing an over-sized boy's high school uniform.]

Hey world! This is Akiko and I'm currently running towards the kitchen to record another exciting episode of REGULAR ORDINARY SWEDISH KITSUNE MEAL TIME!!! I'm not the cook my sister Amaya is but I HAVEN'T STOLEN FOOD FOR OVER TEN YEARS and MY HANDS ARE SHAKING!!! So I'm going to find everything made of chocolate, throw it together and eat it!

[She has very clearly sharp teeth and nails. Her exuberance and energy seem to be at the very least the equal of Aeryn's and somehow she's gotten hold of Aeryn's camera. Behind her, Mr. Holt and Aeryn Lee are chasing after her, Aeryn is somehow keeping pace but seems to be holding a stitch in her side.]

"Get back here you!"

"I want my camera back you fox-tailed thief!"

[They run past a beautiful blonde woman with blue facial marks talking to the ship's doctor as the chase goes past. These two also join the chase.]

Stupid boy pants!

[Akiko pauses a moment to shake free of her pants and toss them back at Mr. Holt. He dodges but they catch the doctor in the face and the woman slams into a wall as the rest of the chasers move on past her.]

"Hey! Stop throwing your clothes at us!"


Friday, September 15, 2017

Away With the Team - Airship Lost - Session Two Gameplay Discussion

I've changed the operation to a black background because it is a bit easier on my eyes.

Airship Lost - Lydia Locheia-Turan, Young and Reckless Goddess

Lydia Locheia-Turan - Daughter of Artemis and Aphrodite - Airship Lost Campaign

Defining Aspect - Daughter of Artemis and Aphrodite, Adopted by Hephaestus
Ambition - To Find and Preserve Nature
Background - Trained by Artemis and Aphrodite
Conviction - The Tongue is Mightier than the Sword
Disadvantage - Unsure of her Limits

Exceptional Skill - A Face for Every Situation (Metabolic)
Exceptional Skill - Minds Have No Locks (Sensitive)
Exceptional Skill -Lover Not a Fighter (Persuasion)
Help - Favorite Daughter (Persuasion)
Extraordinary Skill - Honey Tongued Seductress (Deception)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Watch Report - Fresh Vision, Climbing Shafts, and Lack of Signage

Following our encounter with the bizarre creatures we took the opportunity to rest and recover. The trauma of the situation was enough to trigger the draconic essence in my blood and give me insight on how I might avoid being blinded by the dark going forward. I must say that the nature of this new sort of vision was not quite what I was expecting. As long as there was some sort of light in the area then I could see as if it were brightest day with a sun sitting conveniently overhead. However, as soon as we snuffed our lights and traveled forward in the black gloom, leaving only Nicola and Panry without light, then the world became cast in a bizarre sort of ashen grey.

The Dread Waiting List - Re: Geek and Sundry

For those of you who are waiting for Sagas of Sundry: Madness to make it's way round at last like some rough beast whose time has come. Here's a couple of suggestions from me of things that can tide you over a bit.

Yes, I know I'm about a month late, but were coming round to October so might as well offer some up.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Watch Report - Insufficient Lighting, Unmarked Paths, and Dangerous Squatters

It occurs to me that the monks of this order should have put a higher priority on placing lighting down in these caverns. The darkness is thick about the place. Torches make barely a dent in it and even my comrades with eyes adapted to the dark have difficulty telling where the walls of this place lie. They could be just barely out of the reach of our eyes or they could be hundreds of feet away. It is difficult to tell. This also means that it is potentially easy to get lost in the gloom and be unable to find the way back up.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Taking Flight into the Void - Airship Lost - Session One Gameplay Discussion

I slipped a little bit on keeping note of ongoing situations on the play grid.

Back to the Airship Lost index - Aeryn Lee's Travel Log - Yukimura Amaya's Perspective  

The game went pretty well, there was quite a bit of player versus player content involved here as Ichiro/Amaya/Akiko waking up post-unsealing got a little bit jumpy and prone to acting out. Aspect Compels drove the game for the most part and added lots of complications to the general situation of stuff going wildly wrong.

Taking Flight into the Void - Airship Lost - Divine Blood Campaign - First Session

Art by Lazenritter
Aeryn Lee's Travel Log - April 8th, 2011

[The camera is in motion showing it's owner pointing it at her own face. She is an exuberantly cheerful young woman in her early twenties. She has a mix of features usually only found in people of diverse heritage or enough money for custom cosmetic genetic modification.]

Hey all! Day two-hundred of my travels around the world and back again! 

[As she moves it is obvious she's walking through a very busy corridor of high-tech, curved design. Along one side is a sleek bulkhead and the other shows the view of a city lingering below. Only snippets of it can be seen behind the girl's face.]

Most of you already know this, but in case this your first time viewing my vlog, earlier this year the Seattle earthquake severely damaged the University and they made the shift to make a lot of classes being available on a digital format. By now, of course, most of the repairs are done, but I and a few other people decided to stick with the digital format and take our studies on the road. 

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Airship Lost NPCs

Hattie B Fry - Captain of the Ship, Newly boarded starting on her first tour with the ship.

Aeryn Lee - Traveling film student with a knack for being present without people noticing her and documenting events as they occur.

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