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M-Com Mission Report - Operation: Jealous Touchdown

M-Com Campaign

Divine Blood - Wasps Among Butterflies - Mother's Last Day

This session includes three characters:
  • Arianrhod Monica Trengove (aka Aria), the succubus and Perfect Yandere of War who believes Psyche is Doing the Right Thing and is Lost Outside the Hierarchy
  • Sophia Ecks, Ainur of the Interface and Virtual Apex Predator who lives on The Bleeding Edge
  • Sarah Gow, a Napoleonic Werepanther from an Urbanized Tribe who's a Practiced Shapeshifter
The optimism is on page 1D

Airship Lost - Fourth Divine Blood Playtest Campaign

Campaign Title Aspect: Airship Lost

Theme Aspect: Lost in the Shards

Mood Aspect: Taking the Long Way Home

The campaign follows the trials and tribulations of four individuals who step onto luxury air-ship cruise liner, The Sol Suna, expecting a relaxing vacation but instead finding themselves caught up in bizarre circumstances that will catapult them into an adventure beyond the boundaries of what they knew to be Earth's reality. Some of them have greater knowledge than others as to where they will find themselves, but they will all still face the problem of being lost.

Airship Lost - The Sol Suna

The International Cruise Corporation would like to extend its invitation to all comers. We offer an exciting package of fun and adventure for all ages and walks of life. Everyone deserves a bit of the exotic in their lifetime and we aim to provide that with cruise packages at different levels of luxury as suited to the individual's needs.
Picture from the worldofjaymz wiki

The Sol Suna is one of our most popular vessels being of the reliable and renowned Cloud-Skimmer Model of luxury air ships. Constructed of the most amazingly lightweight and strong alloys allowing for building the passenger quarters and recreational facilities around the buoyancy reservoirs, this model of air ship allows for great freedom of artistic design without sacrificing practical concerns and International Cruises has spared no expense in making sure that its ships are the most beautiful available in the skies.

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Airship Lost - Aislin Newell, The Demon of Vacuum

Aislin Newell - Demon of Vacuum - Airship Lost Campaign

Defining Aspect - A Guide to Nothing
Ambition - Live Long, See it All
Background - Meteor Watch for Generations
Conviction - Starry Sky of Small Desires
Disadvantage - Dark Side of Fate

Exceptional Skill - Deaf to All But the Song (Willpower)
Foe - Short-Lived and Self Important (Persuasion)
Gear - Inter-Shard MacGuyver (Resources)
Help - People Need Me (Persuasion)
Inferior Skill - Humanotech is Beneath Me (Craft)

Airship Lost - Yukimura Amaya (Akiko), Two-Tailed Kitsune

Yukimura Amaya - Two-Tailed Kitsune - Airship Lost Campaign - Origin of the Twin-Tails

Defining Aspect - Twin-Tailed From Birth
Ambition - Wannabe Psyche Secretary
Background - Bravura Academy Robotics Club
Conviction - Honesty is the Best Policy
Disadvantage - Walking Disaster Area

Exceptional Skill - More than Smoke and Mirrors (Manipulative)
Foe - Yakyou, Kitsune Godmother (Deception)
Gear - Scavenging and Scrounging (Resources)
Help - Everyone's Little Sibling (Persuasion)
Inferior Skill - I'm Helping! (Willpower)

Akiko - Second Personality
Character Aspect - Fun at All Costs
Character Aspect - Twisted Sister
Specialty Aspect - Incorrigible Trickster (Deception)
Specialty Aspect - Aw, Yiss, Skritches (Willpower)

Airship Lost - Detective Malcolm Reynolds, Vacationing Cop

Detective M. Reynolds - Police Detective - Airship Lost Campaign

Defining Aspect - Top-Notch Super Cop
Ambition - To Better Serve All Communities
Background - Thrown in the Deep End and Came Out Fine
Conviction - To Protect and Serve
Disadvantage - New to the Supernatural

Exceptional Skill - World Class Gumshoe (Emapthy)
Foe - TBD
Gear - Nirvana Class Smartphone (Resources)
Help - Urd Likes Me (Persuasion)
Inferior Skill - TBD

Airship Lost - Rudyard Holt, Captain of the Guard

Rudyard Holt - Security Chief - Airship Lost Campaign

Defining Aspect - Tired Guard Captain
Ambition - Peace in My World
Background - HM Armed Forces
Conviction - Good in All of Us
Disadvantage - Moral to a Fault

Extraordinary Skill - Born Leader (Persuasion)
Foe - Speedy Little Scamps (Agility)
Gear - Piracy Deterrents (Craft)
Help - Second in Command (Resources)
Inferior Skill - Trust in the Squad (Perception)

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Account - The Unfortunate Ormwood Babysitter - Page 2

Lucy Chambers is found, something I had not expected to be able to say so soon. However, this does not end my involvement in the matters. We will turn the reincarnating spirit over to VASCU, of course, most likely with minimal explanation as to their nature, but there remains the matter of the person who first sent the creature to the Chambers' door. We have chosen between us to investigate further but even without that consensus I would have to face this task. There is an account that must be balanced.

Client: Vanguard Serial Crimes Units represented by Agents MacCrae and Glass

Matter in Question: A six-year old girl is missing after her babysitter was killed.

Factions and Fathers - Princes of the Apocaverse - Session Twenty-Three

The Chapters and Cast of the Ballad

The six heroes fresh from dousing the flame;
Returned to Waterdeep to discuss the future;
With each faction taking moves in the game;
And taking to the crisis a political suture.

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Asset - Syngery and Psyche - Resource

Michael may think that my humanity is gone but this is not entirely true. While I may now barely flinch at the idea that a person might need to be killed, my dislike of the idea is merely muted, not absent. Death is not an end as we had thought. You are not erasing a person by killing them, merely exiling them to the twilight. At least, that is one way to view it. This may in fact be a matter of justification, but the truth is, my old human considerations are faint shadows. The driving matter in my life is the Bargain, the arrangement I have with the Auditor. For the moment, we are mostly in accord and the matters of power are mostly balanced. Perhaps we might be able to come to a better arrangement in the future, but things are well for the moment.

Asset: Synergy and Psyche

Matter in Question: These are the concepts around which my life now revolves.

Item 1: Synergy: The status of my cooperation with my Geist.
Item 1a: This has overshadowed everything else.
Item 1b: Currently, The Auditor and myself have good synergy.
Item 1c: I cannot abandon myself or ignore the Auditor too far.
Item 1d: It is a balancing game.
Actions to be Taken: Explore where The Auditor and myself can best interact.

Item 2: Psyche: A measure of my strength as a Sin-Eater.
Item 2a: Limits how much plasm I can hold.
Item 2b: Limits how much plasm I can use.
Item 2c: Aids in resisting drugs, disease, and supernatural abilities.
Actions to be Taken: Build my Psyche.

Account - Blackmouth - City

Before I acquired my partnership with the Auditor, I had thought the deluge of catastrophe that I say day after day was normal. I don't know why, because I had never been anywhere else for any extended period of time. Now I am curious what life might have been had I grown up in an area where death and despair were not so prevalent around every corner of the city. However, I must set that aside, this seems to be a sign of a great inequity. The city simply takes without really giving back. There must be a cause for it and there must be a way to set everything on the proper tracks again.

City: Blackmouth

Matter in Question: Supernatural roach motel.

Item 1: History of "Taking" People: People die here.
Item 1a: Lucy Chambers claims that Blackmouth has a history of taking people.
Item 1b: She says its been getting worse.
Actions to be Taken: Find the cause of this danger.

Item 2: Arcane Experimentations: Reckless mages.
Item 2a: The geomancy has been disrupted.
Item 2b: Detritus from various experiments.
Actions to be Taken: Locate failed experiments. Point Erica at them.

Item 3: Vampire Depredations
Item 3a: There seems to have been a greater than average population of vampires in the area.
Item 3b: One group of vampires abandoned their stronghold.
Actions to be Taken: Learn more about the vampire presence in the area.

Item 4: Lucy Chambers
Item 4a: Always reborn in the Blackmouth area.
Actions to be Taken: Learn why Lucy is stuck here.

Account - The Masons - Family

At first, I had not thought much about Skye. I still work with my coworkers without them being aware of my nature so it seemed not to be a matter of concern that she worked the register at Tanelorn Games. The revelation that her mother knows about Lucy Chamber through more than one life and can guide one to finding Hecate was incredibly jarring, however. If for no other sake than to keep an eye for when she might find trouble I think it is appropriate to keep an eye on them.

Family: Amanda and Skye Mason.

Matter in Question: A family that seems to be involved often with the supernatural.

Item 1: Skye Mason: Cashier at Tanelorn Games
Item 1a: There is some history between her and Ames.
Actions to be Taken: None at Present.

Item 2: Amanda Mason: Children's Advocate
Item 2a: Mentioned by Graham Ellis as a primary caretaker of children.
Item 2b: Directed Lucy on how to find Hecate and take refuge with her.
Item 2c: Stumbled into the occult according to Lucy.
Actions to be Taken: Meet her.

Account - Unknown Vampire Cult - Organization

I would like very much to meet a vampire that is not a terrible person. Or at least no more terrible than I currently am myself. I will admit that my current situation is giving me some leeway with regard to whether a vampire should be tolerated or not. But to date, all of the one vampire with which I have had close interaction with have been terrible people and the memories I have from Onora Seward do not speak highly of the others.

Organization: Vampire Cult

Matter in Question: Had a presence in Blackmouth during the 1850s

Item 1: Abandoned Stronghold: The catacombs of Manton Memorial Church.
Item 1a: The facility in the catacombs is extensive.
Item 1b: It was abandoned over 100 years ago.
Item 1c: It may still be vulnerable to being re-occupied by the vampire cult.
Actions to be Taken: Bar the cult from returning.

Item 2: Christian Mythology: The cult seems to follow a Christian-based ideology.
Item 2a: Many Christian symbols appear in friezes.
Item 2b: The imagery has vampiric notes added to it.
Item 2c: Of particularly central concern is the soldier who stabbed Jesus.
Item 2d: The soldier who stabbed Jesus is a vampire but Jesus is not.
Actions to be Taken: Research the friezes more to learn more about the cult's beliefs.

Item 3: Cruelty Unimagined: There is evidence they were responsible for atrocities.
Item 3a: Onora Seward's memories of the vampires were unpleasant.
Item 3b: The catacomb facility includes much in the way of torture devices.
Actions to be Taken: Seek the cult's victims.

Account - Edna Forney - Client

Innocent bystanders get caught in the line of fire all the time. That is partially how I came to be what I am. In this case, Edna had the misfortune to be the babysitter of Lucy Chambers who was a reincarnating spirit which had trusted the family of a prior life a little bit too much. The attack on the house and Edna's death was a bit less surprising to Lucy, but she did not directly cause the danger. For Edna's debtor, we'll have to look elsewhere.

Client: Edna Forney

Matter in Question: College student shot to death by a summoned spirit.

Item 1: New Ghost: Torn
Item 1a: Killed by gunshot.
Item 1b: Hollow points make a mess.
Item 1c: Seems to have taken to death well. May just be in shock.
Actions to be Taken: Keep an eye on how she adjusts.

Item 2: Interested in Heaven: Disappointed in what death is like.
Item 2a: I could not answer her questions.
Actions to be Taken: Look into heaven.

Item 3: Yearbooks: College yearbooks.
Item 3a: Her yearbooks are her anchor.
Item 3b: They were going to her boyfriend.
Actions to be Taken: Identify other anchors.

Item 4: Lucy's Babysitter: Was unaware of the danger.
Item 4a: Lucy's actions did not directly lead to her death.
Item 4b: Lucy has promised to look out for her ghost.
Actions to be Taken: Relate the situation to Edna.

Account - The Enlightened Ones - Organization

Hecate referred to the Enlightened Ones before and I had thought it was an umbrella term for whatever Erica and Rosa are. However, it occurs now that these Enlightened Ones are a specific order of mages that used to operate in the area. Judging by the commentary from Lucy and the way Erica reacted on finding the Gate, these Enlightened Ones are particularly reckless members of their kind.

Organization: The Enlightened Ones

Matter in Question: Ancient order of mages.

Item 1: Arcane Experimentations: Left several messes in Blackmouth
Item 1a: Lucy Chambers claims they messed up the area's geomancy.
Item 1b: Lucy also claims Hecate was different before them.
Item 1c: Lucy indicates they were responsible for the distorted Gate under Manton.
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the purpose of these experiments. Ascertain whether the Enlightened Ones are still active.

Item 2: Mages: They are "mages" whatever that might mean.
Item 2a: Black-Winged Angel case indicated the Enlightened Ones are the same kind as Rosa and Erica.
Actions to be Taken: Ask about what a mage is.

Aengus - Master of Disguise

Aengus as he currently appears
The thief known only as Fog was born in Beregost, south of Baldur’s Gate to a seamstress and militiaman who worked for the city guard. His parents never really invested much time in him, more interested in their own pursuits – his father, his work and his mother, her standing in the community – so he developed into something of a troublemaker. His early mischief was met with swift punishment from the militia and later his father’s hand so he learned to lie, charm and deceive, plying accomplices with favours and vague promises. He grew addicted to the thrill of the gamble, the rush of the swindle.

Talindra - Knight of the Fey

Once there lived an outsider on the fringes of the High Forest, keeping to himself and living a simple life. He carved fallen wood into pieces that he traded for the few necessities he could not grow or gather for himself, content that the best way to make the world well was to have no part in it. The fates of great kingdoms or the threat of orc hordes were of no concern to him for they were far away and the problems of others, and the world would live on regardless. 

Marle - Bard of Blades and Metal

A traveler from a distant land, the Tiefling Bard known only as "Marle" is a teller of tales and a singer of songs, and she is willing to share them with whoever will listen. It seems that the only story that she is reluctant to tell, however, is the one regarding her own origin. When asked where she came from, she will often answer "Not from around here." This much is true, for her odd mannerisms make it apparent.

Lohn Slaf - Designated Locksmith

Lohn Now

is a proud member of Locksmith's Guild 271.

He's spent his entire life perfecting the creation of locks, and every so often helping someone who has 'accidentally' locked something they need opened.

Fennle Pthalein - Monk of the Sun Soul

Fennle is many things. She was raised in a martial tradition venerating the 'two suns'. The 'Outer' sun, which brings life is the actual sun in the sky overhead, bringing life by making plants grow and all the myriad arcane, mystical and purely physical interactions it makes with all living things. By contrast the 'Inner' sun of ki within the living is harsher, brighter, it protects and begets life by purging threats. She already feels the sun of ki within her and now journeys to find the impetus to push it outward.

Elivia Moonsilver - Priestess of Mystra

Born to a noble Waterdhavian line, Elivia was the younger son of the Moonsilver clan, a family pledged to the protection of Waterdeep and the surrounding lands. Though inducted into the family business, Elivan as she was then known found another calling in the priesthood of Mystra. Though her father wasn't adverse to her training as a cleric if she could bring those skills to the city watch or catching bandits, Elivia was fascinated by the potential benefits of arcane research rather than practical applications.

Watch Report - Food and Water Storage, Archival Standards, and Quarantine Procedures

Coming to the gate of the Moonlight Monastery it was not especially surprising to find that it was far too quiet for an active monastery. We found the gates to the facility ajar and easily shifted for entry. Miss Freehand entered ahead of us to look for defenses that had been left in place for an attacker and waved us on in. Within the gatehouse we found signs of weaponry gouging chips out of the wall. The estimation I came to was that whatever might have occurred here began at about the same time that we first set out from Athlin close to two-weeks ago.

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Account - The Unfortunate Ormwood Babysitter - Page 1

I did not expect to be awakened so early in the morning. At least, not by a phone call. The occasional spectral visitor I get now would have been somewhat less surprising. Then again, it is a bit welcome to have such a mundane example of life interrupting life present itself. Regardless, the matter presented is serious in a number of ways. First, the caller claims to represent an arm of the US government and seems to have some knowledge of my nature. Second, the case involves the murder of a young woman and the disappearance of a little girl who seems very much more than meets the eye.

Client: Vanguard Serial Crimes Units represented by Agents MacCrae and Glass

Matter in Question: A six-year old girl is missing after her babysitter was killed.

Account - Graham Ellis - Client

I am fairly certain that Mr. Ellis hired me as an accountant as an act of charity but for that I owe him much. It is due to clients such as him and Ames that I am able to potentially see an end to my employment underneath Rosella Wilbur. He is a competent investigator, actually, it makes me wonder at times just how much he knows about my particular situation.

Client: Graham Ellis

Matter in Question: Mr. Ellis is my first private accounting client.

Item 1: Business matters.
Action to be Taken: Make sure to keep his books balanced.

Item 2: Granny Slocum
Item 2a: He was mentioned in a letter from Granny Slocum.
Item 2b: He seems to be a bit more involved in the supernatural than I thought.
Actions to be Taken: Speak to Mr. Ellis. Ascertain whether or not he is at risk.

Item 3: Drunk: He is pre-embalmed.
Item 3a: Had to wake him up at 10am.
Item 3b: He turned immediately to drinking.
Actions to be Taken: Watch to see if he might be encouraged to leave the drink alone.

Item 4: Brush with the Supernatural: He seems to be operating close to the supernatural.
Item 4a: Witnessed the video that set Nathan Slocum on his crusade.
Item 4b: Seems to be close to supernatural entities without realizing it.
Item 4c: Seems to unconsciously resist the idea of the supernatural.
Actions to be Taken: Consider whether it might be damaging or strengthening to let him in on the truth.

Account - Epidiokei Skopo - Entity

I have very little information about this group. I basically only have their name, the meaning of that name and the fact that Granny Slocum did not agree with a lot of their ideals. It seems that there is some sort of war between her and them. I suspect that I will be coming face to face with them very soon and wonder if they might be responsible for the thing in the mask.

Entity: Epidiokei Skopo

Matter in Question: Secret society referenced by Lucy Chambers and Granny Slocum.

Item 1: Translation: The name means "The Order of Seeking."
Item 1a: Were not mentioned or noted in the Unending Account. 
Item 1b: They are now mentioned in the Unending Account.
Actions to be Taken: Learn more about this organization.

Item 2: Goal: Originally founded to discover proof of and expose the supernatural.
Actions to be Taken: Determine whether or not this would be a good thing.

Item 3: Founder: Founded by Nathan Slocum.
Item 3a: Founded in the wake of World War II.
Actions to be Taken: Detemine what Nathan Slocum saw during the war.

Account - Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit - Organization - Client

The call in the middle of the night was disturbing and being faced with the face of the federal government even more so. There are elements of my new nature that have already placed me against mortal law and I imagine they will do so in the future. While I hope that most of my actions as a reaper will more involve granting a ghost a chance to speak to a loved one a last time, I imagine that several of my accounts will end with a bullet in someone's brain or a mad ghost forcibly banished. It would be nice to know where these people stand in the matter of my existence.

Organization: Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit

Matter in Question: Has hired us to serve as "civilian consultants" in a case.

Item 1: A division of the FBI.
Item 1a: The badges appear legitimate.
Actions to be Taken: Confirm validity of the organization.

Item 2: Unusual recruiting practices.
Item 2a: There have been deaf FBI agents before, but Agent Glass does stand out.
Actions to be Taken: Look for commonalities between agents.

Item 3: Seem to be aware of the supernatural.
Item 3a: Agent MacCrae referred to all of us together.
Item 3b: It is not certain how aware of the supernatural they are.
Item 3c: They apparently do not know about talking to ghosts. 
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain how much they know about the supernatural.

Account - Victor Herbert Crane - Entity

Another of these entries. I suppose that I should not be surprised to see several of these situations all at the same time as one file with lots of redactions would connect to other files and those would also make references to redacted information. This is incredibly worrying.

Entity: Victor Herbert Crane

Matter in Question: Involved in things that have heavy supernatural significance.

Item 1: Artist and Architect.
Item 1a: He is the very model of a modern occult procedural.
Item 1b: He's works sculpted, painted, and architectural.
Item 1c: He knows Granny Slocum and quotes the Richardson and Rake;
Item 1d: From North to South his buildings have much at stake.
Item 1e: In Ormwood district he finds a place.
Item 1f: In artistic attentions of an ancient elementarian.
Item 1g: With worries for a local area's post-dead financierial.

Item 2: He was very much active in the mid 19th century
Item 2a: Many a man and woman has seen his buildings.
Item 2b: In short, in matters occult, artistic and architectural.
Item 2c: He is the very model of a steam age occult antiquarian.

Item 3: He seems to have a hand in our mythic history from Manton Lancea to Lucy's Chambers
Item 3a: He has quite a thing for triangles, and quite a crop of paradox.
Item 3b: His name appears in places so many preternatural crimes progress.
Item 3c: In many ways his floors and ceilings have many peculiarities.
Item 3d: It would not surprise to find his hand in that bastard vampire.
Item 3e: Perhaps he was a pick of Onora Seward's trials.
Item 3f: And croaking out a place for Chester to play with Vassago.
Item 3g: Is it any wonder he's the very model of an old major ritual.

Item 4: Redaction: This is disturbing.
Actions to be Taken: Figure out what is redacted.

Item 5: Occult Interest: Many occultists are interested in his works.
Item 5a: One of his pieces of art formed a gate to the safe haven Lucy stayed in.
Actions to be taken: Study more about Victor Herbert Crane

Character Journal

Account - The Eternal One - Entity

I do not understand. The Account is...redacted? I did not know this was possible. Granted, I am aware that I have only had access to the Unending Account for a month, but this has never happened to now. Either the Account has information or it doesn't. Sometimes the Account is cryptic, but it is never like this. I don't understand. 

Entity: Granny Slocum

Matter in Question: Eternally reincarnating spirit.

Item 1: What is she, a demon or a mage?
Item 1a: This is a question that needs to be answered.
Item 1b: Is she dangerous?
Item 1c: What are the mechanics of her existence?
Item 1d: Does she fly kites?

Item 2: How old is she?
Item 2a: How long can she live on any individual life?
Item 2b: How many lives has she had?
Item 2c: Is there any degradation between lives?

Item 3: What is she involved in right now?
Item 3a: Did she know about Brahms petty response to Beethoven?
Item 3b: Is she just a client with Richardson and Rake?
Item 3c: Does she like cats?
Item 3d: Black hole sun, won't you come, dry out all the rain.
Item 3e: Internet sensation Amy Dallen.
Item 3f: Blame the goatman.
Item 3g: Don't trust Lucy Van Pelt with a football.

Item 4: I'm blocking the hole where the rain gets in.
Item 4a: And keeps my mind from wandering.
Item 4b: Where. It. Will. Go.
Item 4c: Watch George Burns dancing.

Item 5: What?: What...what is this?
Item 5a: Permission to see by Lucy Chambers does not remove the redaction.
Actions to be Taken: Find out what this is.

Item 6: Identity: Is Lucy Chambers/Anthony D. Wareham/Elanor Slocum
Item 6a: The same soul has been reviving repeatedly to new bodies for thousands of years.
Item 6b: Is untouched by death.
Actions to be Taken: Investigate how this came about.

Character Journal

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Account - Richardson and Rake - Organization

This is the third of these redacted files that I have found within the Unending Account. This is very...concerning. The involvement of this law firm with matters of death and general supernatural is potentially vast and even a small involvement is terrifying.

Organization: Richardson and Rake Law Firm
Matter in Question: This is mostly just to simulate the redacted files found in game. 

Item 1: Assume a name.
Item 1a: This made partner in some random date.
Item 1b: For some reason the only thing visible will be loose-leaf sheets of paper.
Item 1c: Nothing here will be visible

Item 2: Some person or another.
Item 2a: Something, something, something, stapler something something.

Item 3: What to write in this section?
Item 3a: Blank, blank, blankity blank, blank and blank.
Item 3b: Something of the something.

Item 4: Food issues.
Item 4a: Blah, blah, blah, blah cherry twizzlers blah blah.
Item 4b: This random person ordered some sort of order cappuchino.
Item 4c: Nothing what so ever.
Item 4d: I'm just making stuff up.

Item 5: I have no idea what the GM is doing.
Item 5a: The craven of the edge.
Item 5b: Wheresoever will this craziness go?

Item 6: I have two more of these accounts.
Item 6a: Still to write.
Item 6c: Yep. That's right. Two more.

Item 7: Redacted File: Well, that's a thing.
Actions to be Taken: Learn how to unredact this file.

Item 8: Partners: One and a half names.
Item 8a: Cyrus Rake.
Item 8b: Zir Richardson.
Item 8c: Cyrus Rake may have his own objectives outside those of the firm and their clients.
Item 8d: Cyrus Rake offered Nathan Slocum the proof he was looking for.
Actions to be Taken: Learn about Cyrus Rake's activities. Learn more about Richardson.

Item 9: Go betweens: Not instigators.
Item 9a: According to Lucy Chambers, they do not instigate situations but merely act in the interest of others.
Actions to be Taken: Confirm whether or not this remains, or ever was, true.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Watch Report - Unstable Terrain, Odd Concussions, and Mountain Cuisine

The path leading up to the Moonlight Monastery is in desperate need of maintenance and repair. Perhaps a work crew might be dispatched to widen the path and remove the dangerous portions. As we were climbing we encountered a rather bad rockfall that left myself, Khodrin, and Miss Freehand severely bruised. We decided to take a moment to rest and treat our injuries on the next sort of cover we could find further up the path.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Account - The Black-Winged Angel of Manton Memorial Church - Page 4

Onora Seward has come to an end. An end. I have not considered that phrasing before. Indeed, it is an end but not The End. All I have done is pushed her into the underworld. Given my nature I may yet see her again. She has left much damage in her wake. It may be too much damage for one sin-eater to repair in a lifetime. Still, a ground work must be laid and lessons must be learned. She began as an innocent, became a victim and then eventually became the predator and the abuser. It is too likely a danger not to ignore.

Client: Wraith Busters represented by one Gabriel Victor

Matter in Question: Mr Victor requires extra bodies on hand for an interview and "lock up" investigating sightings of a black-winged angel in a Manton Memorial Church.

Account - Le Sang - Debtor

I had hoped the matter of Le Sang would be settled within the matter of Manton Memorial Church, but these questions were ultimately left in the dark. The presence of the vampiric Christian imagery under the Church leads me to believe that the matters are connected. I suppose I shall have to make contacts within the society of the vampires to answer these questions.

Debtor: Le Sang.

Matter in Question: A 19th century serial killer who may have actually been a vampire cult.

Item 1: Anemia in 1865-1875

Item 1a: The diary of Dr. T.K. Byron-Browne noted an unusual number of anemia cases.

Item 1b: This surge coincides with the Le Sang killings.

Actions to be Taken: Compare list of Le Sang victims to anemia sufferers of the same time period.

Item 2: Vampire Cult Haven under Manton Memorial Church

Item 2a: Was apparently abandoned at about the same time the anemia surge ended.

Actions to be Taken: Learn more about the vampire cult involved.

The Blast of Razors - Princes of the Apocaverse - Session Twenty-Two

The Chapters and Cast of the Ballad

The Eternal Flame wavered and choked;
The last of the foul priests sought refuge;
A blurring cast of smoke he evoked;
Hoping to dodge the heroic deluge.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Account - Hecate

A rather mysterious entity. The Auditor recognized her immediately as Hecate. One has to wonder if the presence of one that might be called a Greek god or titan. During our exchange it mostly used the neutral, unsmiling face but occasionally shifted among the other two faces. She seems to take an interest in our investigation, but she was not summoned as far as we know but simply was already there. Perhaps she had some kind of premonition that we or some similar group would eventually arrive in this place.

Entity: Hecate

Matter in Question: An entity of power related to death as a whole.

Item 1: Appears as a vaguely feminine faceless creature with three masks in place of a face. 

Actions to be Taken: Learn more about Hecate

Item 2: Speaks in simple phrases.

Item 2a: The phrases seem to have a different meaning each time they are used. 

Actions to be Taken: Study figurative and symbolic language to be better able to avoid being confused by this in the future.

Item 3: Seems to be somewhat neutral in attitude as well.

Actions to be Taken: Study Hecate's responses to learn how to read them.
Item 4: May have been altered by Mages.
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain how she might have acted before.
Item 5: Acts as a guardian.
Item 5a: Destroying gates is a no-no.
Actions to be Taken: Determine whether this is an station she has taken or was given.

Asset - Manton Memorial Church

Erica speaks of a "hallow", I have discovered a haunt and several potential momentos. Thordis may have mentioned a "chamber". And I think I may have heard the term "hollow" from Ames, though I'm not entirely sure whether that was just repeating what Erica said. In any case, this is a place of importance that we cannot afford to just let sit. It has already acquired one new resident which might be dangerous. We need to make sure it does not become more so.

Asset: The Church is abandoned and has no one controlling it for now.

Matter in Question: The Church is a locus of supernatural power.

Item 1: Expansive Catacombs: The space under the church has numerous tunnels.

Item 1a: Formerly inhabited by vampires.

Actions to be Taken: Secure control over the tunnels between the Gate and the upstairs. Secure against the potential return of vampires.

Item 2: Active Haunt: There is a room filled with the Threshold of Silence in the basement but above the Catacombs.

Item 2a: I have established a connection with the residue of the haunt.

Actions to be Taken: Acquire legal ownership of the land and building.

Item 3: Reality Bending Gate to Elsewhere: This was previously a gate to the Underworld.

Item 3a: It is still wide-open and presents a danger.
Actions to be Taken: Stabilize the Gate. Secure it against the emergence of danger. Ascertain whether or not we need to return the angel before it will secure itself. Look into space heaters.

Item 4: Site of Horrific Events: The vampires that dwelt here did many terrible things. 

Item 4a: Other terrible things have happened since.

Item 4b: Thordis seems enthusiastic about this.

Actions to be Taken: Confirm and deal with the presence of the dead.

Account - The Black-Winged Angel of Manton Memorial Church, Page 3

I have made a mistake. I took a step to balance an account but the currency I used does not address the debt in place. I let anger stoke my soul and panic direct it. Assaulting the Wraith Busters does nothing to fix the problems they have created and only creates a new problem. My initial thought that the cold and chill I faced was an equalization of my account is off, this is not equity. I still owe the Wraith Busters and the Wraith Busters still owe the ghosts and people they've slighted. This will be a difficult matter to address.

Client: Wraith Busters represented by one Gabriel Victor

Matter in Question: Mr Victor requires extra bodies on hand for an interview and "lock up" investigating sightings of a black-winged angel in a Manton Memorial Church.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Evolution of Little Sister

In the early sessions of my brother's home-brew superhero game using Hero System 5th edition rules,we had our group's first real mission and it was to infiltrate a building that was acting as a front for the Pure, a human purist group who felt that human-alien hybrids were a corruption of the human genome. They had been inspired and started by the world's premiere telepath, Sarah Tabor, who was of the opinion that superpowers attracted too much attention to Earth and set about to eliminate the human-alien hybrids like herself before their presence attracted more attention from the hostile aliens that drove her non-human ancestors to Earth for refuge. Of course, she hid her nature and presented a more zealous and intolerance laced philosophy into the Pure.

Account - Black-Winged Angel of Manton Memorial Church - Page 2

I have begun to feel a bit of sympathy for Dr. Seward. Granted I have only seen the side of her shown to one Dr. T.K. Byron-Browne, and that side seems to have some degree of manufacture to it. I find it is almost certain that she was a supernatural entity of some variety. I find Dr. Byron-Browne's absurd claim that she found insight in her miscarriages abhorrent and the described image of her digging at the hard ground tears at me. I most desperately hope that she is not a beast that must be put down. I hope that she is a soul that must be given some rest instead.

Client: Wraith Busters represented by one Gabriel Victor

Matter in Question: Mr Victor requires extra bodies on hand for an interview and "lock up" investigating sightings of a black-winged angel in a Manton Memorial Church.

Watch Report - Lightning Limits, Foreign Dignitaries, and Increasing Urgency

It seems that Gitava has been maintaining communication with the Moon Light Monastery. I'm not exactly sure what this entails. We are quite a bit far out of their normal area of influence this far north. I tried to distract the man and give the others a chance to look through his courier pouch, but unfortunately nobody took the chance. I think perhaps some coins were...misplaced, but by and large they just handed it back to this messenger who refused to state his business. Granted Athlin also does not precisely have power in this area, but still it is closer to our home than that of the ruling house of Gitava.

The Assault on the Scarlet Moon Hall - Princes of the Apocaverse - Session Twenty-One

The Chapters and Cast of the Ballad

Aengus reunited with the party;
As they observed the Scarlet Moon Hall;
A haze of smoke quite hearty;
Choked out the air of and left a pall.

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