Sunday, May 31, 2015

Loss of Life Pre-Gen - Sarah Orne

Age: 22 Years Old
Occupation: Antiquarian
Drive: Curiosity
Occupational Abilities: 
  • Architecture
  • Art History
  • Bargain
  • History
  • Languages
  • Law
  • Library Use
  • Oral History
Occupational Abilities have no effect on game-play. They are half-cost in character creation or advancement.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Cosmic Horror and Cthulhu

Note: This is a rant, not an essay.  I ramble, tangent, diverge and meander.  Be warned.

There is a common assumption that Cthulhu and company are cosmic horror. That they have to be cosmic horror and any use of them that is not cosmic horror is an improper use. They are taken to be a part of the genre rather than characters that most frequently appear within a genre. It is expected that if Cthulhu appears in a story that he must be an unbeatable foe that causes insanity merely observing him. To do otherwise is to not be using Cthulhu appropriately. However, while Cthulhu, Hastur, Azazoth and the like are characters primarily known for cosmic horror storylines they are not, in and of themselves, cosmic horror.

Dae McCallister - Satyr and Chosen Scion of Zeus - The Stormy Conclusion

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