Friday, May 25, 2018

Fallen Tower of Towers - Cage of the Demiurge - Session 1 - Scion 2nd Edition

"So what's it like on the other side?" Taba asked. "I've been doing paperwork."

"Pretty cool so far. There were giant lizards one of them snuck up on me."

"That's not really an impressive feat, Hilde." Taba smirked as the golden-haired young woman rolled her eyes and shook her head in response.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Candlestick Distrubance - Set 3: She's Not There - City of Mist

Set 2: The Song of Persephone

Patricia's Wellness Journal

So this is the way it ends? The pain is starting to fade away and I’m left with the slightly warm and damp feeling of lying in the expanding pool that’s spilling out over Mathias’s floor. That’s a bad sign, the body has started to give up on the pain signals. I’m going into shock.

Mathias is futzing about the room looking for his books, looking for something he can do to help. But that’s my job and I’ve got nothing I can do anything with right now. I already tried to close the wound and all it did was burn deeper into me.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Gorgon Archer - Scion 2nd Edition - Character Creation Analysis

Scion's first edition was a hot mess of a system with a wonderfully fun premise. As you can tell from this blog, I quite like the idea of playing with mythological creatures. However, Scion first edition was primarily limited on human or human-like characters who happened to have a touch of the divine. There were ways of building something like a gorgon, but it would be something that would have to come over time rather than something you start with. Likewise, the rather erratic and self-contradictory rule-set made homebrewing both necessary and touchy.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

SELF-Introduction - Cage of the Demiurge - Session 0.5 - Scion 2nd Edition

The young woman on the camera is a tall Caucasian with hair so bright blonde that it looked almost like gold, but that had to be some sort of effect or filter, right? She has perfect muscular definition, showing a lifetime of athletic activity. She was dressed in exercise clothing made of latex or something similar.

"I am not going to miss this shot. - NO!
I am not going to miss this shot. 
I'm Aesir! Just like my parents!
Eager, wild, and strong. Glory bound!
And I'm not missing this shot! 
There's no sign of reck on me!
Take heart in my boast I'm the rising sun!"

The Epic of Hilde Sifgard

Until I can get a unique pic, have an pic and go commission her.
So, Scion 2nd edition is coming out and it is a vast improvement on the first edition. Among other things they've broadened the number of origins you can have. 
  • You can be mortal chosen by a god.
  • You can be a supernatural creature.
  • You can be a child of a god as the first edition revolved around things.
  • You could have been created
  • You could have been raised in a fantasy version of the real world to prepare you for life among mortals.
  • You could be a hero constantly reincarnating over many lives
  • You could be a reformed titanspawn
  • You can be one of many incarnates of the famous gods.
  • Lots of possibilities.
 The game itself is a nice blend of Storyteller, Fate, Powered by the Apocalypse, and a few other systems. My gaming group has been waiting for this for about three years now so we're already getting started using the backer-previews. So here's Hilde Sifgard my new character.

Hilde Sifgard - Scion of Sif - Scion 2nd Edition

Fill-in art by go commission her
Primary: Role Path: Daredevil Media Darling – Celebrity: Athletics, Empathy, Persuasion (Fans, Media Personalities, Broadcasting and Streaming Studios)
Secondary: Pantheon Path: A child of thunder and gold – Aesir: Close Combat, Culture, Occult (Siblings, Aesir, Norse Temples)
Tertiary: Origin Path: World-traveler by the age of three – Adventurer: Athletics, Culture, Survival (Anthropologists, Travel Agents, Border Crossings)

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Calling Dr. Jones - Crossroads Campaign - Session 15

I'm writing this from the tower as we've been forced to retreat for the moment. This is going to lose us a tremendous amount of time as from everything I've heard, the practice of plane shifting back to the other world is not entirely accurate. We'll end up somewhere in the mountains in the general region of the Abolist's Tower. We'll still have the benefit of Kelmar's skill in the wilds, but our substantial lead on the enemy has at the very least been shortened as a result of this.
The bone pile trap.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Candlestick Disturbance - Set 2: The Song of Persephone - City of Mist

I feel myself shoved and being pushed back and away. I hit the wall. How far away was it when she moved? Which wall did I hit? I think that was ten, maybe fifteen feet away. How strong did she become? That’s amazing. That’s a lot more powerful than I expected it to be.

“Wow! That was amazing! It’ll almost be a shame to…umm…where did you go?”

Computer Games I'd like to see

I'm going to organize this by Game Genre first and then Story Genre and list some similar games and things I was dissatisfied with on th...

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