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Shade Cut - Unsung Destiny (Worlds in Peril)

Codename: Shade Cut
Real Name:  Essence Vastagh
Origin: The Accident
Drive: Figure Out Who I Am
Achievements: 0

Greyskin - United (Worlds in Peril)

Codename: Greyskin
Real Name: Megumi Morisato
Origin: I'm a Freak
Drive: To Protect
Achievements: 0

Megumi was originally a HERO System character. I will post her end-campaign stats later. This represents her more at the beginning of the campaign, before she nailed down control of her powers and settled her emotional issues.

Superhero Characters

This is a collection of various characters made in different systems, some based on published game settings, others based on homebrew.  There will eventually be various systems represented.

Superhero Stuff

I'll expand the description later, for now this is just where I'm going to collect stuff I've written related to the superhero genre.

Celestial Crow - Unsung Destiny (Worlds in Peril)

Codename: Celestial Crow
Real Name: Layla Xun
Origin: A Death in the Family
Drive: Prove Myself
Achievements: 0

Unsung Destiny

Unsung Destiny is one of the sample campaign settings in the excellent Mutants and Masterminds 2nd edition Mecha and Manga supplement. I will use the book itself to summarize the setting premise:

"In the year 2010, astronomers around the world discovered with horror that a comet had been hiding its route behind the Sun for an unknown number of years, maybe even centuries. The path was charted and discovered to cross Earth’s orbital path.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

5e (Lack of) Core Character Build Mechanics

There isn't going to be much discussion here, I was going to to try to analyze the basic build mechanics that WotC used in creating its races and classes. But it was proved pretty early on in my analysis that they don't have any sort of benchmark value applied to any of their abilities.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Yoni Kovac

Monster: Herald
Motivation: To bring about the freedom of his master.


Monster: Sorcerer
Motivation: To accrue power.

Maeve Maria

Monster: Queen
Motivation: To establish a great dynasty.

Gunnar Lachlan

Monster: Torturer
Motivation: To acquire a true eternal life.

Fred Teagan

Bystander: The Victim
Motivation: To live the adventure


Bystander: The Innocent
Motivation: To face the Great Demon directly

The Sickle

Sickles are farming implements used to harvest wheat and other plants when they are ripe and ready. They are also often used in certain religious practices. This Sickle appears to be made of one solid piece of metal with no sign of tool marks. The handle is not wrapped and must be grasped straight on the metal. There is a slightly electric feel to the Sickle.

The Rosary

A rosary is a selection of beads threaded over a cord. Most of the time they have a religious significance, but not all rosaries do so. This Rosary does not appear related to any specific religion and may be taken to be a simple collection of worry beads. The beads are multi-colored, with each bead having a subtly kaleidoscopic appearance that makes them entrancing to look like. The beads feel smooth and sometimes seem to move in the Wielder’s hands.

The Jewel

The Jewel is an emerald roughly the same size of an eyeball with an attached chain so that it might be worn like a necklace. It feels a great deal heavier than it should be.

The Chalice

A chalice is a ceremonial cup used in occult and religious ceremonies. This Chalice appears to be a large but simple cup made from pure silver. It is very cool to the touch and seems as if it might be wet though none of the perceived liquid is left on any hand that holds it.

The Athame

An athame is a simple ceremonial knife meant to be used to mark circles and direct energy but never used to cut anything. This Athame has a black handle and a pristine blade. It is incredibly warm to the touch.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Causality in Fiction

If you have watched Fate/Stay-Night then you are familiar with the Gae Bolg, Lancer's magical spear from his legend as Cú Chulainn. Within F/SN this spear has two major powers and the one I am most concerned with is the power to unfailingly strike the heart. To do this, the spear warps causality. In normal, real situations, the blade of the spear would strike the heart as a result of the path it traveled to get there. In Gae Bolg's case, the path of the spear is a result of the spear striking the heart. I start with this because it is not the only example of manipulated causality in fiction. In fact, the vast majority of fiction is an example of the same sort of reversal.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

5e Half-Elf Storyteller

This is based on my current playing character, a half-drow, half-Rashemen bard by the name of Shui Baenre. For kicks I'm imagining this as an alternate universe where Liriel and Fyodor from Elain Cunningham's novels had a kid. Mostly because I wanted to play a bard and was being lazy on creating a background.  The stat array she has appears to be a little higher than what the standard is or even what I've been using on these builds. I'm suspecting we rolled for stats. I'll just go with the array I have been using. Part of the inspiration for this is the Storyteller from the Jim Henson's show a couple of decades back performed by John Hurt, I believe. In game, she was seeking to revive the lost goddess Eilistraee.

5e Kitsune Cleric

This is going to be a theoretical build based on an old character of mine from D&D 3.0 semi-reproduced on my Shadows of Undrentide game using some cosmetic changes to the avatar and using a base human model in the same way I created the satyri. There isn't a hengeyokai race, so I'll be using the Wildhunt Shifter instead. Her class was a cleric of the sun and she also had a tendency to summon celestial insects, but that's something only druids could do in 5e.

5e Satyri Monk

This character is based on my current Neverwinter Nights OC character, my satyri monk, Mili Swift. Satyri are another of DPRagan's creations. The one I used for Mili was the sort that were created by cursed soap. Their demonic appearance is purely cosmetic. Other than that they just normal humans. In this case, however, we're going with a tiefling, which is more like those of DPRagan's satyri which were created by a demon sucking away their humanity.

EDIT: Sword Coast Legends Adventurer's Guide Tiefling Variant using Winged instead of Infernal Legacy. Of course, the NWN couldn't do flight, but oh well. It fits.

5e White Dragon Descended Sailor

This theoretical build is based on a character currently being played by DPRagan.(warning: his gallery contains quite a bit of NSFW content) A human who was changed into a sorceress when she was forced to be a canary, triggering traps ahead of them, for a group of evil adventurers. One of the traps she triggered imbued her with the essence of the copper dragon whose lair the adventurers were invading and made her a sorceress.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Divine Blood using Urban Shadows

Since I did a bit dealing with reskinning Monster of the Week to be used to run an action/investigation centric campaign set in the Divine Blood universe, I thought I'd start looking at doing one for Urban Shadows as well. I may consider looking at Monsterhearts, but the focus, and mechanical enforcement of, dysfunctional relationships in that game is something of a turn off for me. Anyway, back to Urban Shadows.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just a Game - Fate Core Character Creation

These are the rules for creating characters for Just a Game campaigns using the Fate Core rules. They are mostly based on the standard Fate Core game rules.

Just a Game - PbtA Advancement

Advancement system for the Just a Game Powered by the Apocalypse rules.

Just a Game Gear - Powered by the Apocalypse Rules

Note that while the options and bases are stated as if they were actual gear, this can also represent such things as innate powers in a superhero game. In the case of Summoners with autonomous weapons or armor, that represents a constant pet that fulfills the role of shield or weapon.

The Tank - Just a Game Avatar

Your build is meant to draw all the attention and soak up all the damage.

The Support - Just a Game Avatar

Your build is meant to enhance and heal your team-mates.

The Summoner - Just a Game Avatar

Your build is meant to control pets and minions to do your fighting for you.

The Sapper - Just a Game Avatar

Your build is meant to make the enemies weaker.

The Mob-Clearer - Just a Game Avatar

Your build is meant to eliminate hordes of weaker enemies so the other classes can focus on the stronger enemies.

The Controller - Just a Game Avatar

Your build is meant to control the behavior of enemies and the pace of the fight.

The Boss-Killer - Just a Game Avatar

Your build is meant to remove powerful enemies quickly.

The Strategist - Just a Game Persona

You are the person who always comes up with the plan for how to succeed.

The Soloist - Just a Game Persona

You have always preferred to go your own way.

The Newbie - Just a Game Persona

You are new to the gaming community in general and this game in specific.

The Native - Just a Game Persona

You were born in the game and were never a player.

The Guilder - Just a Game Persona

The guild is your life and your family.

The Elite - Just a Game Persona

You know the game system better than almost anybody.

The Crafter - Just a Game Persona

You are focused around creating items for other people to use.

Just a Game Playbooks

The playbooks for the Powered by the Apocalypse version of the Just a Game rules.

Just a Game Character Creation - Powered by the Apocalypse

Just a game character creation rules for Powered by the Apocalypse.

Just a Game - Powered by the Apocalypse Basic Moves

Basic Moves

Basic moves available to all characters for the Powered by the Apocalypse version of Just a Game. 
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Worlds in Peril Character Creation Summary

This is a summary of the character creation procedure in Worlds of Peril.

While these are listed in "Steps" you can do them in whatever order you want.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Reskinning Monster of the Week for Divine Blood

Monster of the Week is a Powered by the Apocalypse game geared toward reproducing action horror and urban fantasy style stories such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, The Dresden Files, Anita Blake and several other such things besides. On the surface that feels like it should work perfectly for my Divine Blood setting.

At the very least, it should do well to represent campaigns that focus on both the dangerous parts of the world and the supernatural. Right?

Well, sort of.

Gods and Monsters Regions

A summary of how regions work in Gods and Monsters.

Gods and Monsters Communities

A summary of how Communities work in Gods and Monsters.

Intention in 30 Seconds

This is the summary of how intention works in Gods and Monsters.

Gods and Monsters Character summary

Real short summary of the character creation in Gods and Monsters.

Character Art from the 2006 Heritage M&M Event

Catherine Lusitania - Demon (FBI Psychologist);
Acacia Cristos - Drider (Physicist/Gamer)

Possible Heritage Power Profiles and Limitations

The powers of Heritages are based on the ancient myths of Earth, all of which were started by the lingering long-lived super-beings that pre-date the general melting pot of species that resulted in the human race.

These profiles are samples of what you could do. The human race is a vast melting pot so someone could look like a demon but have an elf's. The high end "possibles" and "impossibles" are also just thoughts, you could reverse them for individual characters. 

The Soldier

You were brought into the group for one purpose and one purpose only: to bring the muscle. Let the others worry about the metaphysical issues, you'll focus on the battle front and making any of the psychotic freaks that come after your comrades sorry they were ever born, or summoned, or whatever. You're supposed to be coming to the last stage of this campaign, and it looks like its taking place in a small city. That's going to present complications.

The Mentor

The Tournament of Fate is too important to be ignored. the Great Beast must not be released into the world. On the other hand, you do not trust yourself to handle the power of such a demon directly. Not even to siphon it off and keep it sealed. The history is full of examples of those immortals who have participated as a wielder in the Tournament of Fate multiple times becoming progressively more monstrous. So you have made it your task to guide a wielder you feel is more capable of handling the touch of the Great Beast's essence.

The Friend

Whatever your nature, you were drawn into this mess for one reason: you chose to stand by a friend. The Tournament of Fate and its promised boon don't really interest you. From everything you've seen so far it's a more like a curse than a boon. People dying around you left and right, getting caught up in contests with secret societies and ancient magicians. You haven't seen anything good come out of this whole affair. You just want to see it end.

The Conjured

At some point in the effort to gain the first artifact, you were summoned to the aid of the team. The magic that brought you forward ties you to this task. Perhaps you're a normal part of the tournament or maybe the team brought you forth deliberately. Regardless, you're here now at least until the tournament is resolved. After that you'll decide for yourself what comes afterwards.

The Rival

When this all started your goal was to be the one bearing the artifact and you had been a consistent rival to the rest of the group. Now things have changed. Now you are aware of the stakes involved. The potential fallout of the wrong person winning the tournament and completing the ritual is too horrible to contemplate. Rather than waste resources in competition, you'd rather support the wielder and their allies. You could always find another avenue for gaining power.

The Wielder

After many trials and contests, you have acquired one of the artifacts of the Tournament of Fate. Now, as you find yourself entering the city of Almadel, you can't help but think that you and your allies will be facing four others who have faced many of the same trials that you have. More than that, you know that you will be the focus of those other wielders as they seek to acquire the artifact in your control. You will have to defeat them and complete the Victory Ritual in order to siphon off the growing power of the Great Beast and stabilize the seal around him.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

5e Changeling Inquisitor (Paladin of Vengeance)

There is no particular character I'm basing this off of, but the idea is that the character investigates matters for their church superiors. his was, historically the intended purpose of the historical inquisition. I am heading for a Paladin of Vengeance which will heighten the stereotype of the grim and suspicious investigator type.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

5e Aasimar Boistrous Brawler

This character is going to be based on the concept that went on to be my Neverwinter Nights 2 character, Angwiel.  However, that character was a fighter and we're going to go with my original concept, which was that of a lightly armored raucous person who simply enjoys getting into a good scrap. Since she's a boisterous brawler type, her "rage" is less in the manner of anger and more just vibrant sort of thrill. If she didn't live in a world where evil threatened at every turn, she'd be the type of person to get into X-games.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

5e Cutesy Chaos Sorceress

This is a build for a 5e human warlock. The concept is based on something I came up with way, way back in the high school. The idea was that there was a chaos-sorceress who was cursed that every action she ever took would only ever result in a good deed of some kind no matter what she tried. So, she tried to get around the curse by training an apprentice...and bringing about her world's very first good chaos-sorceress.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

5e Half-Oni Tea Mistress

This is a build for a 5e tiefling tea-mistress.  This is based on a character I made for a story rather than any roleplaying game. Her first incarnation in an RPG was in Fate. Her actual back story was that she was half-oni and overheard a priestess (or perhaps her mother, I toyed around with things a bit) conducting a tea ceremony with her oni father as a way of banishing him so that he would leave the family alone.

Yael Kenite – Faustian

High Concept: Overlooked Ancient Heroine
Trouble: Famous For Murder
Domain Aspect: The Demoness of Hospitality
Conjuration Aspect: The Pleasant Hostess
Other Aspect: Faustian Landlady

M. Reynolds – Mortal Authority

High Concept: Top Notch Local Cop
Trouble: New to the Supernatural
Other Aspects: Badass Normal
Insightful Police Officer
Respect the Badge

Lisa Krendal – Mortal Connection

High Concept: Blessedly Lucky Middle School Student
Trouble: Diving in the Deep End

Other Aspect: Plucky Determination
A Kid’s Concept of Danger
Innocent Inspiration

Momo Shin – Mortal Connection

High Concept: Badass Japanese Imperial Agent
Trouble: Need to Know Basis
Other Aspects: Plausibly Deniable
Psychics Are Nothing New to Me
Jurougumo Ancestry

Susano’O Omikami – Yomian Connection

High Concept: The Original Defectee to Yomi
Trouble: Only Recently Reincarnated
Domain Aspect: The God of Storms
Conjuration Aspect: The Impetuous Male
Other Aspect: Irredeemably Crass

Jun Omikami – Yomian Connection

High Concept: Freelance Investigative Demi-God Journalist
Trouble: Curiosity Killed the Reporter
Other Aspects: The Mind is faster than the Sword
Son of Susano’O
Eye for Detail

Scylla Crataeis the Second – Nirvanite Connection

High Concept: Half-Demon (Probationary) Herald Counselor
Trouble: Haven’t Chosen My Direction
Other Aspects: No, That Scylla is my Great-Great-Grandaunt
Avatar of Amaterasu
Shapeshifting Sorcerous Dabbler

Himiko Jingu – Nirvanite Connection

High Concept: A Nine-Tailed Demi-Goddess
Trouble: Mother Wouldn’t Understand the Truth
Other Aspects: A Rare Mastery of Illusions
One Body, Nine Souls
A History of Loyalty to Nirvana

Holle Halja – Gehenna Complex

High Concept: Gehenna Complex Resident
Trouble: Tempted to Forget the Past
Realm Aspect: The Demoness of Ice
Conjuration Aspect: The Loving Mother
Other Aspect: Healing Done The Hard Way

Jack O’Laindeir – Faustian

High Concept: Smooth Talking Faustian
Trouble: Walking the Line Keeps Getting Harder
Realm Aspect: The Demon of Fear
Conjuration Aspect: The Man With the Pumpkins
Other Aspect: Once Was Human

Hermes Turms – Herald

High Concept: Nirvana’s Favored Solicitor
Trouble: Notoriously Slick Reputation
Domain Aspect: The God of Messengers
Conjuration Aspect: The Silver Traveler
Other Aspect: A Realist’s Perspective

Nyx DisPater – Elysium Provider

High Concept: Sarcastic DisPater Death-Seer
Trouble: Neglected Daughter of Hecate
Domain Aspect: The Goddess of Darkness
Conjuration Aspect: The Unwanted Child
Other Aspect: Elysium Provider Healer

Illujanka Baal – Rakshasha

High Concept: Nostalgic Yomian Hero
Trouble: Bitterly Aware of Stagnation
Realm Aspect: The Demon(ess) of Snakes
Conjuration Aspect: The Warrior Serpent
Other Aspect: Gender Fluid Shapeshifter

Shu Ms’Re – Shadow

High Concept: Quick-Witted Yomian Spy
Trouble: Never the Lead
Realm Aspect: The Demon of Wind
Conjuration Aspect: The Essence of Emptiness
Other Aspect: Ambitious but not Disciplined

Urd Jotundottir – Einherjar

High Concept: The Half-Demon General of Nirvana
Trouble: A Wretched Family Life
Domain Aspect: The Goddess of Fate
Conjuration Aspect: Queen of Soldiers
Other Aspect: Eldest Daughter of Lilith and Vishnu

Morrigan Nemain – Eyes of Ra

High Concept: Atonement Seeking Nirvanite Investigator
Trouble: My War Criminal Past Clings To Me
Domain Aspect: The Goddess of Bloodshed
Conjuration Aspect: The Bloody Nightmare
Other Aspect: The Washer at the Ford

Detailed Divine Blood Facts List

A more detailed summary of the abilities of characters in Divine Blood and some of the politics of Gods and Demons.

Letter in Olmstead's apartment

“If you are set on this fool’s errand of yours then you must not forget to relay to friends and families what your plans are. This tour of New England is reckless. There are many old parts of the country where you will find treasures no more interesting than a degenerate cesspool of bandits and moonshiners. At the very least you must not follow through on this idea of starting with such a small town as Salem. Certainly you are aware of its sinister history? I’m afraid the locals have grown no more educated since the days when they were hanging midwives on the testimony of feverish children. Indeed it would save you much money and time to remain in your home rather than chase through old records to find where your mother’s line originated.

Yours truthfully,

Computer Games I'd like to see

I'm going to organize this by Game Genre first and then Story Genre and list some similar games and things I was dissatisfied with on th...

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