Campaign Reports

An index for the various campaigns I am running or playing in.

Currently Four Player Characters - Formerly Five
Aislin Newell - Demon of Vacuum
Detective Malcolm Reynolds - Seattle Cop on Vacation
Rudyard Holt - Soldier turned Chief of Security
Yukimura Ichiro - Two-Tailed Kitsune High School Student
Lydia Locheia-Turan - Young Goddess of Desire

Journals for characters I am currently playing

Campaigns that have Concluded

Four Player Characters
Arianod Trengrove - Succubus Warrior
Sophia Ecks - Visionary Hacker (now Ainur Hacker)
Sarah Gow - Unlucky Werejaguar
Katie Lally - Ex-cop Vampyr

 M-Com - Monster of the Week Campaign
Three Player Characters
Thomas Riley - The Initiate The Chosen
Kasper Sierzant - The Expert The Professional
Katkemat - The Exile
Inspector Marisa Carracci - The Flake

Mariah the Blue - D&D 5e - Homebrew Campaign

Characters and Campaigns currently being planned

Characters for games that have been postponed or cancelled

Aisha Yethtai - D&D 5e - Storm King's Thunder

Zihna - D&D 5e - Homebrew Campaign

 Lisa MacKenzie - Scion 1st Edition

Six Player Characters
 Elivia Moonsilver - Aasimar Priestess of Mystra (variant Arcana cleric)
Fennle Pthalein - Human Monk of the Path of the Sun Soul
Marle - Tiefling Bard from the College of Blades
Lohn Slaf - Human Duergar Arcane Technician and Locksmith
Talindra Brightwood - Half-Elf Paladin of the Ancients
Aengus - Human Assassin

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