Friday, May 27, 2016

Divine Blood - Wasps Among Butterflies - Fourth Session - Sudden Robot Hail

This session involves two characters:

  • Arianrhod Monica Trengrove (aka Aria), the succubus and Perfect Lady of War who makes lets The Higher Ups Do the Talking and hates the Supernatural Enemies of the Supernatural.
  • Sophia Ecks, Voyeuristic Visionary, Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant and a Virtual Apex Predator on the Bleeding Edge.
Mysterious Shenaingans Continue

Sunday, May 22, 2016

M-Com Mission Report - Operation Unceasing Prophet Part One - Monster of the Week Campaign

This time the the operation was decided due to information coming from M-Com's official governmental connections. A tourist group heading into the mountains around Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan was attacked by some sort of unidentified monster.  Two individuals were currently in the hospital, one still unconscious and in critical condition while the other was in recovery. The other tourists were being housed in a hotel. They were all at the nearest Kazakhstani city Almaty, about eighty miles to the Northwest of the site. Prior to the briefing, Thomas the Chosen had a dream beforehand where he found himself underwater and viewing bubbles.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Divine Blood: Wasps Among Butterflies

While the basic rule structure of Divine Blood is pretty well set, we're still running playtests with regards to adapting to different environments in the setting and different playstyles. In this case most of the players opted for combat heavy characters so we're focusing more on a go in and get them style of story rather than the investigative story from the first playtest or the high school hijinks alongside espionage from the second playtest. We're all using this to fill in more information on the Psyche organization.

Divine Blood - Wasps Among Butterflies - Third Session - Aria's Milkshake

Warning: This post has not yet been edited and was written late at night. Grammar goofs and typos probably abound.

This session involves three characters:

  • Arianrhod Monica Trengrove (aka Aria), the succubus and Perfect Lady of War who makes use of Surprise Death Cuddles.
  • Sophia Ecks, Voyeuristic Visionary and the Human Heimdall suffering from a bit of Establishment Blues.
  • Sarah Gow, a Napoleonic Werepanther from an Urbanized Tribe who tends to feel that if she's Annoyed, then Your Feelings are Irrelevant.
Aria's Milkshake Brought Ninjas to the Street

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