Monday, January 22, 2018

It's All Tricks - Crossroads Campaign Session 2-3

The labyrinth seemed to go on forever and it was quite clear that we weren't the only things that had ended up in the catacombs. Of course not, this is the Lost and we were going to be finding lost things. Lost things from catacombs had a tendency to include a few monsters. We had a close call with something like a floating brain with paralyzing tentacles. It reminded me something like a jellyfish crossed with a squid in that regard. Later it was identified as something called a grell.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Dreams of Corruption and Pursuit - Set 3: Radioactive

Patricia's Wellness Journal

Set 2 - Enter the Sandman

The consequences of our actions are sometimes hard to see, you know? You think you're doing the proper thing, the right thing. Or maybe you think it's a choice so small as to be unimportant. But regardless of how right or small a thing is, you've woven a thread into the design and it can't be taken out now.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Fury of the Fallen (Feral Winged Variant Tiefling Ancestral Guardian)

This is a second flying barbarian, and this one is going to have a bit more reliable flight due to being a Winged Tiefling rather than a Protector Aasimar. As with the Aasimar, the Tiefling's stat bonuses don't really help it much in terms of being a good Barbarian, so I'm going to be tight with Ability Score bonuses again. That said, if you're rolling for stats or you find appropriate magical items, it certainly can free up room for getting feats that just raw leveling doesn't have much availability for.

I've considered a couple different options for the particular variety of barbarian to go with that fits as a counterpoint to the Wrath of Heaven build. I could obviously do another Zealot but the two would likely end up looking very close to each other, especially where there is not much room for Feats in either build. I think instead I will go with the Ancestral Guardian and the idea that restless souls gather around the character in hopes of being avenged. This would be rather than direct ancestors.

Wrath of Heaven (Protector Aasimar Zealot)

This is going to be one of two theoretical builds paired together. This one is going to focus on a Protector Aasimar while the Fury of the Fallen will be a Winged Tiefling build. The idea of both of these builds is in the creation of a flying barbarian. Aarakocra is another option for this and I might do that later. However, right now I'm starting with a Protector Aasimar partially due to the existence of Yasha in Critical Role, though I'm thinking Yasha is going to turn out to be a Scourge Aasimar.

Protector Aasimar from 3rd Level onward are capable of 1 minute (10 rounds) of flight once per day. Which makes this the more limited version of the airborne barbarian out of the selection I'll be looking at.

As a note, since this not a race that goes especially well with Barbarian, I'll be limited on Ability Score Increases.

For background, I think I'll go Hermit

5th Edition Rebuild - Ide Shika (Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords, 14th Paladin/3rd Chevalier)

Ide Shika is a central character to a serial story I was writing for a website featuring a fantasy style setting. Sadly, the person putting the fiction website had a medical emergency and the costs involved resulted in the website pretty much not happening. As a result, I am uncertain of rights and ownerships, so I've let the fiction lie and I ended up playing out a sort of version of her story by playing her as a fighter in a pathfinder game. Though this character is quite a bit different overall in that she specializes in the no-daichi where the first version was just supposed to be generally skilled and very fast.

The other members of the party ended up investing a substantial amount of resources into making her the primary source of damage for the party. This resulted her in having a range of magical items far more powerful than most of those you would find in a 5th edition game, including more than three that would require attunement.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Gorgon Archer - Genesys - Character Advancement

Character advancement in Genesys is very simple. It simply suggests that you award 20 XP at the end of each 3-5 hour session. It does state that if you want to have characters advance quicker or slower, you should increase or decrease that to 25 or 15 respectively. It also suggest increasing or decreasing the total by 5 based on whether the session lasts significantly shorter or longer than expected. Other than that, the experience point costs work exactly how they do in character creation. However, I do want to remind you that you cannot improve Characteristics directly with experience points once character creation is over. After the campaign has started, you will need to take a particular 5th Tier talent to improve Characteristics.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Vimi Ajam - Hobgoblin Storm Sorceress - Genesys Version

A Genesys version of the character linked here.

Hobgoblin Species

Brawn 2
Agility 2
Intellect 2
Cunning 3
Willpower 2
Presence 1

Starting Wound Threshold: 11+Brawn
Starting Strain Threshold: 10+Willpower

Martial Training: The character begins with 1 free Rank in either Melee. If your game splits this into Melee(Light) and Melee(Heavy) then choose one skill to gain a rank in. You still cannot start the game with higher than 2 ranks in Melee.

Darkvision: When making skill checks remove up to 2 Setback dice imposed due to darkness. (From the book. -5 XP)

Fearsome: Add 1 Setback die when making Charm, Deception, Leadership, and Negotiation checks. Add 1 Boost die when making Coercion checks. (+5 XP)

Starting XP: 100

Gorgon Archer - Genesys - Character Creation Analysis

I had been tempted to do create a character in the new Star Wars system that was put out by Fantasy Flight Games in the last five years, but upon remembering that they were producing a generic version of the system I decided to hold off. That system is Genesys.

Friday, January 5, 2018

5th Edition Rebuild - Angwiel II (3rd Edition Tabletop Game)

I started my first campaign of 3rd edition D&D while in college within a couple of months of it being released. One of my brother's coworker's ran the Sunless Citadel adventure for us, our sister, and his wife. We played up to 10th level going by my character sheet. I played a character who was primarily a cleric but also went a bit toward sorcerer with illusion based magic. Statistic-wise, my character was a standard elf, but the GM let me flavor it as a snake-woman of sorts. The character was inspired by a Rifts character with a random cosmetic mutation that had snake-like features though her backstory was very different. This is why this is Angwiel II, the first character to bear the name was the Rifts character. The Angwiel from my Neverwinter Nights 2 campaign (who I should rebuild now that several versions of aasimar have been released) is actually like the fourth character to bear the name and is directly based on a boisterous brawler I had played in a short-lived tabletop campaign in the years after I came back from teaching in Korea. As a note, Angwiel was a name I put together with Tolkien elvish that means "snake maiden". I originally named her race lygiel, which means the same thing in a different dialect of Tolkien elvish. It's not terribly unique.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Against the Ropes - Crossroads Campaign Session 1

Jones caught up with me a few days later at Kintaro's Emporium. He had just a barrel of bullets there which I usually came through to look for functional ammunition. It's sort of like heading down to the game shop and filtering through their Magic singles for the cards you needed for a deck. Fortunately for me, I had always opted for the most simple gun to maintain and load while I lived on Earth, and there's usually enough bullets for my revolver that I can last quite a while. If a cult is building up, though, I might need to start looking into smithing my own ammo.

A Late Client - The Crossroads Campaign Prologue

The City is an amalgam of multiple cities from all over reality. It's an uncoordinated mess of rammed together features from cities past, present, and future. Out of all of Nowhere, it is probably the most stable location. That's because it's the most populated. All those people dwelling in it makes it easier to keep locations within a good reference to each other. Even then, however, some locations can be unhitched from each other. There's always a store or building that most people don't notice and, after sometime, it might just get moved out of the street and replaced with something else. Entire neighborhoods might shift and rotate while the residents go about their daily lives blissfully ignorant.  The City is part of Nowhere, it is a place to lose yourself, whether you want to or not, and it resists all of our attempts to tame it into something predictable.

It's All Tricks - Crossroads Campaign Session 2-3

The labyrinth seemed to go on forever and it was quite clear that we weren't the only things that had ended up in the catacombs. Of c...

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