Sunday, September 16, 2018

Roleplayer Bucket List

I've commented on this a couple of times that I have a small list of people I'd love to sit down and have a game with once before I died. All in all, this is not something I'm actively pursuing so functionally speaking, this is a list of people who I've seen in various online RPG streams and whom I sit up and take notice when I hear their name in relation to an event. There are some I don't have full names for and some whom I just have monikers for. There are others I don't have actual names of any type for and thus aren't listed. I'm also fairly sure I'll forget some and add them on later. Also, there are people I love playing with who don't stream as far as I know, hence their names not being here.

Given that I watch a lot of Geek and Sundry stuff, there should come as no surprise that a lot of these people are professional actors, comic authors, or game designers as well. In a lot of cases these are people who are successful in arenas I wish I had more success in, but I know them through RPG streams for the most part.

Bold means I actually have RPed with them at least once.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Good Aligned Yuan-Ti Warlock Patrons

I am pretty vocal about not being particularly fond of alignment and have never really used it in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. That said, it's not the trait itself I have a problem with but the community around it and its status as a sacred cow. Truth be told, while simplistic in many ways, alignment is a useful guide for beginning players on how to make their character's decisions. As such, I have no complaint about alignment still being in the game itself.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Murder and Witnesses - Blackmouth Nightmares - Session 1

The mists were still thick and the mirrors were still covering the walls. She could see Dr Kapel Christian in the mirror, distorted by places where the mirrors were joined together. Or maybe those were cracks. Were they cracks?

She should have been a bit more cautious when she was looking into the facial recognition software. She'd left tracks and there was a bit of disapproval coming down her way. Loose cannons weren't to be tolerated and she should stick to doing only the investigations that she was asked to do.

Falling in line?

Holy Pregnant Pause - Yakki Koto Kiku - Session 4

So, Frederic didn't expect us to solve his scenario in a single day. I get the idea that he didn't expect anybody to have finished the whole deal in a single day, but certainly not us. I can sort of get that. I mean, if anybody is going to do it one day it'd likely be the people that were supposed to destroy the piano. 

I mean, the defense team wouldn't be going after us to remove us from the occasion, that'd leave the piano unguarded. And I get the feeling most thieves don't go for the bliztkrieg random nonsense strategy.

That's really sort of what we did, you know. Just random stuff and taking advantage of things that sort of blew up in the faces of our colleagues.

Unexpected Cousin - Crossroads Campaign - Session 19

We had arrived at the police office within a day of the murder of Xahndyg Yellow-Coat, a court clerk, so Inspector Craftbrass took us to the crime scene at the court offices. Wyndelly began the process of investigating the flows of magic at the site, looking for signs of this Haberdashing's tricks. Kelmar started reading through a journal of some sort at the same time and I went out to the bullpen to lean back and skirt over the minds of our victim's coworkers.

It produced an interesting bit of information. The other clerks were wondering who would be promoted to the now vacant spot. This was pertinent on its own, but the other response made things more intriguing. They weren't sure that promotion to Yellow-Coat's position was something anybody would want. This recent murder victim was someone attached to a prosecutor who worked a lot of political cases. The sort of person who would be prone to stumble onto dangerous information whether they know it or not.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Bizarre Bazaar - Cage of the Demiurge - Session 5

"Well, I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this," Hilde said as she scanned about the city they had entered through the gate.

Buildings scaled high around them on every side while the spaces between were cluttered by a variety of colorful stalls, booths, boutique shops, and any of a number of such businesses. People milled about on one errand or another and the entire place was filled with the rampant sound of strange music and raucous chatter. 

"All citizens keep in mind the upcoming Idol Competition. Potential competitors, your last chance of signing up as coming up shortly, you'd better get on it."

Friday, August 3, 2018

Vigilantes Make Everything Worse - Crossroads Campaign - Session 18

To be perfectly fair, I was on the vigilante side of things for a bit. That's how I got into this whole adventurer, cult-breaker deal in the first place. As a young changeling from a family that hadn't been human for generations, I grew up exposed to the occult and the supernatural quite often. Back home you had the dangers of the occasional fanatic or criminal organizations. The outsiders weren't so much of an issue, I mean, they'd been around and there were the occasional aberrations. That's where things like  dopplegangers came from, after all, and I eventuallly come from dopplegangers, but the first time I stumbled on a cult to them I decided to go the whole superhero deal. 

It went predictably, horribly wrong. We eventually cleaned the mess up, but our attempts to fix things at the start made everything so much worse and there was so much more collateral damage than there needed to be. After the fact, Department 7 cornered us and we got the offer to stand down or join up. I joined up, and then a year later, I was Lost and who knows how many years later I was playing Sentinels of the Multiverse with a demigod and a tiger-man. The Wraith, Expatriette, and Chrono-Ranger versus Miss Information in Rook City. 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Avice Kokinos - Avian and Chosen Scion of Frigg - The Clean Harpy

Scions of the Second Refinement

Background: Avice has always looked toward the sky and had issues with a terrible temper. In her early years she became a fan of anime and especially the various raven winged characters that were found within it. She would often fantasize about being a powerful tengu warrior come to deal death to some evil scum. And her young mind the tengu were always the heroes and she hated the shows where they were villains instead. She often found herself trying to ignore the legends of her own people, the horrific harpies know for defecating on food and harassing blind men.

She somehow managed to track down a retired wolf-warrior to teach her how to fight and found a legitimate relic somewhere in a second time around shop. She never really questioned how easily she found such hints of the divine around her and always assumed that the people on the deifan forums who talked about how they so wished to meet a real supernatural person must just be unlucky. That is, until the first time she met her birth mother at the age of 16.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Lucy West - Chosen Scion of Kali - The Forgotten Victim

Background: Lucy woke up with almost no memory to speak of. She had some vague memory of being helpless and immobile, but now she'd suddenly found herself looking about to see a pristine, almost unnaturally clean, room with harsh light streaming in from the window and setting a glare on everything around.her. She'd later come to learn that this was a hospital of some variety.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Míša Kedzierski - Chosen Scion of Veles - A Modern Red

The tail would come when she gained an omen later.
Scions of the Second Refinement


Míša had heard the tale of Little Red Riding Hood of course, most people had. It was a popular folktale all around the world. She just hadn't given it much mind at all. You heard stories of supernatural wolves, of course, as well as werewolves. But who ever actually ran into one. That was something you heard from rumors or the odd news story. People liked to talk about the documentary filmer who announced an intention to interview and film werewolves and then vanished, but nobody could remember his name. It's just that you never one of those stories.

Her mother had asked her to walk down the street to return some flour to her grandmother. The door was ajar when she arrived and things were a mess. She had been nervous and called out for her grandmother and was relieved when she heard the old woman's voice, though it sounded a bit strained. She complained about an intruder and Míša walked in to see if there was anything to be done.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Pequod's for Tea - Blackmouth Nightmares - Session 0

Character Journal

The mists stretch on and on. The hallway is impossibly long with two many corners and intersections that curved on themselves or should have done...but didn't. The walls were mirrors that she could see through the mist. The glass must have been warped, or maybe the water droplets on the mist were warping the image itself. 

She was barely able to make out her silhouette and features on the twisted and flat surface of the blackened silver. But she undeniably knew it was there and behind her, and at the end of the hall, and on any other surface she could cast her eyes on. She could just reach out and trace the edges of it.

Much more visible was the cracked jigsaw image of herself sitting in the back of the Pequod's with a cup of Earl Grey because what the coffee house called sweet tea was a blaspheme on anybody who grew up south of Mason Dixon.

You make toys of tools.

The voice was just behind her ear. It wasn't English. She wasn't certain if it was even words at all, though she heard the sibilant lisps and clicks.

Charts and charts and charts. 

Was it laughing at her? She could feel it on the back of her neck. Just breathing there and stirring the mist. She whirled around to find nothing and stepped unsteadily down the hall looking for the source of the sound. 

Roleplayer Bucket List

I've commented on this a couple of times that I have a small list of people I'd love to sit down and have a game with once before I...

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