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Kiyone Harnen - Scion of Amaterasu - Amaterasu's Eclipse

Scions of the Second Refinement

Background: Kiyone Harnen was raised by her father, an African-American marine as she was taken from base to base. Eventually, she entered the marines herself becoming a martial arts instructor in the MCMAP program. Her effort to always be taken seriously and put on the best possible performance had her achieve some level of attention from the Corps PR department. Unfortunately, her strive to be a serious soldier and break boundaries started to worry her divine mother. Especially as tensions between the US and other nations started to rise. As such, her mother, Benzaiten, engineered a scandal which trapped Kiyone in a position of seemingly flaunting her tastes in relationship out in front of the judgmental eyes of the public. This scuttled her military career and seemingly made her safe from danger.

From there, Kiyone was soon offered a job as a stunt consultant for a Japanese film company, possibly another plan by her mother.  The job of stunt coordinator moved toward her being a stunt woman, though her unique appearance meant she often played stand out minions. Eventually, she hit upon the role of a recurring antagonist in a TV drama and series of films until said character did a Heel Face Turn and spin off into her own drama and films. It was as her fame began to spread that she caught Amaterasu's eye and the sun goddess began to question Benzaiten as to why Kiyone had not yet been tapped as a warrior for the Kami.

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Lily Watson - Scion of Inari - Scion Second Edition

Role: Scout’s Luck: Good, Bad and Strange – Sneak – Athletics, Subterfuge, Technology.

As a tomb raider, Lily has always had something of a talent for working her way past guardians or undoing the odd trap or two. However, her abilities have been mostly unsophisticated talent and good luck. It was bound to turn against her sooner or later and there was only a little skill to catch her fall. It’s hard to tell whether or not that’s happened yet.

Origin: Raider of Tombs and Dodger of Curses – Adventurer – Occult, Close Combat, Integrity

Lily ran away from home at the age of fourteen and fell in with a band of explorers of dubious ethics. By the time she was eighteen she had lived through a number of adventures and seen her share of strange things. Things happened and the group split up and she decided to trace her own lead. One of her former colleagues snatched the treasure out from under her leaving her to deal with the traps…and the being that had been sealed within.

Pantheon: Something special breathes within you. – Inari: Close Combat, Culture, Integrity

The kitsune has smelled it even if it hasn’t woken up yet. The younger of these thieves was certainly the more interesting of the two. They were near enough awakened to recognize their own child when faced with it, though certainly not through this incarnation. The long-sealed incarnation of Inari hasn’t let on what they’ve realized yet, Lily has yet to prove herself after all.

Spicy Pineapple - Cage of the Demiurge - Session 3

Tabasssum Wazir looked down from the action to the camera and noticed a black screen remembering something about the camera...namely that it was digital. 

"Ah, fuck." Out loud he called out. "Hey, Hilde, I'm sorry, but the camera is digital! I'm sorry, everything is ruined."

Hilde growled from where she was being crushed in a giant gorilla's hand. "Oh, that's just it!" She struggled and pushed herself free to twist away and force the clattering Voltron imitation into an awkward angle before it twisted about, canceling out her efforts almost casually before tossing her across the battlefield. The sound of someone cheering her on, drew Hilde's eyes below to see where Hayden was calling out towards her and managing a rather amazingly acrobatic cheer routine.

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Sang-Yoon Koga - Scion of Susano-O - The Trickster Fox

Scions of the Second Refinement

Background: At an early age, Sang-Yoon's mother died leaving her without known family and sending her into the system of the South Korean government. Unfortunately, the office that handled her case was rife with corruption and she ended up sold to a pink house to be raised as a prostitute. For protection she came to form close ties with some of the other young women and eventually, she led a successful effort to expose the brothel and the corrupt officials supplying it with children. 

Unwilling to continue as they had been, Sang-Yoon and her closest friends began to put on street performances using the sleight of hand skills they had learned for survival to entertain passers-by. Eventually, they started adapting various folk tales into magic acts and getting hired on to bigger venues. Underneath this, they found themselves occasionally drawn into further instances were someone needed somebody to stand in for them.

Scions of the Second Refinement

Similar to my post collecting different D&D concepts, I think I'm going to start collecting some theoretical Scion 2nd Edition character concepts here. At the moment, only the backer PDF is available so some of the methods of character creating might eventually change. To start with, I'll focus on some of my past Scion characters and some of my long time character concepts.

Sang-Yoon Koga - Scion of Susano'o - The Trickster Fox 
Kiyone Harnen - Scion of Amaterasu - Amaterasu's Eclipse

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Gorgon Archer - Scion 2nd Edition - Character Advancement

Scion advancement is done through the acquisition and spending of Experience Points that are acquired over the course of the game. As with other Onyx Path games, Experience Points are rewarded for the accomplishments of goals. In this case they are referred to as Deeds and they function differently enough from Aspirations to deserve the different term.

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Mecha-Joe Young - Cage of the Demiurge - Session 2

"Wow," Taba said as they scanned across the landscape from inside the hovercraft. "This place is something else. There's cameras everywhere!"

"Yeah, I told you, they like worship cameras." Hilde said into the radio mic she was wearing.

"Why are you outside again?" the black-eyed djinn asked.

"Zeusdottir is a jeep, jeeps go on the deck. They are not allowed in the cockpit." The dark-haired pilot noted calmly.

"A jeep?" Taba asked questionably.

Abberations in the Analysis - Crossroads Campaign - Session 16 and 17

We came out into the Center on the circle established as a firm target to receive plane shifts and immediately started calling for a cleric. An older dwarf came to use quickly enough and we took Wendylly to the chapel for the ritual. We quickly made some explanation on the nature of the task we were undertaking and the dwarf made mention of the seal and added some other details implying that he had been on the site some time ago himself. Our focus at the time was on Wendylly but I kept that bit of information in mind.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Fallen Tower of Towers - Cage of the Demiurge - Session 1 - Scion 2nd Edition

"So what's it like on the other side?" Taba asked. "I've been doing paperwork."

"Pretty cool so far. There were giant lizards one of them snuck up on me."

"That's not really an impressive feat, Hilde." Taba smirked as the golden-haired young woman rolled her eyes and shook her head in response.

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The Candlestick Distrubance - Set 3: She's Not There - City of Mist

Set 2: The Song of Persephone

Patricia's Wellness Journal

So this is the way it ends? The pain is starting to fade away and I’m left with the slightly warm and damp feeling of lying in the expanding pool that’s spilling out over Mathias’s floor. That’s a bad sign, the body has started to give up on the pain signals. I’m going into shock.

Mathias is futzing about the room looking for his books, looking for something he can do to help. But that’s my job and I’ve got nothing I can do anything with right now. I already tried to close the wound and all it did was burn deeper into me.

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Gorgon Archer - Scion 2nd Edition - Character Creation Analysis

Scion's first edition was a hot mess of a system with a wonderfully fun premise. As you can tell from this blog, I quite like the idea of playing with mythological creatures. However, Scion first edition was primarily limited on human or human-like characters who happened to have a touch of the divine. There were ways of building something like a gorgon, but it would be something that would have to come over time rather than something you start with. Likewise, the rather erratic and self-contradictory rule-set made homebrewing both necessary and touchy.

Kiyone Harnen - Scion of Amaterasu - Amaterasu's Eclipse

Scions of the Second Refinement Background: Kiyone Harnen was raised by her father, an African-American marine as she was taken from b...

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