Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Dreams of Corruption and Pursuit - Set 2: Enter the Sandman - City of Mists

There always seems to be snow in The City. Winter is the only season that really seems to imprint itself on the mind when you live here. Snow flutters in the air almost constantly even if there's none on the ground. Everybody walks around in long coats and scarves bundled up against the chill, hats with wide brims pulled low to keep the flittering flakes out of their eyes.

Colors are mostly dark. Thick cotton blacks, woolen browns, and cashmere greys that suck up as much heat as possible from the thin sunlight. A harsh neon glow touches everything and leeches the life from the world until it resembles a faded photograph. Occasionally, some spot of bright color stands out starkly from the muted surroundings. A spot of vibrant blood on a bleached handkerchief.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Uncounted Calamities - Airship Lost - Sessions Four and Five

[The camera comes on viewing Aeryn Lee's cheerful face as she walks around the corridors of the

So, it's been about two or three days since we came here. Maybe four. Hard to say, it's always sort of the same right now. But look at that.

[The camera pans about to view the outside of the ship where it is half in and half out of the atmosphere of the shard below. The result is a sky that is broken between the familiar blue of an Earth like space and the endless grey nothing of the void. The camera swings back around to Aeryn.]

It's a little bit intense and so far a lot of people haven't realized we're not on Earth anymore. I guess it's sort of like that old song goes, "The Nile isn't just a river in Egypt." Or is that a saying. Well, anyway, people still think we're over Australia or something.

Oh, speaking of Egypt, I have to show you this.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Uncounted Calamities - Airship Lost - Session Four and Five Gameplay Discussion

The characters set about preparing to make the shard habitable and safe, but first it's time to clean up a little bit of a mess made in the first session.

Session Five Game Mat

Session Four Game Mat
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As a note, I have waited way too long before writing this report. Also note that I have had two sessions since the last time I wrote a report. I may have some difficulty remembering all the Aspects used. We've had some various difficulties including the fact that one player got a new job and Daylight Savings hit both America and Australia but not in the same way, making it difficult for everybody to be on at together at what would be a reasonable time. As such, we've lost Detective Reynolds from the cast, at least as a PC. That said, I was happy with how the adventure came together overall. I'm still wondering if I may have brought Yakyou in too early, but this presented a useful thing to do when we had two people missing for session four.

As a note, I should probably have hit more mental attacks in this one to account for the weirdness that a lot of people had to deal with.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Gorgon Archer's Teammates - Masks

I probably won't do this for every character but I may go back and do it for the Gorgon examples for Monster of the Week, City of Mist, 7th Sea, and a few other games with a heavy team interaction focus. I'm not going to do the full simulation but I will show their beginning and ending states. They all will get 12 improvements on the idea that Vermin may have joined late but may also have had worse luck on the rolls or produced more Potential in some other way. It just makes things easier.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Gorgon Archer - Masks - Character Advancement

Advancement, or development, in Masks is interesting. One the one hand the most obvious method of development functions pretty much identically to how Advancement works in Monster of the Week. On a roll of 6 or less, you gain experience, referred to as Potential, in addition, some moves well allow you to gain Potential in other ways. After gaining five Potential you reset your Potential to zero and then take an improvement from your Playbooks list. Except for the fact that changing a playbook does not refresh the advanced improvements you unlock (only the basic improvements for each playbook unlock), this is similar to Monster of the Week.

Gorgon Archer - Masks - Character Creation Analysis

Character Creation and the Gorgon Archer

Masks is the third Powered by the Apocalypse game to show up in these examinations. It is a recent game that cuts closer to the original model of PbtA similar to Monster of the Week. However there are a few differences in place. As to the genre Masks is focused on, it is meant to reproduce the sort of stories seen in Young Justice, Avengers Academy, or Teen Titans. These are mostly serious stories that often deal with heavy subject matter spiced here and there with regular bits of comedy to lighten the drama. The characters are mostly young superheroes ranging from mid-teens up to early twenties. A lot of the mechanics of the game are meant to deal with that search for identity that dominates the transition period between child and adult.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Gorgon Archer - Clockwork Dominion - Character Advancement

Character Creation and the Gorgon Archer

Characters advance by the acquisition of Experience Points which are spent on increasing stats with an escalating sequence of costs. The game presents several options for how to award experience points but suggest an average of 2 to 4 experience points per session. One option is for everyone to gain an set reward for every session, referred to as an Installment in the vein of old Victorian serials. This set reward is in addition to any circumstances, such as acquiring a permanent Liability in game play, that might also grant Experience Points.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Gorgon Archer - Clockwork Dominion - Character Creation Analysis

Clockwork Dominion is a recent game put out by an independent group called Reliquary Games. The small group of designers have a small laundry list of degrees including theology, history, and other such things, making this one of the most thoroughly researched games I know of. On level with Nephilim or Pendragon though fortunately without the many layers of complexity those games suffer from. The game is meant to represent a steampunk setting with zeppelins, magic, and steam-powered technology and it does a good job. Among other things, the designers looked up real-life gadgets and oddities that occurred with the Victorian period and postulated one or two steps past that. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Gorgon Archer - Chill 3rd Edition - Character Advancement

As with the character creation, the character advancement of the game has not changed much from it's second edition. You still advance primarily by acquiring and spending experience, referred to as Development Points. However, there are two other methods of advancement. One, as stated, was the ability to take a new Takeaway after each case. This would be a particular memory or incident that occurred to you on the case which can be used by you to draw on later to your benefit. The other is the ability to change your Drive if both you and your GM agree that your character has outlived their original Drive.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gorgon Archer - Chill 3rd Edition - Character Creation Analysis

Chill is a game that I have a fair amount of nostalgia for even though I have never played more than a single scenario. It was the first time I really ran a successful roleplaying game scenario rather than just a succession of combat scenes and also featured a moment of an actual scare. My brother, some friends, and I were playing at night when we were in our mid-teens and I was running the haunting scenario in the second edition core book. We had some tension building and our dog started banging her tail against the glass door scaring the hell out of us for about five seconds or so. This game also represents the first time I started using the official mechanics recreate a concept that was not originally intended by the creators. In this case, I used the "Multiple Personality" disadvantage to create a heroic werewolf. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dreams of Corruption and Pursuit - Set 1: Boulevard of Broken Dreams - City of Mists

At what point do nightmares stop being nightmares and start being just a fact of life? I don't know why I'm asking you, but I don't know why I ask you anything.

Just to have a way to clear the air, I guess. That's what the psychologists would say.

Dreams of Corruption and Pursuit - Set 2: Enter the Sandman - City of Mists

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