Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Urban Fantasy Crossover Scenario - Monster of the Week

It's too late for me to put this into the line-up of this coming break (September 18th to 23rd, 2015) but what the hell, I'll at least set this up for some time in the future. The basic concept here is to have a mutli-versal crossover scenario with a bunch of characters from different urban fantasy settings.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Exhaustion Mini-Con

This semi-pretentious title is what I am calling my decision to run nine one-shot games over the course of my five-day vacation in later September.

Mostly it was cancelled due to schedule conflicts, illness, lack of interest and other assorted reasons.

Friday, September 4, 2015

It's a Small Curse Prep Page

A small town is having some curious troubles. A number of unusual incidents of seeming bad luck have been plaguing the town. Local animals have become scarce and there's been a few unlikely car accidents and injuries. Odd mists have come down on the town as well.

Wednesday 23rd - Slot 3 - 5pm to 10pm (Japan Time) - It's a Small Curse - Monster of the Week

Heritage (Worlds in Peril) Prep Page

In the far ancient past, Earth was natural nexus of interdimensional gates that was colonized by the citizens of several civilizations that had advanced to the point of dealing with other realities. Over time, the stations on Earth shifted slowly toward being more and more permanent. Eventually, people began to settle there to raise families as small cities rose up. Over time, the people who were born and raised on Earth exposed to the extraordinary levels of transdimensional energies and they began to exhibit strange and often powerful abilities.

Wednesday 23rd - Slot 2 - 11am to 4pm (Japan Time) - Worlds in Peril 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Gods and Monsters Prep Page

From the product page on DrivethruRPG:

The world is young and majestic, and humans eke out a living and dream of civilization.

But you are not like them: you are a god. A primal creature, your soul a blazing font of power, your body an expression of your nature. The more extreme your behavior the greater the power you can wield—but it is easy to become lost in a single facet of your existence and cross the line from god to monster.

Perform mythic acts, skirmish with rival pantheons, and walk the line between power and control in this Fate World of Adventure by Chris Longhurst.

Wednesday 23rd - Slot 1 - 12am to 5am (Japan Time) - Gods and Monsters

Just a Game Prep Page

You're logging up on the computer, happily cracking open the brand new shiny MMO you just downloading from the company site, ready to make your character and start on a new set of adventures. But something changes when you click "start playing"....because instead of watching a load screen boot up, you find the world turning black and when you wake up it seems like you've become your character and the world around you the tutorial mission. What the hell is going on here?

Sunday 20th 11pm to 4am (Japan Time) - Just a Game - Powered by the Apocalypse
Tuesday 22nd - Slot 1 -12am to 5am (Japan Time) - Just a Game - Fate Core

Don't Let the Sun Go Down Prep Page

An earthquake and major thunderstorm have struck Seattle where the recently reincarnated Goddess Amaterasu has been attending middle school and she has gone missing. Something has interfered with the normal telepathic link between a Goddess and their chosen society, making it hard to locate her. Now mortals, Gods and Demons are all looking for Amaterasu before something bad happens...or maybe to insure something bad happens.

Loss of Life Prep Page

Richard Olmstead is a young man of twenty-one years of age. He has also been missing for a week, gone without word, and his friends are concerned that they haven't heard of them. It has been at least a week since he was last seen by either family or friends. The local police department has proven uninterested in the disappearance of single young man of no particular importance and, as a result, his friends and family are taking matters into their own hands.

The player characters are expected to include those friends and family along with the possibility of professionals hired or known by those friends. There was some word that he was planning to come to Salem to visit his mother's family there, but he never appeared on the day he had originally planned to be there.

The players are now in Toledo to look into his activities and to discover what happened to him.

Saturday 19th 12pm to 5pm (Japan Time) - Loss of Life - GUMSHOE (Trail of Cthulhu rules)

Tournament of Fate Prep Page

The time has come round again.
Three score years have passed.
Five artifacts waiting to be claimed by a host of seekers.
Five Wielders will battle in the chosen place until there is but one.

 Monday 21st - Slot 2 - 5pm to 10pm (Japan Time) - Tournament of Fate - Monster of the Week

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dean Winchester - Monster of the Week

The elder of the Winchester brothers, Dean lives as if he is perpetually stuck in an 80s action movie and oozes the confidence and rebellious rock and roll attitude of the heroes of such movies. He has been hunting monsters most of his life, been dead and come back several times. Hell, he's been a monster at least a couple of times. He's met monsters he rather respects and met hunters he rather hates and has thumbed his nose at everything from Heaven to Hell and in between. He's romanced women, reapers, monsters and who knows what else.

He's Dean.

Mai Taniyama - Monster of the Week

Mai Taniyama was a rather normal girl with an independent attitude and a particular appreciation for ghost stories. Then one day some strange older teenager appeared at her school. It turns out he had graduated from college young and was being hired to investigate a haunting in an old building the school was trying to tear down. Both she learned that, her curiosity about the activities at the other building resulted in the injury of the young man's assistant (and bodyguard) as well as damage to some of his equipment. She was convinced to help him with the case in repayment and stayed on at his company afterwards.

Kiritsugu Emiya - Monster of the Week

Known as the Magus Killer, Kiritsugu Emiya was a freelance magus who often used what other magi considered to be "uncouth" means to kill his targets. He often did work for the Clocktower in tracking down rogue magi experimenting with Dead Apostle research or other dangerous subject matter. His life was based on the hope of eventually finding a way to end suffering for all people so that they could live happily.

Kate Freelander - Monster of the Week

At one time Kate Freelander was a particularly talented mercenary and thief making her living out of the shadows. She originally worked for a secretive organization called the Cabal until she ran afoul of the Sanctuary directly eventually leading her allegiances to shift.

Ichabod Crane - Monster of the Week

Ichabod Crane is rather famously the protagonist of the Washington Irving story Sleepy Hollow, but this version is the Ichabod Crane of the recent television show. Married to a witch and spy for the American colonists, Ichabod turned from his service to the Crown of England towards supporting the revolution once he became aware of the dual nature of the war between England and its colonies. Namely that the forces of evil were influencing the British.

Harry Dresden - Monster of the Week

Harry Dresden, Wizard, Lost Items Found, Paranormal Investigations, Consulting and Advice.  No love potions. No endless purses. No parties or other entertainment.

The infamous rogue wizard of the White Council. The wizard which fire, chaos and destruction follow in his wake. He's not the oldest or most skilled wizard around, but when he sets about to do something, it damn well gets done.

Celty Sturluson - Monster of the Week

Celty is the main character of the rather unusual anime Durarara!!!  She is a Dullahan, the Celtic grim reapers that inspired the story of the Headless Horseman as told of in Sleepy Hollow. Of the characters in the anime her personality is the one that would most fit in with real life, making her pretty much the one-sane woman, which is amusing giving that she's a headless woman with shadow-stuff coming out of her head. She suffers from amnesia which she believes is connected to her missing head. While she searches for it, she takes work as a courier in Akihabara where she sort of serves as the calm, rational older sister to several of the other characters in the series.

Alice Gallow - Monster of the Week

Alice Gallow is a character from Zachary Rawlins' Central Series. She is one of a group of people working with a secret society which monitors and oversees the hidden population of supernatural individuals. With psychic abilities which were awakened by nanite machines created by a long lost civilization, Alice is one of the Auditors who are sent to deal with rogue elements of the hidden society as well as beings from outside that prey on humanity such as the sociopathic Witches which feed on misery. She has a reputation for being vicious and borderline sociopathic and has little to no tolerance for people and creatures she considers evil.

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