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Character Builds (Theoreticals)

Accidentally a balanced party: Cleric, Wizard, Fighter, Rogue, Bard


Character Design


Etiquette Opinion Rants




Game Reviews


Game Theory



A fanfic OC who I've been wanting to migrate to original fiction for years.

Blind Adventurers in 5e
Dunadan and Numenoreans in 5e



The Doctor, Luna Lovegood, Tiffany Gia, Harry Dresden and others in the same game.

Arkham Games, Something I'd Like to See
Character Lines - Karasu and Onward (needs formatting)


Play Logs

Just a pastiche of stuff from various campaigns.

Chimera Sirens - Abandoned Simulated Campaign




World Building


RPG Products 
Some of the best art for Divine Blood

  • Default world setting information
  • Character creation rules - Strands of Fate based
  • Gameplay rules - Fate Core based
  • Sample Advantages
  • Sample Templates for 20 species
  • The Community's history
  • Yomi and Nirvana civilians
  • Pop Culture in Divine Blood
  • Advice on slice-of-life gaming both in general and Fate Specific
  • 4 new sample species: Adze, Chijou Oni, Galatea, and Nekomata
  • 24 pregenerated characters usable as PCs or NPCs
  • A comedy scenario designed to be modified to group needs and desires 
  • World setting info for Zodiacs including nations and species
  • Sample Campaign and Character Backstories
  • No stats so as to be adapted to preferred systems


Pay What You Want Products (often limited playtesting/editing done)

  • Set of charts used to quickly develop in-setting pieces of fiction to serve as background details.
  • Focused on trapped-in-the-game style stories similar to Sword Art Online, Tron, or Log Horizon
  • Definitely playtest. Editing is very minimal.
  • Rules ideas for Fate Core, GUMSHOE, and Powered by the Apocalypse.
  • Second version of the PbtA rules in the first packet.
  • Some portions of the game need to be streamlined still.
  • Play someone who operates as the head of an organization or who summons minions.
  • Needs more playtesting
  • Play the person who is just now learning that they aren't and never have been human.
  • Similar to Bo from Lost Girl
  • Developed with aid from MotW game developer Michael Sands
  • Scenario for use with Monster of the Week RPG.
  • Adaptable as either a One-Shot event or an extended Myth Arc for a campaign
  • Has been run and developed multiple times. 
  • Loosely inspired by Fate/Stay Night

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