Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Inverse Iron Fist

I recently saw a post postulating the idea of an inverse of the typical "white guy goes to Asia and comes back with superpowers" trope that occurs so often in superhero fiction. The suggestion was a Chinese girl who was orphaned in a plane crash, raised in Texas and then returns to China with mystical gunslinging powers. The problem with this isn't that it doesn't exist; the problem is that in the situations where it does exist it is, by and large, overlooked.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Queen Snake - Occasional Super Hero - 5e DiBastet's Classless Rules

In this case, I am going to use DiBastet's Classless rules with a little bit in the way of modifiers in order to recreate a character I made for a 3rd Edition Mutant and Masterminds one-shot.
To quote the GM from the one-shot:
"Interesting, I like her. She sounds like the sort of character who was created in the 70s  as an attempt to ape Dr Strange or Iron Fist, who had her own series that folded but she stayed a background character of the 'verse, never really developed. Then someone like Alan Moore or Grant Morrison wrote a ground-breaking series about her in the 90s, when Sandman and Hellblazer were really popular - probably full of mysticism meeting chemistry and trippy serpent symbolism by some of the artists who drew Sandman. She became a cult favourite, but one who's fandom had never really warmed to any other writer since that revival, or had bad writers whose work was mostly retconned, so these days she mostly pops up as a guest star and occasional miniseries or crossover event."

Monday, March 13, 2017

On Angel's Wings - Princes of the Apocaverse - Session Fourteen

Between the Wind Dukes’ feathered envoys;
And the heroes of the eclectic band of six;
A plan was formed to end the gnolls’ joys;
Of slaughter and pain in a woeful mix.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Keyleth of the Ashari - 6th Edition Hero System Stats

People apparently liked the Grog write up, so here's Keyleth.

So this proved a bit easier than I thought it would be (though part of that was due to cheating and not designing pretty much any spell. Once I read how Endurance Reserve functions when the Charges limitation is applied to it, then the Druidic magic proved very easy to recreate. Though it certainly was costly. Clerical and Wizard magic would operate in similar manner.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

5e Yuan-ti Bounty Hunter (Beastmaster Ranger)

When I started to build this character, I started to realize I was making a snaky version of Vex'ahlia Vessar from Critical Role. So I started to change the character concept a little bit. I started the idea of a yuan-ti ranger with a pet snake and built out, when I started shifting away from being Snaky!Vex, I changed her background and the focus of her stats and skills. Instead of an archer, she's going to use dueling and use blunt weapons for the idea of taking people out non-lethally as much as possible. Meaning she will likely use a club, though perhaps instead will use a metal cudgel similar to a baseball bat but with warhammer stats.

In the end, this ended up being pretty much the anti-Vex. This character is so much more strength and resilience than grace and acrobatics.

I would note that the Yuan-Ti stat bonuses don't add to Ranger too much, so this will be a bit tight on Ability Score Improvements.

Friday, March 3, 2017

5e The Huntmaster (Variant Human Revised Ranger/Paladin)

This is an idea that I came to while toying around with a Yuan-Ti Bounty Hunter and her pet snake. The idea was further developed when imagining that San from Mononoke Hime would fit this idea a little bit. I am not going full blown wolf, wolf, wolf, though that would be interesting. But the idea here is to see how many animal companions I get onto one creature.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Grog Strongjaw - 6th Edition Hero System Stats

Grog Strongjaw, the character played by Travis Willingham on the Critical Role show.

Okay, trying to do a system to system conversion rather than starting from scratch and building to concept in the new system is, once again, insanely time consuming and annoying. I should also note that I have incomplete knowledge of Grog's stats. I only converted two magical items that Grog has, neither of which are weapons. This is due to various reasons, he flits between weapons frequently, so I did none. The Bag of Holding is a headache to stat in Hero System, supposedly there are some suggestions for doing so in a supplement I don't own, but oh well. Other signature items are mostly for flavor and not really something that needs to be statted out.

I may eventually do the rest of the cast, but oh my goodness was this frustrating at points.

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