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M-Com Mission Report - Operation Subtle Mason - Monster of the Week campaign

 M-Com Mission Report - Operation Subtle Mason

After some discussion of which continent bonus they wanted, the players decided that the base of M-Com is in Romania in and under one of Vlad Tepes old castles. Because bonus research is awesome.

The agents were instructed to investigate the planned re-opening of the abandoned Canadian mining town, Kitsualt. They're supposed to look into and see if the mining town was really abandoned simply because the bottom fell out of the molybdenum market or if there was something else.

Leading up to this, Thomas has been have dreams of what look llike a bunch of stones in a cave where snow was melting off of them.

Curious at the lack of information, Kasper went to the intel department to ask a friend of his, Violet McNeil, what was really going on and after some pleading he got her to let him look in on the files. However, he was a bit confused as to whether he should look for this under "K" for Kitsault or under "S" for Subtle Mason and one of the superiors from the intel department showed up to snap at him to take the dossier and get out.

Thomas tried to help examine the dossier while they were delivering the agents (and Kasper's International Scout) from Romania to Canada but ended up getting the pages scattered all over the airplane resulting in a bit of trouble for Kasper reading the file since they spent most of the time moving about the military plane and trying to collect the papers. However, Kasper did realize that the past investigations don't really reveal anything really suspicious in the area.

Once in New Aiyansh, a small town of population 800 or so, within two hours of Kitsault, they go around asking some questions about weather, game and other such things. In the course of conversation, Thomas hears a lot about some of the people that inquired about buying the mine and ghost town and one of the people described sounded familiar. Meanwhile Kaspar finds out from the local rangers a hunter claimed he was attacked by a "fruit bat".

Thomas talks to Kaspar and the agent does some online investigation and discovers that one Antonina Pajari was one of the people interested in purchasing the mine but was rebuffed due to her Russian ethnicity and accent as it was during the last flash of the Cold War. Said person is a member of the mystic division of M-Com. Kasper questions his superiors and gets a surprising amount of vitriol directed his way as to what he's messing around looking into the past investigation when he should be carrying on the current investigation but was assured that Pajari's actions were sanctioned.

Then Kasper and Thomas looked into the story of Tolly Wilmer, the hunter who claimed he was attacked by the fruit bat. In talking to them. After some charming chatter from the young Chosen, Tolly goes into a story of being attacked by a bat with wide wings some time after an early aurora borealis event at the end of last autumn (it is currently mid spring) he claimed that it had a huge maw full of terrible teeth. He also mentioned that he thought their were poachers in the area since he found a dead bear with a very neat puncture wound though they had just left the body around. Thomas thought it sounded more like something vampiric rather than a poacher. They buy one of the hunter's skins and move into the wilds after learning that there's an old cabin that hunters sometimes use to stay in up in the area.
Tolly Wilmer
Once they get to the area, they find that the cabin is very old indeed but sort of half-regularly maintained as hunters come up and replace logs now and then and keep it vaguely livable. While there, Thomas has a sudden epiphany that they're dealing with animals and that his dream in the past weeks was a nest of eggs, not stones. At the same time, Kasper notices something in the treetops starting to stir, something bat-like about the size of a bald eagle. 
The cabin

Alerting Thomas, Kasper starts getting his sniper rifle ready and Thomas finds a nice piece of ground and cuts himself slightly so that the monsters in the trees, about half a dozen, come swarming down. Kasper takes a shot but the beasts are moving much faster than he expected and misses the monsters, which are bat-winged things with long proboscis and six legs. Some of them break off to come after the sniper while Thomas puts his chain sword to work slashing the whip like weapon around to cover Kasper and puree-ing most of the monsters with just minimal damage. Kasper goes for his pistol and takes out the last two of the monsters.
The monsters. (yes, they're stirges)

A little bit of looking around finds a nest of eggs in the basement of the cabin. They recover two for examination and destroy the rest. In the nest they find pieces of old signage from Kitsault Mall.

After some resting and first-aid to treat the little bit of injury Thomas received, they head out to Kitsault and work their way into area without drawing attention from the rather basic security on the site. 

Tracking to the town center and the mall, they find most of the old signage in a dumpster to the side of the mall, but also find that one of the gadgets the science division gave them is reading a much stronger dimensional spike than anything like the readings the first investigation turned up. 

Kitsault mall
Kasper immediately refers to the two-week seminar on magic that the mystic division gave him when he joined M-Com and starts to work at closing the breach in the area. As he's working at this and starting to have a bit of trouble focusing, some woman with a clipboard comes around and shouts "Who are you two?!" The spell Kasper was working frizted horribly and a rift opened in space-time spilling a swarm of smaller versions of the same monsters out into the world.

The Professional dives to cover the woman and protect her from the swarm as Thomas tears them apart with his chain sword. The remaining swarm tries to fly away and Thomas charges forward, bouncing off of Kasper's back as the woman is slapping the agent and struggling with him, The Chosen manages to eliminate the swarm before it escapes.
Kasper immediately disentangles himself from the woman "not running from the screaming woman, just more effectively arranging our resources" as he trusts Thomas's normal charm to carry through. Unfortunately, he hasn't taken into account how splattered in ichor Thomas is, the woman freaks out and tries to run calling for security so that Thomas has to knock her unconscious while Kasper repeats his attempt to close the rift.

With the rift closed, they look at their readouts again and realize that there is still a strong reading from up in the mine. They take the woman away from the mine and deposit her in a newly built house and barricade her inside, taking her radio as they do and leaving a note that she would be safe in there.

Sneaking back into Kitsault and up to the mine they hear the guards talking about potential poachers in the area but still show no sign that anything is up. Noting that the mine's main entrance looks to not be the one from his vision, the Chosen looks around and finds a now disused game trail leading up around the side of the mine. Declaring there's a way up there, he charges forward as a guard patrol comes by in their golf-cart. He leaps up over  them, chain sword slashing into the roof of their vehicle
Crack security force
as he moves on. The guards hesitate a moment in shock but start to call for him to stop. Kasper decides to interfere by trying to make a couple of shots and drawing their attention away from the kids. However, he doesn't get into cover soon enough after shooting the ground and the guards see him. Freaking out and taking cover behind their golf-cart, the guards call for back up and Kasper follows up the path Thomas took.

Thomas finds a sort of sink hole that may have been a bear den at one point and starts rushing down it, without stopping to think and take a more careful approach. His rush causes the rockway down into the cave to tumble behind him, leaving no path down for Kasper and stirring up a lot of noise. He finds himself looking at a bunch of eggs that are almost as big as he is, He is thinking he doesn't want to meat momma when he hears the rumbling as something else shifts and turns to see a massive one of the monsters about the size of an elephant, too big to leave the cave.

Momma Bug

He leaps up and tries to put himself on the other side of the nest from the monster as he lashes out with chain sword to crack one of the eggs and draw "momma's" attention. It works but the using the eggs as a shield doesn't really since the monster skitters across the ground and slashes at Thomas with its wings. 

From his perch at the entrance, Kasper takes a shot with his rifle, striking the monster solidly but in doing so, the monster rears up striking the top of the cave and sending shock through the walls that cause the rock to fall out from under the Professional's feet. For a moment he has to choose between his footing and his rifle and he chooses his rifle, plunging down to the rocks.

The monster starts to rear up again to attack the agents but Thomas kippups and darts forward rasping his chain sword across the monster's back causing it to shriek in pain and lashing out in response. Now severely wounded, Thomas is behind the monster as Kasper takes another shot. The bullet passes swiftly through the monster and it falls down just barely at the sniper's feet, causing rocks to bounce up in his face. Instinctively, he reaches for his face dropping his rifle this time The monster is weakly struggling as Thomas kills it.

Then they hear the sound of guards coming to look for them and Thomas manages to cast a spell that covers the cave entrance and hide it in a perfect illusion. Kasper moves forward to treat Thomas's wounds, which worsened a little bit with his spell-casting, and manages to stop the bleeding. He then treats his own minor injuries. Thomas, trying to meditate and heal his injuries a little bit better manages to repair all his nerve endings before everything else and the burst of pain makes him pass out.

Kasper sets about closing the breach with his two-week-seminar-course knowledge of magic and lets Thomas rest until he wakes up ten hours later in the middle of the night and they sneak their way out of Kitsault and then head back to Romania to report on the situation.

M-Com Campaign

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