Friday, May 6, 2016

Divine Blood: Wasps Among Butterflies

While the basic rule structure of Divine Blood is pretty well set, we're still running playtests with regards to adapting to different environments in the setting and different playstyles. In this case most of the players opted for combat heavy characters so we're focusing more on a go in and get them style of story rather than the investigative story from the first playtest or the high school hijinks alongside espionage from the second playtest. We're all using this to fill in more information on the Psyche organization.

The characters are what we have decided to call "Interns" with Psyche, going with the fact that Psyche Secretaries are ten of the most dangerous and well-trained psychics on the planet and the Secretarial Pool does a lot of the day to day work as well as handling more sensitive missions. The Interns are almost completely combat dedicated. They get sent in to hit people hard, perform rescues and so on.

Normally, Psyche connected agents are referred to as "Butterflies" due to the butterfly paper they use for relaying messages securely but we're calling this group "Wasps" due to how combat oriented they are and are assuming they use a variation of the butterfly paper that becomes a wasp rather than a butterfly.

This is a bit challenging for me since I'm often a bit hesitant and cautious with my combats against PCs. So, so far I've been gradually ramping up the difficulty from easy mode to difficult so as to see where things are at that comfortable level between too hard and too easy.

Below are the session reports:

A small roadside shrine
Sir Not Appearing In This Game
Ambrosia in circular form
It's supposed to need a pilot

Will Aria ever get her milkshake?
Session Nine - The Hudson Hawk Milkshake

It makes sense in context.
Session Ten - Nibbled by Kittens

It actually doesn't get this Japan.
Session Eleven - Hitting Above the Weight Class 

Everything's fine here. How are you?
Session Twelve - Diplomacy Narrowly Averted 

They look tough, don't they?
 Session Thirteen - Holding Himiji Shrine

Politicians, same everywhere.
 Session Fourteen - Government Issues

When last we left...
 Session Fifteen - Flaming Zombie Dogs

Panther Pounce!
Session Sixteen - She's Got Legs 

Technopathic Terrorism
Session Seventeen and Eighteen - Attempted Derailment

Mother Copies and Pastes her Floorplans
Session Nineteen - Mother's Last Day - Campaign Conclusion

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