Tuesday, April 25, 2017

International Tabletop Day Scenario - Airship Lost

I know I'm a bit late to set a specific scenario here, but here goes.

from the worldofjaymz wiki
The Belt of Orion was once hyped as the pinnacle of luxury vacation options, a massive airship capable of hosting 250 guests along with 100 crew members. These days it is probably the oldest of the fleet of airships and waterships owned by Firmament Tours. In the last two years it has seen a dwindling number of customers as they opt for newer ships with a greater variety of entertainment options or more up to date safety features. It is about to embark on what may be its final cruise. An expert has been placed aboard to determine what would need to be done to upgrade the vessel and whether or not the cost was worth the expense.

These matters are going to be least of their concern, however. There is a strange storm ahead and it seems set to consume the airship and all aboard.

Character creation is going to be via Fate Core to allow for quick character creation.
  • High Concept: Basic concept for the character. 
  • Trouble: Something that consistently troubles the character.
  • The rest will come in play:
    • Three Aspects
    • One Skill at +4
    • Two Skills at +3
    • Three Skills at +2
    • Four Skills at +1
    • Three Stunts
Players can create any character they want who might have reason to be on the luxury airship for this run. For ideas, the Divine Blood page accessible from the right side of the screen has lots of setting information. Or you can click where I linked it right here. This scenario is able to sustain as little or as much of DB's supernatural weirdness as desired, so if everybody ends up playing just average people with no psychic abilties, fine. If someone wants to get into being a vacationing sorcerer, psychic, God, Demon, sidhe, gorgon, or a telepathic wolf, that's fine.

This will be April 28th/29th for International Tabletop Day at the same times as implied on the earlier blog post and indicated by the blocked out portion below showing start and end times. I usually end up wrapping up games in 3-4 hours. The extra time is to account for unforeseen circumstances or the idea that we really just want to keep going.

Anybody interested please comment here, contact me on twitter @thrythlind, on email thrythling@gmail.com, or on whatever facebook or G+ place you see this post linked.

I will be setting up a google+ hangout. Cameras are optional.

The plan is to record this and post it online for other people to see relatively soon afterwards but I am unlikely to have livestreaming arranged by this Sunday.

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