Sunday, May 21, 2017

Watch Reports: Refuse Issue, Overzealous Sweeps, and Summons

I am writing this report to bring to light the issue of a remarkable pile of refuse that is being built up behind one of the tenements on the north side of Athlin. My normal shopping trip this morning was interrupted by the sounds of a scuffle which brought to my attention the sight of a pseudo-dragon being set upon by a pair of dog-sized rats. Myself and a street-performer of some magical talent by the name of Asmodeous engaged the rats and managed to slay them. But it seems that the pseudo-dragon, the rats, and the street-performer were all drawn to the area in the hopes of finding food within this mountainous pile of refuse.

This might be an issue that needs addressing. Such a large pile of filth may attract other creatures than just giant-rats. Even ignoring that, it is a sickening sight and smell that makes one want to retch. I have no doubt that there might be any of a number of foul sicknesses developing within that rank pile of waste. I intend to speak to someone more learned than myself, Hellenae should more than suffice, about the specific threats such a thing can hold, but felt I needed to place this report ahead of specifics.

I should also note that while interviewing Asmodeus as well as two of the residents of the tenement, a druid by the name of Crest and the dwarven bar-keep, Vistra Thundercap, that I became aware of one Liri Freehand. She was one of the potential suspects that the guards picked up after the theft of potions from the Rising Phoenix some time back. I must again protest such tactics. Not only does it clutter the facts of such matters so thoroughly that finding the ne'er-do-wells responsible is nigh impossible, it also leaves the Watch sitting in a bad light with the locals. Miss Freehand was clearly quite nervous upon seeing me and almost seemed to flinch when I spoke her name. I must admit some fault in this myself, I may have come off a tad aggressive given that the Phoenix is Hellenae's place of employment.

Regardless, this comes to a third matter, regarding Lord Ravn's summons, I have been tapped to help deliver a message to the Knights of the Silver Oak regarding the presence of undead in the forst to the east. This is apparently a sign of potential aggression from our neighbor over the mountains. As the knights have been out of contact for some time and no prior messengers have been successful in either finding the knights or returning to the keep, there is some moderate worry about the safety of this mission. In any case, this duty to the lord precludes my normal Watch duties.

Note: Please do not allow Hellenae to see this report. So far as she knows, this is a simple there and back courier task and I do not wish to worry her unduly.

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