Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shadowed by Ken Hughes

One of my brothers has often stated that enhanced or extra senses are the most dangerous and powerful abilities that a superhero could have.  This story lends credence to that statement.

The main character, Paul, is very much human.  He doesn't have superior physical abilities or combat training.  His only superhuman capability is his ability to enhance his senses one at a time.  He makes very clever use of these abilities throughout the book and the author manages to write them in a superb manner that makes them as spectacular to the reader as a blaster or brick would be in a comic book.

The plot weaves a circuitous route threading between several interlinked plots that will leave guessing as to how much of the overlap is coincidental and how much by design well on to the end.  It is somewhat dizzying in an enjoyable manner for the reader, but it is a torrent of confusion for the main character who, until now, had been used to being able to control the pace at which things happened.

While there are heavy paranormal and superhuman aspects to this story, it is, first and foremost, a suspense thriller focusing on intrigue and mystery.  There are a few fights and such, but most of the action and excitement comes in the main character's infiltrations and surveillance efforts.  The interplay of these scenes read very much similar to the rhythm of a typical fight scene and leave you hanging just as much on the edge of your seat.

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