Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Celty Sturluson - Monster of the Week

Celty is the main character of the rather unusual anime Durarara!!!  She is a Dullahan, the Celtic grim reapers that inspired the story of the Headless Horseman as told of in Sleepy Hollow. Of the characters in the anime her personality is the one that would most fit in with real life, making her pretty much the one-sane woman, which is amusing giving that she's a headless woman with shadow-stuff coming out of her head. She suffers from amnesia which she believes is connected to her missing head. While she searches for it, she takes work as a courier in Akihabara where she sort of serves as the calm, rational older sister to several of the other characters in the series.

Celty can't actually talk, but communicates via punching in messages on her PDA (though she is given a voice to make it easier on audiences) and often participates in chat rooms. More information can be found at the Durarara!!! wiki entry about her.

There is also a posted character song of her on youtube dealing with her talking about her human boyfriend. And an AMV showing some of her action bits...including apparently a season I did not know about and don't own....sigh.

Celty Sturluson
Playbook: The Monstrous  

Breed: Dullahan

Natural Attacks: Shadow-Scythe, (Base-Claws 2-Harm Hand, Ignore Armor...note, I've never seen her use it to cause actual harm or death, victims mostly just fall unconscious. Given she's essentially a grim reaper, it likely can kill though so the non-lethal uses are probably Use Magic attacks).

Look: A tall, thin woman, though most people aren't immediately aware she's female. Dressed in all black typically seen with a cat-eared yellow motorcycle helmet. Never talks.

Charm +0, Cool +1, Sharp +1, Tough +1, Weird +2

Something Borrowed: Mobility (The Professional - Supernatural Motorcycle/Ghost Horse, Fast, Stealthy, Tempermental)
Often Right
Unquenchable Vitality
Preternatural Speed

Gear: PDA

Monstrous Move: Unquenchable Vitality
Monstrous Move: Preternatural Speed
Charm +1
Tough +1
Expert Move: Often Right
Free yourself from your curse. (She was originally obsessed with finding her head, but has partially gotten over that)

Luck: OOO (one-shot scenario)

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