Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Raging One by Lexy Wolf

This story is an imaginative fantasy setting that makes clever use of traditional archetypes from Western fantasies. The setting is well-defined and sprinkled with just the right number of fictional words to give each of the four countries character. We aren't given full sentences in the various languages, but the words we do see seem to have a similar sound indicating a shared history, which makes sense given what we are given of the setting. The creatures and landscapes are intriguing, ranging from forests of giant trees and animals to desolate wastelands and vast oceans with cities thrown in as well. The way she treats the various sorts of powers is intriguing though we only see a few parts of the whole actually explained, there is a definite consistency to the powers.

The real gem in this work is the characters' personal interactions with the epic quest serving as a backdrop for the developing relationships. The interrelations of the party develop naturally and well despite a mildly large cast. The characters are all distinct with their own characteristics. You will find yourself rather more interested in the directions those relations take than in the direction their quest is taking. This is all the more wonderful because most, if not all, of the arguments and discussions are pertinent to the epic quest.

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