Wednesday, December 11, 2013

RP Memories: Call of Cthulhu

I'm having troubles remembering my earliest gaming events.  I vaguely remember starting up playing a character based on a werewolf idea in a Champions game.  It was sometime when I was in Junior High, and thus well before I developed my tendency to play female characters.  Since then, I've had much more memorable events, role-playing wise.  However, I think I will start with one of my RP stories from around my high-school time and around when I started playing female characters.

It was a Call of Cthulhu game with the spell-list supplemented by the GM taking my Chill game and using the creature-powers as character-available spells in Call of Cthulhu.

I had the physically smallest character in the party due to die rolls and also the one with the highest spiritual power.  One of the first things we did in that campaign was attend an auction where most, if not all, of us acquired some sort of magical item.  My character obtained two.  One was a supposedly magical sword and the other was a ring that supposedly could banish or trap demons.  Now, here's the kicker....

....none of us got any instructions on how the items we'd acquired worked.

I don't remember too much about the first adventure.  I do remember constantly getting chosen as the party scout because of reasons like: you have that magic sword (which I didn't know how to use), the ring (likewise) and you're smaller than the rest of us.

At one point, we had gone deep into the basement of a house and found...something.  Soon after which I was running up the stairs, closing every door between me and it as hard as possible and punching said doors hopefully hard enough to imprint the sigil on my ring into the wood of the door in the hopes that THAT would keep the....whatever...from following and tearing me asunder.  It must have worked...I don't think it followed me.

My character went from that adventure to an asylum and thus missed out on the next adventure.  I unfortunately did not regain much, if any, sanity because I had gotten bored and taken to using one of my magic spells to write random messages in disappearing blood letters on the cells of other patients.  I and one of the other characters in the asylum were sort of communicating between each other that way and we'd gotten bored and so turned our efforts toward trolling the asylum.   I swear, we were not at fault for the whole riot thing.  That came after we were gone.  It had to be something else entirely.

However, while we were instigating House on Haunted Hill, our group was investigating some other occurrence and had a new member, a baseball player played by the younger brother of one of the other party members.  This player had no idea about the way Call of Cthulhu operates.  Early into the campaign, the characters found an area of impenetrable darkness.  They shined lights into it with flashlights, but it did no good.  The lights simply disappeared at a particular point and would penetrate no deeper. 

"Okay, somebody's going to have to go in there."

"Ha!  I'm not there!  I'm in the asylum, tormenting patients."

"Damn it.  We need a new scout."

"I'll go!"

Everybody stopped and looked at the player of the new character.

"Err....are you sure."

"Yeah, it'll be no problem."  He shrugged and looked to the storyteller.  "I'll walk into the darkness."

"You die painfully, screaming."

"Crap, now we have to get his body out of there, he had that relic we need."

The rest of the session was the player making a new character while the party tried various means to drag the body out of the darkness without actually going into the darkness.

I'm not entirely sure our group ever solved....anything in that campaign.

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