Monday, May 12, 2014

What's Wrong with DC fans?

I am not a fan of DC comics. I am not a fan of Marvel comics. Both of them lost me sometime around the turn of the century.

I find them boring, predictable and absolutely unwilling to disrupt the status quo. The storylines are so full of conflicting nonsense that it's hard to get interested in the parts that attracted me in the first place.

I much prefer Gold Digger by Frederick Perry. Partially because it references much of the stuff I grow up with in the 80s and 90s and has spanned the gamut from pulp adventures to traditional fantasy to space opera to superheroes and pretty much everything else besides. Partly because the setting is a post superhero era where powered people didn't go away, they just became rather normal.

All that said, I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I love most of the Spider-Man movies, (three guesses which one I don't love and the first two don't count). I have enjoyed the most recent Wolverine movie.

MCU and Sony's Spider-Man has renewed my interest in the characters with my only complaint being I wish Spidey where in the official MCU.

I am a fervent MCU fan by this point.

Now, here's where I get confused. I look over towards what Warner Brothers is doing with DC characters, most of whom I haven't ever enjoyed as much but have still read from time to time.'s crap. I don't mean the individual movie or TV shows, some of them are quite enjoyable. I mean the whole package put together.

Man of Steel did a fairly decent job of giving Supes a humanizing treatment that didn't seem ridiculous....but then it threw in Zod's death and the destruction of Metropolis and a few other needless things so that the whole package was rather...meh

Superman Returns was promising....until the climax, which was a bit....meh

Batman Begins was good and The Dark Knight was phenomenal.....but Dark Knight Rises was....aggravating.

Their TV shows are contradictory.

There's no unity of planning.

They're trying to set up their movies against Marvel's without working to build the same level of momentum.


But, yet DC fans continue to talk about how great they are and how they'll be better than the Marvel equivalents....

I'd like for BOTH universes to be doing well...because these movies give me the hope of stories for these characters with a beginning, middle and END. The end being the part I most appreciate.

But instead, it looks like WB is crapping all over DC and its properties....and the fans are mostly defending it.


Why aren't you storming the WB headquarters yet?


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