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What is Divine Blood?

Divine Blood is an urban fantasy setting set in an alternate history Earth.

What sort of urban fantasy elements can be found in Divine Blood?

The setting features psychic powers, super-tech, supernatural entities, Gods, Demons and secret societies both ancient and modern.

What is the mood of Divine Blood?


The stories of Divine Blood range from light-hearted comedy to serious and grim drama.

On the one hand, you could have a slice-of-life story or situation involving dating, hijinks and growing up issues...

....on the other there are mad scientists, professional terrorists, or rogue Gods and Demons and the humans that serve them.



 What are the differences between our Earth and DB!Earth?


The primary difference, aside from the existence of supernatural forces, is the geopolitical climate.  The active superpowers and danger spots of Earth in Divine Blood are slightly different from those in the real world.


Who are the main characters of Divine Blood?


Initially, the main characters were going to be a group of five teenagers.  However, it is now planned to be an ensemble cast.  While it is not on specific characters, there is a focus.  Divine Blood focuses on the interactions of Gods, Demons and humans as well as on the changes that will be coming in their societies and, in the case of humans, nature.  Most of the focus characters are from one of those three species.  Other supernatural beings exist within the cast, but their people are not the primary focus.


Who are the main villains of Divine Blood?

There are many characters that would likely attempt to claim this title.  However, one of the main problems the Divine Blood universe has is that there are multiple Big-Bad Wannabes all acting at approximately the same time.


What is the model of Divine Blood?

Novels will be focusing on events that involve multiple major characters. Short stories will revolve around the lives of a specific individual or, occasionally, small group.


How many Divine Blood stories are there?

Currently Divine Blood includes 1 novel, 10 short stories and 1  RPG supplement.


 What are the Divine Blood titles?



Divine Blood: Semester Start - This story is written in three acts and introduces most of the major actors as well as the Bravura Academy in Australia where most of the teenaged characters attend class.  The story also introduces some significant villains and introduces a hint of how their various motives clash.


Extracurriculars (Short Stories)

"Smoke over Grimsvotn" - A Lilitu Geisthexe focus story showing some of what high ranked Demons have to deal with and giving a peek at what the Gods are like.  Also a fun fight of a major supernatural power against a nameless monster accidentally released on the world.  Serious.  Supernatural Action.

"Following Dernhelm" - An Eowyn Desai focus story dealing with the background of her life among privilege, how she chose to become a soldier and how she ended up in Avalon.  Also mecha battles and explosions. Serious.  Military Action.

"Serious Business" - A Sherissie Minaba focus story showing what Minaba got up to while the rest of the cast was in a life or death struggle.  Minaba gets hungry and decides to grab an apple from the cafeteria.  Comedic.  Wacky Hijinks.

"A Day in the Life of Busy Woman" - A Mao Semezou focus story.  A week after the events of Semester Start, Mao is dealing with a familiar client and reckless children.  Serious.  Day in the Life.

"High School Hel" - A Hel Logesdottir focus story dealing with something of grave importance.  Puppies!  A limited edition Precious Puppy release only available on site, no mail order allowed, to be precise....time to go to the mall.  Comedic.  Supernatural and Pop Culture.

"Can't Go Home" - A Whelan Connor focus story dealing with the time before he piloted uprights with Eowyn and Damir, he had another career amongst the IRA.  Unfortunately he's not welcome there anymore. Serious.  Psychic and Merc Action.

"Regarding the Proper Use of Force" - A Gaetana Trolleti focus story dealing with the manner of her resignation from being an "asset" of the Path of the Golden Dawn.  Serious.  Espionage Action.

"Pop Quiz" -A Naiki Semezou focus story dealing with a chance encounter on, and in, the streets of Vollstahl.  Also, Naiki really hates multiple choice tests. Comedic.  Supernatural Action

"Magnets" - A Jeon "Yooji" Yoon-Ji focus story showing her younger ears and her relationship with her stepmother.  Serious.  Character Backstory.

"Errands" - A Damir Milos focus story wherein he deals with doing errands for the hospital bound Eija and Yooji.  And tries to puzzle out some of their more confusing requests.  Comedic.  Situational Comedy.


Roleplaying Game

Divine Blood RPG Supplement - A Strands of Fate based set of rules for playing and creating your own stories within the world of Divine Blood.


Where can the Divine Blood stories and game be purchased?

Divine Blood is available either through...Luke Green's Amazon's kindle store...or the...Thrythlind Books and Games storefront on DrivethruRPG.


What is your policy on cosplay, fanfiction or fanart?


I welcome it.  I feel that a large amount of fan-creations represents a healthy popularity for the series.  You can write fan-fiction, do cosplay, do fan art...or pay someone to do fan art for you.  As long as you do not attempt to sell the actual stories or images as your own, it is fine.

If you have an idea for a supplement to the game or a story you'd like to set in the universe, please contact me.  I will try to respond as quickly as possible. I hope the setting eventually becomes a shared universe and would welcome someone else to write a story in my world.

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