Monday, October 6, 2014

Dima Zaman - Gothy Gamer Girl

Name: Dima Zaman

Defining Aspect: Gothy Gamer Girl
Ambition Aspect: Write the Perfect Game
Background Aspect: Third Generation Gothic Life-Style
Conviction Aspect: I Do What I Will
Disadvantage Aspect: Full Blown New Ager

Agility: 2 Endurance: 2 Perception: 3 Strength: 2
Craft: 2 Knowledge: 2 Reasoning: 2 Willpower: 2
Deception: 3 Empathy: 2 Persuasion: 2 Resources: 2
Manipulation: 0 Metabolic: 0 Sensitive: 0

Exceptional Skill Aspect: Open-Minded to the Existence of Strange Things(Reasoning)
Foe Aspect: Hey, I'm gothy and stuff! Stop Ignoring me! (Persuasion)
Gear Aspect: This is my Portable Gaming Rig (Resources)
Help Aspect: Video Gamers and Tabletop Gamers Unite! (Persuaion)
Inferior Skill Aspect: Close-Minded to the Possibility my Beliefs are Wrong (Reasoning)

Expert Advantages:
  • Scary – +2 Bonus to Persuasion rolls meant to intimidate people.
  • Chewbaca Defense – Can use Deception to block Reasoning actions.
  • In the Name of Occultism – +2 on all social rolls in which you need to convince another to do as you say as regards the occult.
  • Linguist – Speaks Latin, Japanese and Arabic

Heroic Advantages:
  • Geek Speak – Once per scene add a +3 bonus to any Persuasion or Deception roll to convince someone of a fact in regards to some mystical topic.

Physical Stress: OOOO Mental Stress: OOOO Social Stress: OOOO
Chi Stress: OO

Refresh: 4

Dima's family has been involved in the gothic life-style for generations which is rather unusual for an Arabic family. Dima and her parents are complete New Agers, people who believe in psychic abilities but have little to no actual knowledge. They are absolutely convinced of what they do “know” however, and will be quick to point out how wrong other people are. Most of their knowledge is based in lore from the Middle East and they tend to dismiss the modern scientific experiments as well as a lot of other myths as people who are mistaken. Dima's real passion, however, is gaming. For her it's mostly video games, but she does tabletop gaming as well. She wants to be a game designer when she gets out of high school.

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