Monday, October 6, 2014

Elene Church - Eager Young Math Teacher

Name: Elene Church

Defining Aspect: Eager Young Math Teacher
Ambition Aspect: Learning Made Fun
Background Aspect: First Year Rookie
Conviction Aspect: Enthusiasm is the Key
Disadvantage Aspect: Idealism or just naivete?

Agility: 2 Endurance: 2 Perception: 2 Strength: 2
Craft: 2 Knowledge: 2 Reasoning: 3 Willpower: 2
Deception: 2 Empathy: 3 Persuasion: 2 Resources: 2
Manipulation: 0 Metabolic: 0 Sensitive: 0

Exceptional Skill Aspect: Infectious Enthusiasm (Persuasion)
Foes Aspect: Students Can Smell Fear (Willpower)
Gear Aspect: All the Latest Techniques and Aids (Resources)
Help Aspect: Parents Just Love Me (Persuasion)
Inferior Skill Aspect: Reluctant to be the Bad Guy (Willpower)

Expert Advantages:
  • Doctorate (Educational Psychology) – +2 to Knowledge Overcome rolls and +1 to Maneuvers related to educational psychology.
  • Natural Empath – +1 to Maneuvers made to read a person's emotional state.
  • Smooth Over – +2 to rolls made to calm people down
  • Doctorate (Mathematics) – +2 to Knowledge Overcome rolls and +1 to Maneuvers related to mathematics.
Heroic Advantages:
  • See the Soul – Spend 1 Fate Point to instantly take a free action to perform a Maneuver related to reading a Person. You gain one free Tag on the created Aspect in addition to any other Tags earned.

Physical Stress: OOOO Mental Stress: OOOOO Social Stress: OOOO
Chi Stress: OO

Refresh: 4

Elene is a new math teacher at the school. She has been involved in experiments on psychic phenomena and knows the scientific evidence in support of mild abilities, but she thinks they're mostly little flukes thousands of years of evolution away from being useful for anything. She does not know about the Community or any other psychic group.

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