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Jess Kara - Adopted Succubus Girl

Name: Jess Kara
Defining Aspect: Adopted Succubus Girl
Ambition Aspect: Grow Up, Get Married and Have a Family
Background Aspect: Life Straight From Mayberry
Conviction Aspect: An “Ordinary” Life is Truly Wondrous
Disadvantage Aspect: Unaware of her Heritage

Agility: 2 Endurance: 2 Perception: 2 Strength: 1
Craft: 2 Knowledge: 2 Reasoning: 2 Willpower: 2
Deception: 2 Empathy: 3 Persuasion: 2 Resources: 1
Manipulation: 1 Metabolic: 1 Sensitive: 1

Exceptional Skill Aspect: Lack of Adult Sexuality (Empathy)
Foe Aspect: Perfect Girl Next Door (Persuasion)(P)
Gear Aspect: What is Happening to Me? (Willpower)
Help Aspect: Everybody's Friend (Persuasion)
Inferior Skill Aspect: Excellent Student (Knowledge)

Expert Advantages:
  • Striking Looks – +2 on Persuasion rolls against people who are sexually attracted to you.
  • Bookworm – +2 bonus on all rolls to research while in a library.
  • Athlete – +1 to Strength and Agility rolls for running, climbing, lift objects and perform sports such as baseball, football and soccer.

Heroic Advantages:
  • Persistent Specialty – Perfect Girl Next Door(Persuasion) is Persistent

Power Advantages:
  • Power-Tricks: Immature Succubus – Related to biokinesis, empathy and illusions.
    • Master Trickster – You do not need to use a Fate Point for the more powerful tricks.
  • Illusions: Succubus Disguise
    • Illusory Disguise – Create an illusion over yourself. Voice is not affected.
    • Personal Illusions Only – Can only create illusions over yourself.
    • Limited – 2 Illusions only
      • Human Disguise – Makes eyes appear to be normal human eyes.
      • Demon Disguise – Appears as a stereotypical demon girl.

Physical Stress: OOO Mental Stress: OOOO Social Stress: OOO
Essence Stress: OOOO

Refresh: 2

Jess is the perfect girl next door. She has lovely brown hair and a wonderfully clean complexion. Her face is familiar and ordinary while at the same time being subtly exotic in a way that seems to speak of an uncertain mix of ethnic backgrounds. She is friendly, helpful and diligent with her school work and chores. She knows that she was adopted as a child, but doesn’t care. She loves her family, her life and her friends. She’s also not human, which is something she isn’t aware of. Jess is a succubus and she’s about to hit her first puberty where her powers begin to come in.

Note: Succubi appear to age at the same rate as humans so at 16 they appear to be going through adolescence. Their real adolescence starts in the early 20s and ends around the mid to late 20s. So, intellectually and physically she appears as a young adult. Sexually and emotionally, she's more the equivalent of an eight-year old. She'll be prone to puppy-love crushes but seducing her is pretty much futile.

Unconscious/Subconscious Powers: Jess does not know about her powers. You, the player do. You can describe her using her powers accidentally. This is a deliberate action on your part, basically you take the part of your character's subconscious. Feel free to do so, one of the themes of the scenario is Jess is accidentally using her powers a lot and freaking out over what's happening. The GM may also end up doing this too you.

Using Power Tricks: There are a number of small abilities that Jess is capable of performing without any trouble. They are all related to illusion, empathy and biokinesis.

  • Use psychic empathic senses to roleplay any use of Persuasion, Empathy or Deception and justify an unlikely deception or argument.
  • Create small, obviously insubstantial illusions in her general area.
  • Clear a pimple from someone's face.

More powerful tricks will require her to roll one of her Psychic Powers against a Difficulty of 4. If she fails to make the Difficulty she will suffer Essence Stress equal to the amount by which she failed.

Jess is unconsciously causing someone to get a rash. She rolls her Manipulative of 1 and manages a +1 for a total of 2. The Difficulty was 4 so she takes 2 Essence Stress.

Some examples of stronger tricks are as follows:

  • Perform a Maneuver to place an emotion related Aspect on someone else such as Cheerful or Scared.
    • Sensitive Difficulty 4.
    • Roll Sensitive vs the target's Willpower to see if it is a success.
  • Perform a Maneuver to give someone a rash, nausea or serious acne breakout.
    • Manipulative Difficulty 4
    • Roll Manipulative vs the target's Endurance to see if its a success.
  • Create a seemingly real illusion in your hand.
    • Manipulative Difficulty 4
  • Recover from an Aspect such as Nauseous or Pain. Won't work on Consequences.
    • Metabolic Difficulty 4
    • Healing someone else requires Manipulative Difficulty 4.
  • Perform a +0 WR Attack
    • Physical – Manipulative Difficulty 4 – this can be either illness related or from minor telekinetic force.
    • Mental – Sensitive Difficulty 4

Power Tricks is basically the same as cantrips from D&D. It represents a bunch of weak, apprentice level tricks.

Using Illusion: Jess's Illusions can be performed by rolling Manipulative against a Difficulty of 6. If she fails at the roll, she can choose to let the illusion drop, or she can take Essence Stress equal to the difference between the roll and the Difficulty the same as with the stronger Power Tricks.

Once the illusion is active, she then rolls her Manipulative Ability. The resulting total is the Difficulty other people have to notice the illusion's flaws.

Jess starts play with a Potency 3 Illusion of Humanity in place.

Anybody looking at Jess would have to beat a Difficulty of 3 in order to even begin to notice there's something weird about her eyes.

Jess can do any sort of minor illusion with her Power Tricks, but she can't produce any major illusion except the two disguises of human and demon girl.

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