Sunday, October 5, 2014

Virtuacon Don't Let the Sun Go Down Preparation

While the Gods and Demons have pulled back manipulating the countries of mortals, they still live in the world and spend their childhoods usually growing up on Earth.

Amaterasu Amatsukami, Goddess of Beginnings, was the previous seer responsible for monitoring the activity of the Eyes in Nirvana itself. She was the final judge of any crime that committed by citizens of Nirvana. Roughly 13 years ago she reincarnated and left the position to Hecate Dispater, Goddess of Night. In the past, she took her childhood in Japan, but with Japan so close to Burma, it was decided by both the Gods and her mortal descendants to have her raised in the States, Seattle to be specific.  Earlier today Seattle was struck simultaneously by a major earthquake and a major storm.

The disasters struck while Amaterasu was walking to her school with some human friends. During the event, she became separated from them and though they made it to safety and an aid station, Amaterasu remains missing. In addition it is apparent that she has received an injury of some sort as attempts to contact her through the mindscape have found a chaotic and muddled temple rather than Amaterasu's normal pristine order. Suspicion that this is an attack of some kind is rampant among the Eyes.

Likewise, the Shadows have learned of Amaterasu's disappearance via the back-channels that exist between Yomi and Nirvana.  They equally desire that Amaterasu is safely delivered to the Eyes.

There are several worries:

This is an attack by rogue citizens of either Yomi or Nirvana.  They aim to seal Amaterasu at the least, but may have other more nefarious purposes in mind.

This is an act by a Nameless Thing of unknown nature that sensed Amaterasu somehow and has no compunction about killing her.

Someone else is attacking Amaterasu for unknown reasons.  Given the disconnect Gods and Demons have from the world, most don't even think of this possibility and if it is brought up most will dismiss it as silly.

Even if this is an entirely natural disaster, there is still the fact that the situation has disconnected Amaterasu from the normal automatic protections managed by Ashvattha and she is vulnerable to running across either violence or accident.


Amaterasu is native to Nirvana which is mostly populated by Gods, so it is likely that Gods would be the most likely to trying to search for her, but Demons also live in Nirvana and work for the Eyes.  In addition they could be a Shadow wanting to make sure that Amaterasu gets safely out of danger zone.  Yomi is as concerned about Amaterasu dying since the Compact will kill a Yomi citizen if she dies. It is encouraged that they intend to get Amaterasu back to Nirvana just like a character working for the Eyes of Ra.

If there is a third player, it is fine for a mortal to be a part of this mission. This could either be a mortal Herald or Faustian, or it could be a local volunteer or emergency personnel who heard about the missing girl from some of her human friends.

Demons and Gods

Fate Accelerated Character Creation

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