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Aethercon Demon Next Door After Game-Report

We had two players, a third proved unable to attend due to software issues with Skype.

One player chose to play Clint Faerbolg, the half-demon whose mother was the Demoness of Baking.

The other player chose to play Leah Killian, an activist cheerleader, who I've now been informed is similar to a character on the TV show Community.

It started out with them deciding to run a shooting gallery where the players would shoot muffins and such off perches onto a shelf in order to win them as snacks. 

capitalized phrases are Aspects, phrases in parentheses are Boosts

Leah went to convince the local tech geek, Alexei Kanst to build the mechanism for them while Clint went to convince his mother to make the baked goods. Leah was easily able to convince Alexei to build an Excellent Mechanism for them while Ms. Faerbolg insisted that Clint take part in the baking if she was going to be baking stuff for free.  Due to Clint picking random ingredients and putting in only half-baked efforts, they ended up with (Weird Cakes).

While they were setting up, Jess Kara, Perfect Girl Next Door, came by to get the information for their booth to report to the fair committee.  Clint, due to his Trouble With Authority pretty much told her to shove off while Leah noticed that she was being unusually fidgety.  She tired to figure out why and caught a glimpse of the four-pointed pupils underneath Jess's natural illusion as an Adopted Succubus Girl.  However, due to Time Pressure from Clint who wanted to get the booth done with, she wasn't able to pursue it. However, the situation provoked Jess enough that her biokinesis triggered itself and gave Jess a nasty rash on her hand.  She blamed Clint and his cupcakes.

As the fair started, Clint tried to build up attention on the fair by giving (Semi-Expert Amateur Instruction) on how to use the air-gun to shoot the muffins, cup-cakes and other baked goods on to the sanitary shelf behind.  Then Leah decided to work up her cheerleading friends into drawing attention by using War Of The Sexes Adverts, drawing guys and girls to come and prove which gender was better at shooting strange baked goods off of machinery.  She had a brief issue due to the rash on her hand, but her girls in the cheerleading squad helped keep that under wraps.  To further put the cherry on top, Leah used Clint's (Semi-Expert Amateur Instruction) to beat him in a shoot off thereby successfully making the pie shoot a girls vs guys game.  The customers took it more playfully than Clint did.

Then Clint noticed that a number of other kids and adults were showing up with rashes of some sort so he decided to pull over Leah and use that to prove that it wasn't his cupcakes.

About this time, Adrian Rocha started to show up in his normal local loved-by-everyone weatherman role and started asking about the booth and its theme, though he seemed a little put out by the girls vs guys twist that Leah put on it. 

Before much could be done with that interview, however, a cry arose from the Cosplay Cafe.  Leah and Clint went running to see what was up, Leah catching sight of Jess looking freaked out as her demon-girl illusion flickered on and off.  Clint meanwhile started shouting that everyone should stay away from the Cosplay Cafe and that something terrible was happening there, provoking Quincey Haile, the shy but wonderfully gifted actress, to have a near nervous breakdown about all the work that she had put into it.

Leah took off after Jess while Clint decided to chase after Leah to see what was going on.  Adrian Rocha chased after Clint.

Leah called up her Cheerleader Squad to help her use her to impressive acrobatic parkour abilities to cut the space between her and Jess short though Jess did take a rather Difficult Route.  Unfortunately, Adrian used his celebrity position to convince people to Clear The Path in front of him as he pursued Clint, keeping up quite well.

After that, Leah had to use a lot of help and direction from other Cheerleaders, who almost sent her in the wrong direction, but also showed her as acting just the littlest bit odd and gaining some social stress.  She did catch up to Jess, however, as Jess tried to jump a booth and ended up cartwheeling forward and planting her face in the ground.  Meanwhile, Clint decided to just use his strength to barrel through a booth and move to catch up with Leah and Jess.  He got some help from Leah's cheerleading friends who he directed toward the local celebrity and their chance to be on TV which allowed him to get a little distance.

To completely lose Adrian Rocha, he cut by the dunking booth and called out "Hey! Deep One!" to Jennifer Summers, who almost gave herself a concussion trying to get out of the dunking booth to take off after Clint resulting in her and the swim team with her getting tangled up with the cheerleaders and Adrian's camera crew allowing Clint to use the dunking booth as a Distractionary Booth.

Once with Jess and Leah, he found Leah making an attempt to calm Jess down and get her to talk about what's happening.  Jess is clearly going through an emotional breakdown at the moment and Clint decides that they were going to take care of this at the booth and decides to scoop up Jess and carry her over his shoulder back to the Pie Shoot booth with Leah coming along to complain about how he was treating Jess.  This results in Clint getting a bad rash on his back since he's carrying an upset akira succubus who seems more in tune with her biokinesis than her other abilities.

An amazingly successful Knowledge role lets Clint realize that Jess is a succubus and starts thinking about how to tell her.  Leah however, just wants him to go run the booth and let her handle things.  So he starts to walk off with a side comment about knowing what's up and explaining things, causing Leah to suddenly try to grab him back and get him to say what he knows, but he protests because "someone has to run the booth after all, we can't booth be back here."  Eventually, despite her misgivings of leaving Clint alone with Jess, Leah goes to the front to run the booth...and try to listen in on Clint and Jess, while Clint tries to give Jess the 411 (information for those not from the States).

Despite not painting a terribly wonderful picture of the supernatural world and almost sending Jess into a heart attack, he does eventually calm her down when he mentions that his mother would know more about it than he does, since all he knows is she's some sort of race that came from a Demon experiment and that her people are supposed to be extinct.

Meanwhile, Leah's attempts at eavesdropping are cut off when she sees approaching her, from three different directions, the theater club, the swim team and Adrian Rocha's camera crew.

The theater club gets there first dragging a terribly mortified and frightened Quincey Haile along while their members shout at Leah to bring out Clint so they can ream him for screwing up their booth with his panic-making.  Leah is just barely able to get through to them by addressing Quincey and convincing them that they need to get back to their booth to keep running it when Jennifer appears demanding to know where that "son of a bitch racist Clint is hiding!" 

As Leah Sees Injustice Everywhere, she immediately responds emotionally rather than rationally, calling Jennifer out on being white and wondering how she can get off calling someone racist "just because he called you out liking Lovecraft stuff!  Do you know what sort of man Lovecraft was?! He was horribly racist!"  Given Jennifer is a Lemurian Swim Team Captain who claims Descent From Innsmouth and Has A Chip On Her Shoulder...this sends Jennifer into a fit of rage so high that she can't even talk correctly.  She's about to reveal herself to Leah and explain the Innsmouth massacre and the crap that Lovecraft pulled that made "deep one" into a slur when Adrian Rocha sticks his camera in their faces and starts asking what all the hullabaloo is all about.  Leah makes an attempt to tell him off which only makes her look like a (Little Girl Ranting) and which Rocha immediately turns around to give her a mild social consequence of Shooting At The Patriarchy.

Up to this point Clint has been sitting back, whistling, trying to convince Jess to go and ruin a few more booths by touching people and making them sick before heading home until he could come by and take her to his mother's shop and get her to a real....well, a comparative expert. Now with Rocha being a pain, he calls up his Cadre Of Buddies to interfere in the broadcast.  They disconnect one of the cameras taking away Adrian's ability to use his well-known advantage in this social conflict.

There's another exchange between Rocha and Leah, with Leah still getting the worst of it, when Clint starts getting the crowd to chant "Go Home, Adrian!".  While successful, he manages to get himself tagged with a minor social consequence of Rabble Rouser. However, this gives Leah the opportunity to use a number of tags and Fate Points to lay down a rant against Adrian so armor-piercing and to the point that despite her appearance of aiming at the patriarchy, she still manages to push him to start ranting back at her just around the same time his camera crew fixes the live broadcast and catches him on camera tearing a stream of Conservatively Judgmental vitriol on a teenaged girl on live TV, after which someone takes one of the big prizes from the Pie Shoot and slams it down on his head, giving him the severe social consequence of Creamed On TV (P).

After which all that's left is for choosing the Most Popular and Most Profitable booths. 

Their competition for Most Popular is against the Cosplay Cafe with its amazing costumes and Quincey Haile's wonderful acting talents (her shyness seems to go away on stage).  However, between Clint's sabotage of the Cafe and Quincey's poor attempts at advertising the booth, the Pie Shoot comes out on top.

The competition for Most Profitable is against the Sexy Swimwear of the Swim Team Dunking Booth.  While Clint's sabotage didn't affect them as much, the swim team was not quite as able to compete with Leah's War Of The Sexes Adverts or the Excellent Mechanism created by Alexei, not to mention Leah's own persuasive mastery. Even Clint's (Weird Cakes) don't give them enough of an advantage to come out on top.

Though, after Leah got the low down on Lemurian oppression for the last hundred years and was mortified by effectively telling someone "Hey, that guy who got your ancestors massacred a hundred years ago wasn't that big of a deal" she shows up at Clint's to glare and glare and glare at him.  But is at least around to hear Jess get the information that Ms Faerbolg thought the Gods had killed all the succubi.

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