Wednesday, July 1, 2015

GUMSHOE Recovering Ability Pool Points

These are the basic rules of recovering General Ability Points in the GUMSHOE system. Find the GUMSHOE SRD here.

When Ability Pool Points Recover 

  • Abilities that recover at the end of the adventure. (In other words only special circumstances will allow their recovery during this scenario.)
    • All Investigative Abilities
  • Abilities that recover fully 24 hours after last expenditure.
    • Athletics
    • Driving
    • Firearms
    • Fleeing
    • Piloting
    • Riding
    • Scuffling
    • Weaponry
  • Whenever you get a chance to rest you can choose to fully refresh any three General Ability pools EXCEPT for the following:
    • Health
    • Stability
    • Sanity
Daniel doesn't recover any of his Medicine pool points over the course of the adventure. Once they're used, they're gone until the scenario is over.

The group decides to take a few minutes to rest at the top of the cliff they just climbed. Daniel chooses to recover Athletics, Shoot and Sense Trouble.

24 hours after the last time he spent Driving points, Daniel recovers all his Driving Pool.

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