Sunday, August 30, 2015

Shade Cut - Unsung Destiny (Worlds in Peril)

Codename: Shade Cut
Real Name:  Essence Vastagh
Origin: The Accident
Drive: Figure Out Who I Am
Achievements: 0

  • Maneuver -1
  • Investigate +1
  • Protect +0
  • Influence +1
  • Smash +2
Classification: Weaver

Appearance: This girl makes you think of a dangerous weapon. She has wide gray eyes that are like two pools of mercury. Her fine, straight, sand-colored hair is neck-length and is worn in a complex, handsome style. She has a wide-hipped build. Her skin is ruddy. She has nearly-nonexistent eyebrows and wide feet. Her wardrobe is weird.

History: Essence came out of the disasters of the comet paralyzed and doomed to a life attached to a machine. That was until DEVA came into contact with her and offered cutting edge medicine to repair her body in exchange for acting as a research subject on the impact of the crystals on the human body. She's watched as Dr Minobe has eliminated more and more of the most compassionate members of the research staff in the wake of the accident that killed her husband and partner. However, she still owes the scientist and is convinced that her continued health depends on her, so as yet she has not listened to her own concerns, much less voiced them to the more idealistic owners of the company. She has tried to remain willfully blind to the growing amorality of the DEVA research staff. Dr. Minobe has not told her, or anybody else, what she expects are the full extents of her power as she hopes Essence is the answer to her quest to bring her husband back to life.

Powers: Essence believes that she is a typical Wielder, but in reality she is a Weaver. She can alter reality by manipulating the psionic energy resonance of the crystals that now suffuse the earth and the crystal dust in the air. To date, she mostly uses that to manifest a massive psionic scythe which with she fights as one DEVA's loan outs to the UN's S-SWAT team. Among other things, her powers allowed her to heal herself but she believes that DEVA managed that.

Tactics: She frequently uses her scythe to alter the terrain and environment to the advantage of herself and her team. She much prefers that, actually since it usually is a less lethal tactic.

Power Profile

  • Simple
    • Slicing through brick or concrete.
    • Shift which side of her scythe the blade is on.
    • Parry melee attacks.
  • Difficult
    • Using the scythe to do only psionic, non-lethal damage. 
    • Parry some projectiles and energy blasts.
    • Extend the reach of her Scythe.
  • Borderline
    • Slicing through light waves to create an area of temporary darkness.
  • Possible
    • Manifest or alter the surrounding matter.
  • Impossible
    • Bring the dead back to life.
Drawback: Reality is twisted in odd, usually small ways around Essence because she is unaware that she is a Weaver. She also frequently has confusing dreams due to attempted contacts from some of the Shivans. While she's generally too introspective to have much risk of becoming an Asura, these issues give her problems.

Bonds: 3+

Limitation: Extremely Hard to Form Lasting Relationships.

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