Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Harry Dresden - Monster of the Week

Harry Dresden, Wizard, Lost Items Found, Paranormal Investigations, Consulting and Advice.  No love potions. No endless purses. No parties or other entertainment.

The infamous rogue wizard of the White Council. The wizard which fire, chaos and destruction follow in his wake. He's not the oldest or most skilled wizard around, but when he sets about to do something, it damn well gets done.

Dresden is the main character of the Dresden Files series of novels which has spawned a (lackluster) TV series and a very good roleplaying game. He is a marriage of the typical private investigator with the archetypical wizard. He has a particular affinity for tracking spells and fire magic and seems to have a neat little obsession with running down secrets like a bloodhound after a quarry. In general, the things that step in his path tend to regret it, assuming they survive.

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden

Playbook: The Spell-Slinger

Combat Magic:
Force and Wind

Tools and Techniques: Foci, Gestures and Incantations

Look: A tall and skinny man wearing a beaten up old duster that looks like it belongs on the set of an old Western. He seems rather haggard and seems to have more than his fair share of scars. Harry doesn't do hats.

Charm -1, Cool +2, Sharp +2, Tough +0, Weird +2

Third Eye
Forensic Divination
Practitioner: Tracking Spells (Do one thing beyond human limitation), Fire Spells
Enchanted Clothing
Arcane Reputation
Advanced Use Magic
Advanced Investigate the Mystery

Gear: Old Revolver (2-harm close reload loud)

Take another Combat Magic: Missile
Spell-Slinger Move: Enchanted Clothing
Spell-Slinger Move: Arcane Reputation
Sharp +1
Cool +1
Use Magic Advanced, Investigate the Mystery Advanced

Luck: OOO (one-shot scenario)

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