Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kate Freelander - Monster of the Week

At one time Kate Freelander was a particularly talented mercenary and thief making her living out of the shadows. She originally worked for a secretive organization called the Cabal until she ran afoul of the Sanctuary directly eventually leading her allegiances to shift.

Kate Freelander is a sarcastic woman with a knack for manipulating people or placing bullets where they can really hurt. She is inwardly a good person but has troubles getting past her cynical out look on life.

Kate Freelander
Initial Playbook: The Crooked
Current Playbook: The Professional 

Background: Grifter

Agency Resources:
Offices All Over the Place

Agency Red-Tape:
Interdepartmental Rivalry
Soft-Hearted Regulations

Look: A smallish Indian woman with a laid-back attitude, easy smile and irreverent manner.

Charm +2, Cool +3, Sharp +2, Tough +1, Weird -1

Precise Strike
Panic Button
Deal with the Agency
Tactical Genius
Leave No One Behind

Gear: 9mm (2-harm close loud), Shotgun (3-harm close messy), Baseball Bat (1-harm hand)

+1 Cool
+1 Tough
Expert Move: Precise Strike
Mundane Move: Panic Button
+1 Sharp
Change Playbook: The Professional (Sanctuary), Lost Heat and Made

Luck: OOO (one-shot scenario)

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