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Chimera Sirens Behind the Fiction - Session One Notes and Rolls

Stoneskin – Stone-Skinned teleporter + animated statue minions

Conditions: Angry, Hopeless, Guilty

Moves: Create animated minions, Strike with stony force, Terraport away from danger, threaten enemies

Session 1 – Legacy roll 6, Janus Roll 10

Bull Issues – Change her love…maybe to Minako’s brother

Legacy Issues – Lecture from Jun and Maya

Protégé Issues – Warning about Katja

Janus Issues – Introduce real life

Transformed Issues – Lawsuit/Publicity attack

Minako tries to assess the situation and set about making a plan

Assess 9 – Question how could we best end this quickly. Taking out Stoneskin would end it quickly, then all his minions fall apart.

Bronze Chimera tries to trigger the vault lockdown mode to make it harder for the enemies to get into the money

Unleash 9 – She manages to lockdown the vault, but in doing so, she realizes that she’s trapped some people inside it and the system has locked her out

Marble Chimera tries to smash through Stoneskin’s minions to reach him. She does so without waiting for a plan so she uses her Punch Everyone to drop Mundane by 1 (-2) and raise Danger by 1 (+3)

Engage 13 – She chooses to resist his blows and impress her opposition.

Stoneskin lashes out by running over to an armored car and hurling it at Marble, since she resisted the blows, it hits the gas station nearby.

Amber Chimera tries to protect the bystanders by creating a distortion barrier between them and the fight.

Defend 8 – Add a team to the pool (Team 2) – but doing so exposes her to danger and has to resist a Powerful Blow.

Pearl decides to try and rescue Amber by make a dash across the scene to using her spear’s time dilation to pull Amber out of the cascade of explosive force.

Defend 5 – She fails and marks potential – Pearl O

Amber resists a Powerful Blow 3 – She manages to wrap herself in a magical barrier in time to avoid damage. Amber marks potential. Amber O

Minako tries to suffocate the fire.

Unleash 10 – The fire is suffocated

Marble tries to engage Stoneskin directly

Engage 14 – She decides to create an opening for her team and take the loot from Stoneskin. However, since she didn’t resist his blows, he responds by dealing her a powerful blow.

Take Powerful Blow – 7 She takes two Conditions, Angry and Insecure

Pearl tries to take advantage of the opening Marble created by throwing her spear to strike Stoneskin. She uses her Mask once per session to switch her Danger and Mundane. +3 Danger, +1 Mundane

Engage 5(7) – Marble spends Team to help Pearl due to taking Stoneskin’s attention and Bronze spends a team to help by stepping forward to grab at stoneskin. Team is now at 0. Pearl decides to surprise Stoneskin.

Stoneskin marks Hopeless and takes drastic and terrible action by setting his minions rampage.

Amber tries to distort the distance between Stoneskin and all his minions so that they will shut down.

Unleash 3 – Amber fails to properly set the spell and the minions go on a rampage. Amber marks potential. Amber OO

Minako tries to target Stoneskin, she’s acting on her assessment that the quickest way to end this is to take him down and she tries to use her air powers to suffocate him to unconscious. She’s +1 to the roll due to acting on her Assess, her total is +0 due to her -1 Danger.

Enage 10 – She takes his minions and resists the blows from his minions.

Stoneskin marks Guilty and is defeated as he passes out.

Triumphant celebration of victory.

Katja shares a victory with Umeko. “That’s the way it’s done!” Umeko already owes her influence and is already her love. So Katja marks Potential and shifts Umeko’s labels. She moves Danger up 1 (2) and Freka down 1 (2). Marble O.

Umeko gets treated like a person and a teammate by Katja and marks potential, but has no condition to clear. Bronze O

Minako shares a triumphant victory with Kyou. She was a good team mate. Wendigo loses influence, Minako marks Potential. Jade O. Amber considers her an equal, so gives Minako influence. Minako already has influence over her. Minako chooses to shift her Savior +1 (+3) and her Danger -1(-2) by praising her protection of the bystanders.

Ayako shares a triumphant victory and is the only one whose real name isn’t used, so she marks potential and clears a condition (she has no conditions). Pearl OO

At end of fight

Marble: Freak +2, Danger +3, Savior -1, Superior +0, Mundane -2, Marble O, Angry, Insecure.

Amber: Freak +0, Danger -2, Savior +3, Superior +1, Mundane +1, Amber OO

Jade: Freak +1, Danger -1, Savior +0, Superior +2, Mundane +1, Jade O

Pearl: Freak -1, Danger +3, Savior +0, Superior +0, Mundane +1. Pearl OO

Bronze: Freak +2, Danger +2, Savior +0, Superior +0, Mundane -1. Bronze O

Team 0

After fight:

Scene one: starts with Minako and Katja, focus on Katja

Minako treats Katja’s wounds and compliments her on her power.

Comfort 10 – Clear insecure. +1 Team

She then tries to get Katja to be less reckless and think ahead a little bit more so that she wouldn’t over extend herself. Trying to shift her Danger down 1 and her Superior up 1.

Katja resists, because she doesn’t want to be talked down by her rival.

Resist Influence 10 – Clears angry by pointing out that getting out front and soaking up damage is what she’s made for. That’s how she’s supposed to protect people. Danger goes down 1 (+2), but instead of Superior, Savior goes up +1 (+0).

Katja then tells Minako she should stop interfering so much and stop being such a micromanager in battle.

Provoke 5 – Her protests fall on deaf ears, however, and Minako simply rebuffs her. Marble OOO

Minako insists that if she really wants to protect people, then she should get some training instead of just flailing around.

Provoke 8 – If they do it, add 1 Team to the pool.

Katja stomps out and encounters Minako's brother Isamu.

Isamu identifies her as one of his sister's teammates.

Katja tries to read him or provoke him to reveal something.

Pierce the Mask 5 – Miss, she has no read on him at all. Marble marks potential. Marble OO

He laughs off her interrogations in a teasing, kind manner. Katja feels a little flush and shifts her love from a platonic affection from Umeko (which does remain just not as hefty, makes sense given how cold Umeko is) to a budding affection for Isamu. (which is cool because he's her rival's brother...which is probably part of the appeal.) So she gives Isamu influence over her.

Isamu suggests that she not stress out too much over competing with his sister, saying Katja doesn't have her background. This is an attempt to reduce her Superior and raise her Mundane. Katja resists.

Resists Influence 10: Mark Potential when she points out that she brings up the fact that it turned out her “parents” were scientists conducting experiments on her family throughout her life. This does make her feel less Freakish though and she reduces Freak by 1 (+1) and raises Superior by 1 (+1). Marble OO

As a last ditch thing, she suggests that maybe she should get some training, trying to get Isamu to offer to do so. Since she’s now trying to get training according to Minako’s suggestion, +1 Team.

Provoke -1 – The attempt comes out very awkwardly/adorkably beating around the bush and Isamu either doesn’t notice or ignores the attempt. Marble marks potential

End with Katja leaving and heading home.

Marble: Freak +1, Danger +2, Savior +0, Superior +1, Mundane -2, Marble OOO, Love Isamu, Influence to Isamu

Jade: Freak +1, Danger -1, Savior +0, Superior +2, Mundane +1, Jade O

Team 2

Scene Two: Start with a conversation between Ayako and Kyou, focus on Ayako

Kyou is suggesting that Ayako should really probably tell Katja and Minako her real identity.

Provoke 5 – Ayako refuses to do so. Amber marks potential. Amber OOO

Ayako decides she wants to figure out a bit more about Kyou

Pierce the Mask 8 – She gets one question and chooses “What are you planning?” and she reads that Kyou just wants to make the team as much like what she perceives to be a normal group of friends as possible.

Ayako is in a hurry to get to a medical appointment and Kyou has to leave.

Ayako gets to her medical appointment in plenty of time (roll of 10 start of session) and gets a bit of a lecture from a family member about taking things easy. This is an attempt to reduce her Danger by 1 and increase her Mundane by 1, since this would make her Mask move pointless. Ayako resists the influence.

Resist influence 11 – Ayako scoffs and points out that she feels better than she ever has in her life and casually performs a backflip to prove it. Marks potential. She also cancels her family member’s influence over her and takes a +1 forward against him. Pearl OOO

As her appointment continues, her doctor leaves the room and neglects to take some documents with her. Out of curiosity, Ayako decides to take a look and discovers notations regarding the presence of a virus that may have triggered her cancer originally. She decides to take her smart phone and snap pictures of some of the documents. Her doctor starts coming back and she has to conceal her activity with her Mild Mannered move.

Mild Mannered 9 – She decides to leave something incriminating behind. In this case, she doesn’t tidy up the documents completely and as a result they’re out of order. Something her doctor will notice later.

Ayako takes the documents she took pictures of and pulls them up on her computer trying to figure out what they’re talking about.

Assess the Situation 7 – What here is the biggest danger? The files refer to something called the “shikome virus” remaining dormant in her system.

Amber: Freak +0, Danger -2, Savior +3, Superior +1, Mundane +1, Amber OOO

Pearl: Freak -1, Danger +3, Savior +0, Superior +0, Mundane +1. Pearl OOO

Scene Three: Kyou talks to Katja as she comes out of the base and then goes to speak to her family.

Kyou tries to get a read on Katja as she comes out

Pierce the Mask 6 – Marks potential and fails to get anything as the reality fragments she sees chaotically swirl about.

Katja sees her and after her failure with Isamu she decides to go ahead and try to get Kyou to help her with training.

Provoke 9 – If she doesn’t do it, she’ll have mark a condition.

Kyou thinks about it for a moment and decides that, certainly, she can try to do that. Though she isn’t sure that her skills are the best to match Katja’s.

Comfort/Support 8 – She’s trying to shift Katja’s labels to lower her Freak and increase her Mundane.

Katja says she just wants the training, and she doesn’t want to hear anything else.

Resist Influence 4 – However, Kyou’s innocent commentary hits her hard. She marks potential and shifts Mundane up (-1) and Freak down (+0). She is also now Insecure again after being faced with the younger girl’s unthinking spouting of terms. Marble OOOO

Katja tries to get a read on Kyou, to see if that was a deliberate attack or not.

Pierce the Mask 7 – She gets one question “What do you want me to do?” and the answer is “I want to be your friend and for you to let me help you.”

Kyou gets a call from her sisters demanding for her to come and speak to them.

Katja tries to comfort her on seeing her fluster with her sisters.

Comfort/Support 5 – but she fails to do so. Katja marks Potential and gets an Advance. Marble OOOOO ding.

Katja decides to rearrange her labels and take a +1.

Kyou heads for her home, where she waits for a magical bridge to form so she can attend the meeting with her sister and cousin.

Neither her sister and cousin are happy about how she serves as a support role in her fights. The Higa are founts of power, they are the front of every battle. They are trying to shift her Danger up and her Mundane down.

Kyou thinks she serves a valuable position and resists the influence.

Resist Influence 10 – She marks potential and points out that without her there would have been countless civilian casualties at the bank robbery and it was her illusions that tricked Azure Shrike to remain where he could be captured. Further she shifts her Freak down 1 and her Superior up 1. Amber OOOO.

Her cousin accuses her of possibly trying to be “normal” and reminds her that she is Brethren, she will never what other people consider normal. Love them, befriend them, respect them but you will never be them. This is an attempt to bring her Freak up and her Mundane down.

Decides to pay attention since this puts both of those stats at +0 and because of her Legacy Matters move, she marks potential and gains an Advance. She decides to take a Sanctuary on the idea that she already had one and it’s just now becoming important.

Amber: Freak +0, Danger -2, Savior +3, Superior +2, Mundane +0, Amber. Sanctuary marked. (Teleportal/Magical Bridge, Meditation Space, Library of ancient tomes; Difficult to access, Draws Dangerous Attention.

Marble: Freak +0, Danger +2, Savior +1, Superior +1, Mundane -1, Marble, Love Isamu, Influence to Isamu. Insecure. Rearrange marked.

Scene Four: Minako heads to her base and deals with the Wendigo, then talks to Umeko

The Wendigo is in the base waiting for her and immediately points out that Minako’s team has not been running scenarios and chastises her on her leadership style. She is trying to shift Minako’s Mundane down and her Superior up 1.

Minako does not resist but then asks for advice on what the Wendigo thinks she should do.

Fireside Chat 6 – unfortunately the Wendigo doesn’t have time for an extensive interaction and set of suggestions today. She is only present because she wanted to warn Minako about Katja. Jade OO.

After the suggestion about working more with her team, the idea that she is now being told to be wary of one makes her concerned and she resists the implication.

Resists Influence 5 – her regard and respect for the Wendigo win out and she feels Guilty but does resolve to watch Katja. Jade OOO. No Labels change

However, she is confused about this and tries to get some sort of information from the Wendigo before she goes.

Pierce the Mask 10 – What are you really planning? And What do you intend to?

The Wendigo gives Minako a cursory version of what the Brethren are and discusses possession. She mentions that she suspects that Katja’s soul has changed to something not human and that she lacks the heritage to be able to properly process the shift. If this is proven to be true, she plans on dealing with Katja, or having Minako do so.

Minako insists that there would have to be a way to save Katja rather than “dealing” with her.

Resist influence 12 – Marks potential by pointing out that the Wendigo has always advocated saving people and then shifts her Savior up and her Freak down. Jade OOOO

The Wendigo suggests that they’re both trying to save people and then leaves noting that Minako’s friends aren’t the only anomalies occurring recently.

With her mentor leaving, Katja sets about to look into Katja and starts by contacting Umeko. To ask her what sort of information she has on Katja.

Provoke 6 – Umeko can decide whether or not she’s going to give any information. Jade marks potential and advances. With her new found resolution to save Katja from whatever the Wendigo is concerned about, she decides to mark Saviour +2

Umeko decides to try and figure out what Minako’s intentions are.

Pierce the Mask 6 – Umeko fails to figure out Minako’s intentions. Marks Potential. With that in mind she decides not to help out Minako and tells her to ask Katja herself and that she has other things on her mind. Bronze OO

With that failure out of the way, Minako suggests that she plans to propose a training schedule and payment for such out of Himura to the rest of the group and hopes to have Umeko’s support.

Provoke 8 – Add a team if Umeko plans to do so. Umeko decides to go with it. Team 3

As her last thing, Minako suggests that Umeko would make an excellent overwatch with her abilities and suggests leaving the fighting to those more suited to it and quotes the Wendigo as she does so to use her Heroic Tradition move.

Heroic Tradition 10 – Umeko listens agrees to think about it. Marking Potential. Bronze OOO

At the same time, Minako considers clearing Guilty, but decides to add 1 Team instead, wanting to see if the drama of her Guilt can be played up around Katja. This is more because Guilty sounds more fun even if Team 4 isn’t all that necessary. She also decides grants Umeko Influence since Umeko knows about this investigation into Kyou now.

Jade: Freak +0, Danger -1, Savior +3, Superior +3, Mundane +0, Jade, bonus to embodies Label marked. Guilty. Influence to Umeko

Bronze: Freak +2, Danger +2, Savior +0, Superior +0, Mundane -1. Bronze OOO

Team 4

Scene Five: Umeko leaves Minako and gets called by Ayako. Then she has problems with a businessman.

Ayako calls up Umeko asking to see if she can do her technomage thing to help her with something.

Provoke 6 – Umeko demands to know why everybody suddenly wants her to be their personal hacker.

Ayako tries to press on the issue and tries to figure out a way around this.

Pierce the Mask 8 – What can I do to get you to help me on this?

Umeko demands to get more information before she acts.

Ayako decides to go with that and explains the documents she saw at her medical check up. She further tries to point out that Umeko is the best at this sort of thing.

Support 7 – Umeko takes that and decides to shift her Superior up and her Danger down.

Umeko responds by pointing out that Ayako needs to stop treating this like a game and start taking things seriously. Using her influence to try and shift Pearl’s Mundane up 1 and her Superior down 1

Ayako resists the influence.

Resist Influence 9 – Pearl chooses to mark potential by commenting about she’s not taking this as a game. And points out that’s the entire reason she came to Umeko about this. Pearl further points out that Umeko needs to treat people better sometimes.

Provoke 4 – The accusation of cold attitude bounces off of Umeko without a mark. Pearl marks potential and advances. She decides to take a move: Game Face.

Ayako hangs up and Umeko grumbles as she starts walking, only to turn a corner and find herself mobbed by television cameras demanding that she respond to accusations of her casual disregard for cyber privacy. The public does have influence over Umeko and they are trying to push her Savior down and her Danger up.

Umeko resists 7 – she responds by choosing to cancel their Influence over her and take a +1 forward against them. In this case, she points out about how they’re invading her privacy.

She accuses them of being unconcerned with anything higher than their writings and asked why they don’t call her for an interview rather than ambush her

Provoke 8 – She decides to take Influence over the media.

At which point a lawyer shows up talking about she flagrantly took over their prototype and destroyed in the battle at the festival and pointing out that she is a danger to the public. The GM is pushing her Danger up and her Savior down.

Resists 8 – Marks potential and by pointing out that without that machine the Festival attack might have been successful. Bronze OOOO

The lawyer responds by informing her of the loss of the companies grants and funding and how many people were fired because of her actions. This inflicts Guilty on her.

Then she tries to trick them into admitting that it had combat protocols built into it by praising them on how well programmed it was.

Provoke 5 – She fails to fool the lawyer into revealing anything untoward. Marks Potential and advances, she takes Unstoppable.

She then tries to use it to get away from the press by shutting down all the technology around her except for an automatic door which she shuts down behind her.

Unstoppable 10 – she gets out with no problem except a major public tantrum

Pearl: Freak -1, Danger +3, Savior +0, Superior +0, Mundane +1. Pearl Janus move 1 unlocked.

Bronze: Freak +2, Danger +1, Savior +0, Superior +1, Mundane -1. Bronze. Transformed playbook move unlocked. Guilty

Scene Six

The Next day Himura is talking to them about Umeko's on-screen tantrum and notes that it is making her look like a spoiled brat and tellsher she needs be more approachable and less arrogant. She's trying to shift Umeko's Mundane up and her Superior down.

Resist Influence 7 – Umeko protests that it was quite the opposite, that what she did proved that she was exactly like everyone else and just as prone to irrationality when she should be above that. She chooses to clear her marked condition.

Minako steps forward to suggest that they need to spend some time training together. That that would solve a lot of their problems. Ayako, Kyou and Katja spend Team to add to the roll.

Provoke 7 – Himura seems uncertain about the expense of having a training facility but shows interest.

Ayako decides to press the issue and ask about how they could go about doing that.

Pierce the Mask 11 – How can we get you to provide a training facility? Address the Finances issue. How can I gain influence over you? Show you can behave like an adult. What do you intend to do? Look into getting the Eiyu-Tai to allow the use of their training facility.

Umeko suggests making some publicized training events. It would allow for some entertainment for passing controlled information on their abilities to the public.

Provoke 6 – However, this goes poorly. Bronze O

Amber suggests that she can at least provide a temporary space using her magic to distort space within an area. Though it might attract attention.

Provoke 10 – Himura accepts that as an interim solution.

Katja comments that now all they needed was somebody to fight and wonders if Himura can arrange that.

Provoke 11 – Himura smirks and suggests that she can.

Marble: Freak +0, Danger +2, Savior +1, Superior +1, Mundane -1, Marble, Love Isamu, Influence to Isamu. Insecure. Rearrange marked.

Amber: Freak +0, Danger -2, Savior +3, Superior +2, Mundane +0, Amber. Sanctuary marked. (Teleportal/Magical Bridge, Meditation Space, Library of ancient tomes; Difficult to access, Draws Dangerous Attention.

Jade: Freak +0, Danger -1, Savior +3, Superior +3, Mundane +0, Jade, bonus to embodies Label marked. Guilty

Pearl: Freak -1, Danger +3, Savior +0, Superior +0, Mundane +1. Pearl. Janus move 1 unlocked.

Bronze: Freak +2, Danger +1, Savior +0, Superior +1, Mundane -1. Bronze O. Transformed playbook move unlocked.

End Session

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