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Chimera Sirens: The Transformed - Bronze Chimera

Bronze Chimera - Umeko Hayashi - Age 23
Umeko Hayashi/Bronze Chimera - 5'7" 218 lbs.
The Transformed
Asian, Bronze Skin and Steel Hair, No Costume, Cold Eyes
She has two powers: Technopathy and Impenetrable Skin

Labels - Creation

Freak +3
Danger +1
Savior +0
Superior +0
Mundane -1


Labels - Session One

Freak +2
Danger +1
Savior +0
Superior +1
Mundane -1

Potential - O



What was she before she changed?
A young girl being raised by her maternal grandfather.

When did you change? What caused it?
There was an accident three years ago and she was electrocuted and it was assumed that she would not survive. An experimental treatment involving nanites changed.

Who, outside of the team, is helping you understand your new body?
The doctor and team that treated her is helping her deal with the changes.

Why don't you just hide yourself away?
She's just started to pretend she doesn't care. She's turned a bit cold and ruthless.

Why do you care about the team?
The team all have their own stories. They help her feel a little more human.


Umeko knew Ayako before the change. At first they were briefly in the same high school. Afterwards Ayako was in the same hospital as she was.

Katja comforted her when she was at her lowest. Katja had sought her looking for help dealing with her own change and talking about how she was unwillingly changed and lied to most of her life. Helping the other girl made her feel better about herself and the story offended her interest in justice.


Umeko has Influence over Katja and Kyou

Umeko owes Influence to Katja and Kento Mikosatsu (corporate lawyer)


  • Not Human Enough -When you directly engage a threat in a terrifying fashion, mark a condition to choose an additional option even on a miss.
  • Coming For You - When you mark a condition take a +1 forward against the person you most blame for causing it.
  • Wish I Could Be - When you comfort or support someone, if you tell them what you most envy about them, you can roll +Freak instead of +Mundane.  
  • Unstoppable - When you smash your way through scenery to get to or away from something, roll + Danger. On a hit, the world breaks before you, and you get what you want. On a 7-9, choose one: mark a condition; leave something behind; take something with you. (Session One Advance)



  • Take Another Move from the Transformed Playbook. (Unstoppable) - Consequences and Discoveries

Team Moves

  • When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, clear 1 condition if they treat you like a person, and mark potential if they treat you like a team mate. 
  • When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them if they think you're losing or gaining humanity. If they say losing, mark a condition and mark potential. If they say gaining clear a condition and shift Mundane up and any other Label down.



  • Session One: Consequences and Discoveries
    • Locked civilians in an airtight vault to protect them.
    • Asked by Minako to help get info on Katja
    • Asked by Ayako to help get info on her medical records
    • Targeted in a lawsuit by Maedosu Industries over her appropriation of their prototype
    • Had a temper-tantrum on live TV

The Process of Creation

On to the last of the Chimera Sirens and it's the Transformed. To start, I'm going to go ahead and roll for her powers and ethnicity.

Her birth and most recent background are Japanese but she has strong ties to another ethnicity and is rather proud of it. She's descended from Filipino ancestry.

For her powers, she has Impenetrable Skin and Inhuman Might. Or at least that's what I rolled, however, I'm going to change that to Technopathy and Impenetrable Skin.

I've decided that she was in an accident of some kind and while she was unconscious her family gave permission for her to be given an experimental treatment to save her life. She is now seemingly made of techno-organic matter looking like a metal girl. Her body has been genetically altered to produce organic metal. She's something of a minor celebrity now and probably the only one of the Sirens who is a publicly known superhuman.

She's about 5'7" and weighs around 218 lbs, though she looks much lighter due to being made mostly of metal. Her skin appears to be bronze but her hair is a dark sort of steel.

She's the 4th child of 5. Her parents died and her siblings were raised by her maternal grandfather in relative poverty and is about 23 (making her the oldest of the five).

Sibling One: Hates the character
Sibling Two: Neutral toward her
Sibling Three: Likes the character
Sibling Four: Hero worships the character

Clothing and Style: She wears fashionable jeans and youthful clothes. She has a flight jacket that used to belong to her father.

Personality: Cold, Arrogant and Ruthless
Philosophy: Honor is everything
Who she values most: Close personal friend
What she values most: A Sense of Justice
Prized Possession: Jacket
World View: No one can hurt me!

Back to the Transformed playbook. And I decide to give her Superior +1 to represent the sort of cold ruthlessness she wraps herself in.

Freak +3, Danger +1, Savior +0, Superior +0, Mundane -1

For moves she gets: Not Human Enough, Coming For You, Wish I Could Be

I'm going to do her name and then move to another page for handling relationships and influence.

So now we have Umeko Hayashi. And for the Hero Name, I'm going to say....Bronze Chimera...bronze is most definitely not a gem or stone, but it's the one that fits the most.

Looking up, Umeko has the shortest of these, but the rolls she came up with are just really rather bland and normal up until she gets into her accident and turned into a living robot in order to survive.

Umeko's sexuality is "other". I'm going to say that she's asexual.

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