Saturday, March 26, 2016

M-Com - Monster of the Week Campaign

Relating to the information for my Monster-of-the-Week RPG sessions.

M-Com Agents and Staff


M-Com Witness and Victim Reports


M-Com Public Officials Reports 


M-Com Suspect List 


M-Com Encounter Guide 


M-Com Power Personalities


M-Com Paranatural Studies


M-Com Arachne Bioware Personnel Dossiers


Operation Black Comet - Mid-Series Cliffhanger 
Operation Final Fear
At this point, Kasper Sierzant had entered into the command structure and started to have mission selection responsibilities. The first such instance of this resulted in the three main operatives splitting up to take on three different missions at once.

Operation Forgotten Scepter: Part One
Operation Forgotten Scepter: Part Two
Operation Internal Labyrinth: Part One
Operation Internal Labyrinth: Part Two

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