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Princes of the Apocaverse - 5e Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Index

This is the index for the campaign reports regarding the Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign

The Eclectic Five (now Six)


Elivia Moonsilver - Aasimar Arcana Cleric of Mystra

Born to a noble Waterdhavian line, Elivia was the younger son of the Moonsilver clan, a family pledged to the protection of Waterdeep and the surrounding lands. Though inducted into the family business, Elivan as she was then known found another calling in the priesthood of Mystra. Though her father wasn't adverse to her training as a cleric if she could bring those skills to the city watch or catching bandits, Elivia was fascinated by the potential benefits of arcane research rather than practical applications.

During her trial exploring an ancient temple to Mystra to earn her priesthood, Elivia sprung a magical trap set by some long-dead apprentices that changed her gender. Rather than becoming distraught, Elivia embraced the change and dedicated herself to her goddess fully, becoming an adventuring priest. Unfortunately, her family was less understanding of her abandonment of the family business and she is all but disowned.

Luckily, her talents and dedication to the good of the Realms have not gone unnoticed by the Lord's Alliance. She currently seeks to redeem her decisions in the eyes of her family in their service, while taking the chance to unearth new magic and advance the cause of Mystra.

Fennle Pthalein - Human Sun Soul Monk

Fennle is many things. She was raised in a martial tradition venerating the 'two suns'. The 'Outer' sun, which brings life is the actual sun in the sky overhead, bringing life by making plants grow and all the myriad arcane, mystical and purely physical interactions it makes with all living things. By contrast the 'Inner' sun of ki within the living is harsher, brighter, it protects and begets life by purging threats. She already feels the sun of ki within her and now journeys to find the impetus to push it outward.

As she travels she plies the skills publically for coin, demonstrating feats of agility on the streets for coppers at a time, elaborate and energetic tumbling for lodgings at inns, her very most elaborate spear forms for favour in noble courts and more practical and efficient ones in gladiatorial rings.

It was a combination of these last two that won her some small favour in the court of the minor noble Rhab. The contessa offered as a prize a most curious sphere, plain glass of unusual clarity with a clockrok fish swimming within. Clearly it is some manner of artifice, yet to this day Fennle swears she feels the ki of life in it. She exerted herself greatly to place within that tournament and choose the sphere as her prize.

Lohn Slaf - Human Arcane "Technician" Rogue

Lohn is a proud member of Locksmith's Guild 271.

He's spent his entire life perfecting the creation of locks, and every so often helping someone who has 'accidentally' locked something they need opened.

Guild rules say only a Guild locksmith can work on locks. Given some recent stupidity with some crazy flame-flinging mage burning down his shop, he's bent on revenge as well as the obligation to the Guild to make sure that only a 'properly' certified and trained locksmith is there to open locks for any adventurers.

Marle - Tiefling College of Swords Bard

A traveler from a distant land, the Tiefling Bard known only as "Marle" is a teller of tales and a singer of songs, and she is willing to share them with whoever will listen. It seems that the only story that she is reluctant to tell, however, is the one regarding her own origin. When asked where she came from, she will often answer "Not from around here." This much is true, for her odd mannerisms make it apparent.

Despite this, Marle is friendly and outgoing to the people she meets, sharing with them the stories and songs she has heard on the road, often in public places such as Inns or Taverns, asking only for a small pittance in return.

Her travels have not always been kind to her, however, as her racial heritage has caused her trouble on more than one occasion, so she usually casts an illusion spell upon herself to appear human, and only stays in one place for two or three days at most. It is because of this that one might be lead to believe that her wandering lifestyle may be one of necessity rather than choice, and perhaps for her there is no such place as "Home". . .

Talindra Brightwood - Half-Elf Paladin of the Ancients

Once there lived an outsider on the fringes of the High Forest, keeping to himself and living a simple life. He carved fallen wood into pieces that he traded for the few necessities he could not grow or gather for himself, content that the best way to make the world well was to have no part in it. The fates of great kingdoms or the threat of orc hordes were of no concern to him for they were far away and the problems of others, and the world would live on regardless. 

And so he lived for three score years until a traveller sought shelter from him one winter's night, pursued by brigands who knew the hermit would not dare not stand in their way. Yet in that moment, when he could have sent the traveller away, he realised a truth of the world - that all it took for dark deeds to succeed was for good people to do nothing. And so he hid the traveller and stood before the brigands, carving knife in hand, and dared them to step across his door to harm someone under his hospitality. 

The brigands dared. They spent their wrath upon the hermit when they could not find the traveller, such that when he emerged from hiding he saw the hermit lying in his life's blood. And the traveller wept for on the hermit's cold lips was a smile. In his grief the traveller called upon great magic to call back the hermit's soul, yet the Art may be fickle and it was a young maiden who awoke from death, elf-touched by the traveller's primal magic and filled with a life and energy the hermit had never known. She took the name Talindra to honour her traveller-savior and vowed to live by the truth she learned in the hermit's last breath.

Fog - Human Assassin


The thief known only as Fog was born in Beregost, south of Baldur’s Gate to a seamstress and militiaman who worked for the city guard. His parents never really invested much time in him, more interested in their own pursuits – his father, his work and his mother, her standing in the community – so he developed into something of a troublemaker. His early mischief was met with swift punishment from the militia and later his father’s hand so he learned to lie, charm and deceive, plying accomplices with favours and vague promises. He grew addicted to the thrill of the gamble, the rush of the swindle.

It was in his twelfth year that his father died in the line of duty, quelling riots on the outskirts of the city. His mother descended into drink out of grief and died two months later. Fog found her body on the floor. He had spent the day playing cutpurse in the busy streets. Years later it would still profoundly affect him.

With no real ties to the city and the city militia eyeing him with suspicion he took his leave of Beregost and travelled north towards Baldur’s Gate. He kept a low profile, stealing and swindling small amounts by nightfall to evade suspicion from the city guard. But his activities drew the attention of the local thieves’ guild who caught him, tortured him and forced him into a binding contract under their watchful eye. He was placed in the tutelage of a senior thief named Thorston who diverted his energies into the subtle art of murder. Despite discovering a talent for subterfuge and assassination, Fog never took any pleasure in the act of killing. It was the setup that appealed to him, not the final act.

Eventually however he tired of chafing under the Guild’s petty activities and sought to strike out on his own. Over a series of months, he flooded the city’s bars and with rumours and gossip of a new thief in town, one that was intruding a lot of the Guild’s richer territories. To back the rumours up, he paid servants and workers small stipends to smuggle items out of the households, which he then sold on the black market. The rumours became such that the City Guard and the Thieves’ Guild were forced to intervene, searching for a thief that did not exist. A street war inevitably resulted and while their attention was diverted, Fog slipped from the city, heading north.

He travelled along the Trade Way for a time, stopping over in Daggerford to recoup some money, but not staying long enough to develop a reputation. He kept a low profile, opting for honest work such as deliveries and courier work, only slipping into fencing when money matters became dire. Once news was brought to his ears of a warrant for his arrest, he disappeared from Daggerford overnight, leaving the local constabulary to search for a ghost.

His next stop was Waterdeep and for a time he was comfortable and happy, living a solitary life of theft and minor errand work so as to appear the responsible citizen to the town guard. He even took a lover, a waitress from a local pub. The peace would not last however. Over a period of months, a spree of serial murders arose in Mistshore, the ruined naval harbour. Investigators discovered two things about each body; the victims were all known thieves operating in the city and on their persons, each possessed an item recently stolen and sold through the black market. When news of the killings went public, Fog realised that each item found was one he himself had stolen and sold.

Not wishing to stick around and endanger his lover, he cut ties with her and fled the city, in fear of being implicated for a crime he did not commit.

The Ballad of the Eclectic Five (now Six)


Prologue: Troubles in Red Larch

Book One: Secret of the Sumber Hills 

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