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M-Com Agents and Staff


The player characters, their team and the staff they've interacted with.

M-Com Campaign

Thomas Riley in training gi.

Thomas Riley


The Initiate The Chosen 
Hopeful Face
Paramilitary Gear

Charm +3, Cool +0, Sharp +1, Tough +3, Weird +3

Destiny's Plaything, I'm Here For a Reason, Devastating, Tools Matter, Immortal, Invincible, Resilience, Deal with the Agency, Ancient Fighting Arts, Helping Hand, Sect Move, Fortunes

Thomas's Sword
Fate: Secret Training, You can save the world. No normal life.

Cold Iron Chain Sword (Chain, Spiked, Bladed, Artifact) - Hand, Area, Messy, Magic, 3 Harm (5 with devastating and ancient fighting arts)

Advances: Tools Matter (chain sword as the signature weapon), +1 Weird, Immortal, Invincible, +1 Cool, Resilience, Upgrade Kick Some Ass and Protect Others, Upgrade Use Magic and Help Out, +1 Sharp, Advanced Tough +1, Advanced Weird +1, Advanced Charm +1, Ally:Spooky Girl, Second Hunter: Carracci, Change Playbook: The Initiate, Weird +1

M-Com Mystic Division: Ancient Lore, Modernized, Strict Laws

Kasper Sierzant


The Expert The Professional
Chiseled Face
Perfect Suit

Kasper's Scout
Charm +2, Cool +3, Sharp +3, Tough +2, Weird +1

Deal with the Agency, Battlefield Awareness, Tactical Genius, Mobility, Medic, Well-Traveled, Telepathy (through Daley), The Man With The Plan, Preparedness, Inspired Guesswork

Agency, M-Com - Rigorous Training, Good Intel, Official Pull; Departmental Inter-Rivalry, Cryptic Missions

Scout International (Classic, Tough, Gas-Guzzler)

Flak Vest - Armor 1, Hidden (Armor 2 with Battlefield Awareness)

Haven: The ceremonial room under Tokyo, Features: Protection Spells, Lore Library, Mystic Library

Sniper Rifle - 4 Harm, Far, Magic
9mm Pistol - 2 Harm, Close, Loud
Squad Fire - 5 Harm, Close, Loud, Area, Team
Blessed Knife - 2 Harm Hand Holy
Magical Dagger - 2 Harm Hand Magic

Advances: Medic, Official Pull added to M-Com, Well-Traveled, Command of a Team, Cool +1, Second Character: Katkemat, Upgrade Read a Bad Situation and Act Under Pressure, All players hired by Agency, +1 Charm, +1 Sharp, Move from other playbook: Telepathy, Any Stat: Charm +1, +1 Tough, Change Playbooks: Expert, +1 Charm, +1 Sharp, Hard Case Move: Inspired Guesswork

Katkemat the Ainu


The Exile
Lithe Body
Old-Fashioned Clothing
Beaded Necklace

Origin: She is from Hokkaido in the year 1274. Her secret name is Isonash (Great Hunter). Her nemesis is a Shinto monk and sorcerer named Kurata Hikozaemon. She is destined to be the Chosen one's mentor.

Charm -1, Cool +1, Sharp +2, Tough +1, Weird +3

Moves: Ancient Magics, Confused, Learned, Deal with the Agency, Immortal Name, The Sight, Mystic
Shinriki the Spirit Wolf

Weapons: Martial Arts, her unarmed attacks do 1 Harm.

Advances: Exile move, Gain an Ally (Shinriki the Spirit Wolf, Ally: Friend), Exile Move, Spooky Move, +1 Weird, +1 Sharp, Advanced Use Magic and Advanced Investigate a Mystery, Initiate Move: Mystic


Marisa Carracci

The Flake
Focused Eyes
Neat Clothes

Charm +1, Cool +1, Sharp +3, Tough -1, Weird +1

Moves: Suspicious Mind, See It All Fits Together, Connect the Dots

Glock (3 Harm Close Reload Loud)
Watchman's Flashlight (1 Harm, Hand, Useful)
Holdout Pistol (2 Harm Close Reload Loud)

Advance: +1 Charm, Haven Options: Magical Laboratory and Workshop, +1 Sharp



Jeremiah Adrense, M-Com Ops Control

Nobody is exactly certain what Adrense's history is. He seems to have been in several conflicts around the world and his accent is difficult to place. 

Organization Relations

Marek Eiger
Always a bit annoyed when all this supernatural stuff interferes with the execution of his duties. He always considers any occurrence of supernatural phenomena an interference. People often wonder why he works for M-Com.

Science Division

Dr. Kenta Masahiro, M-Com Senior Analyst

Dr. Kenta Masahiro does not appreciated being interrupted spending most of his focus on his charts and numbers and leaving his junior analysts to do most of the actual reporting.

Violet McNeil, M-Com Junior Analyst
A young Irish woman who ran afoul of a chiang shih while on vacation in China. While her formerly undead state was cured (by Science division, pointedly), she had already been reported dead and now works for M-Com. Katkemat has reported that her chiang shih curse is not cured but merely suppressed as the nanites in her system fill in for the lost sensation and prevent the degeneration that other chiang shih experience. Katkemat is unwilling to try a cure for fear the normal methods might now make things worse.

Kanno Jintoishi

Status: Alive, Under Fire, Under M-Com Protection
Encounter: Operation Internal Labyrinth
Relevance: Life ruined by Suidobashi Heavy Industries, connected the pranksters to an uncovered heritage site.

Mystic Division

Antonina Pajari, M-Com Diviner

Antonina is a former M-Com investigator from the early days of the organization. She was part of the first investigation of Kitsault, British Columbia. Rumors say she used to be part of the Soviet psychic program.

Kasper's Team 

Lieutenant Kallistos Robin Daley, Psi-Trooper

Status: Alive
Skill Set: Empathy, Mind Control (high potential), Telepathy, Tactics
Focus Ritual: Rhythm tapping with fingers
New field leader for the Chosen Squad. 

Squaddie Crista Price, Demolitions

Status: Alive
Skill Set: Demolitions,Sabotage, Bomb Disposal

Rookie Lewin Spellmeyer

Status: Dead, Sniper shot
Skill Set: Basic training

Squaddie Narciso Therese Valerio
Status: Crystalized - Animated
Skill Set: Resilience, melee specialist, energy redirection

Ginger Darling Mills, Occultist
Status: Alive
Skill Set: Analysis, ritual magic, circle crafting, lore

Marcia Campbell, Engineer
Status: Alive
Skill Set: Mechanics, Vehicular engineering, structural analysis

Dr Katherine Richards, Biologist and Doctor

Status: Alive
Skill Set: Medical degree, biology, cryptozoology, para-biology

New Recruits


The Plotter - Takenaka Yuuki

Status: Alive
Encounter: Operation Internal Labyrinth
Relevance: Uses magic to perform complex pranks on corporations. Prefers to render sites obviously unusable during off-hours by re-positioning furniture and such.

The Schemer - Moto Hinata

Status: Alive
Encounter: Operation Internal Labyrinth
Relevance: Uses magic to perform complex pranks on corporations. Prefers Rube-Goldberg, dominoe like pranks.

M-Com Campaign

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