Saturday, September 24, 2016

M-Com Power Personalities

A list of specific named creatures encountered by the team over the course of their missions.

M-Com Campaign

The Scary Girl

Designation: Spirit
First Encounter: Operation Secret Game
Method of Attack: Possession
Dangers: Unknown
Weaknesses: Needs a living host or a summoning to affect the physical.
Nature: Unknown
Origin: Summoned by Thomas Riley by accident

The Assistant
Designation: Corruptor Demon
First Encounter: Operation Secret Game
Method of Attack: Physical
Dangers: Teaches others dangerous magics
Weaknesses: Can't perform magical actions itself in our world.
Origin: Extradimensional

Designation: Entity
First Encounter: Operation Black Comet (retrocognitive flashback only)
Method of Attack: Unknown
Dangers: Prone to engage in own forms of punishment. Commands spider spirits.
Weaknesses: Unknown
Nature: Goddess
Origin: Ascended Human

Status: Alive
Encounter: Operation Wild Rain (seen)
Relevance: Leader of self-help seminar taking place in Stornoway. Plans to run a seance.

M-Com Campaign

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