Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Trip to Waterdeep - Princes of the Apocaverse - Session Six

Waterdeep Nights by Deusuum.deviantart.com

With Red Larch freed from influence;
The party turns to other matters;
A statue to be mended like a fence;
And spoils to sell for coin that clatters.

To the priests at the Church of Allfaiths;
They found Tempus’ devotee could not fix;
And practicality for Lady Sune was but a wraith;
But there was fortunately a Lathanderite in the mix.

Elivia takes up the cause of the half-orc Grund;
Discovering that the simple man works in pickles;
She provided for him a decent working fund;
And found to her surprise that their flavor tickles.

The Waterdhavian noble turned to other finance;
And turned her upbringing to the party’s aid;
Earning a fair penny for all the spoils acquired since;
Starting upon their mission as justice’s blade.

Marle took upon the thought of holding a concert;
Spoke to Kaylessa and others in town;
Getting more bards from outside wouldn’t hurt;
And so thought to join a trip heading down.

Eyes turned to the disposition of two quarries;
One owned by a murderer likely to be hung;
The other by a Believer in the center of stories;
And by the local disdain had been quite stung.

Before they left Vallivoe had something to show;
A beautiful book of dwarven script;
A well-known historian’s words on the page did flow;
A history of Besilmer that was not clipped.

South to Waterdeep they travelled then;
Out of Dessarin Valley with its weather wild;
To study and purchase and speak to kin;
They each went their own way in clime more mild.

Marle took to the local bard’s college;
To recruit entertainment for the performance;
And met a half-drow storyteller with knowledge;
Of lost Dwarven sage not seen hence.

Fennle turned to the holdings of her Order;
To report the matter of the cult they’d faced;
And seek a priest to restore the stone boarder;
And heard a tale of a delegation she’d outpaced.

Elivia faced her parents’ welcome most cold;
Before turning to Mystra’s archives to study;
A nobleman banned by Sharess’s wild hold;
And a symbol which Sigil had found most cruddy.

Lohn spent his hours in a local dive bar;
And spoke to a Zhentarim mining rep;
Who said the Black Network wished to go far;
In proving its good will in a clear step.

Talindra decided that she had little to do;
But stayed in an inn outside of the walls;
With other rangers and druids she drank brew;
And spoke of missing elves in the hilly halls.

Marle stopped by to speak to Elivia leaving the temple;
And they spoke of a coming Elder Evil;
The nature of which she could not be certain or simple;
And talk of her family’s disdain civil.

The tiefling took some offense at her friend’s treatment;
And took to the North Ward in the guise of a man wizened;
She Knocked on the gate with a spell before entreatment;
She talked her way in due the butler’s curiosity to her end.

Once within she gazed upon the windows;
And used a quick spell to befoul the air so;
Her rear and tail print placed for shows;
She fled her prank with a new arrow.

Elivia was not so amused with the tiefling’s ploy;
Recognizing her mother’s shaft in Marle’s skin;
She healed the tiefling roughly and with little joy;
Before returning back to apologize to her kin.

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