Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Journal of Aisha Yethtai

(Note that I am starting this journal about six sessions into the campaign, so I may have some memory gaps.)

Aisha's great-grandparents were a tiefling wizard and a Bedine warrior who wandered the North with other adventurers. Eventually they came to the service of Silverymoon and retired to that city after induction within the Spellguard and the Knights in Silver respectively. Since then several members of her family have given laudable service within one of the two orders. Aisha was set to be no different when she was assigned as part of a Silverymoon contingent of Knights under the command of Aleina Brightlance to aid in the defense of Sundabar. The effort was a disaster, the horde of orcs was far larger than anybody expected it to be and the best efforts of all involved were for naught.

Those defenders and citizens on the surface who weren't killed outright were taken to be used as slaves, a fate which some would have seen as worse than death. Aisha was lucky enough to escape when an overeager orog overseer decided to take her off for some privacy. She spent much of the next couple of weeks of her life armed with little more than the whip she'd taken from the overseer and unable to completely escape the occupied area mostly due to the attention that she had picked up from some of the orcs' allies, a pack of worgs led by a winter wolf.

The wolf pack conspired to keep the orcs from finding her only so that they could continue to have the pleasure of stalking her themselves. The winter wolf especially loved to taunt her in growling whispers from just out of sight to a chorus of canine chuckles from the rest of the pack. There were a couple of instances where the only saving grace she had seemed to be the wolves' reluctance to relay to the orcs where she was. She remains uncomfortable around canines to this day, politely tolerating dogs and common wolves. Though her nightmares are filled with monstrous canines of differing varieties.

Aisha's immediate parents are a moon-elven draconic sorcerer and a tiefling eldritch knight. They are not officially married though they now have two children together. True to her family past, the tiefling blood has only passed to one child with her five-year old brother being a half-elf with Bedine and Illuskan features. She has a dusky maroon skin tone punctuated in places by pale and dark marks where her experience in Sundabar scarred her physically. Most of these represent injuries taken from falls and collisions in her efforts to avoid the worg pack, but she has several whip scars across her back, a bite scar on her lower right leg and a star-shaped mark under her left horn where the arrow that knocked her unconscious ricocheted off her skull.

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