Sunday, April 16, 2017

The End of an Exile - The Journal of Aisha Yethtai

I have received word that I am to travel back to the Sword Coast at my earliest convenience. I shan't be travelling directly to Silverymoon as yet, but rather I am to make my way to Waterdeep and speak to my city's delegate there. I am hopeful that this is a signal that I am to be called to service in the name of Silverymoon's banner yet again though I must not be too hopeful. If there were some dire need for an agent then Silverymoon and the Lord's Alliance would have sought some warrior much closer to hand than Suzail. But, at the very least, it seems as though my exile is come to an end.

I must not be ungrateful.

Exile is too harsh a word for my current circumstance which was not wrought by my city but by my parents. I suspect that I failed to conceal from them the issues I have experienced since my trials following the disastrous expedition to support Sundabar. They no doubt saw the scars when I entered the family home again. It was mother's suggestion that it might be beneficial for me to see more of Faerun and arranged with then High Lord Taern Hornblade to have me assigned to escort our delegate to far Cormyr.

My time here has been quite entertaining. There is seemingly no end to the interesting sorts that make their way through Cormyr before heading either east or west. I had a most interesting conversation with a fellow devotee of The Red Knight from Kara-Tur. Well, I say fellow devotee, but he was a full priest of our mutual divine lady. He used the term sohei which I eventually took to mean something like a warrior priest. I had no idea that the Crimson General's following had spread so far and wide, though my brother in devotion did note that his countrymen considered her a curious, if useful, foreign god and her following was limited.

The nearest elven realm to Cormyr are representatives of fallen Myth Drannor who seem to be very terribly aloof in comparison to Father's people especially considering the destruction of the realm they so briefly managed to revive. I must admit to being reluctant to reveal my own elven heritage to them as several had already expressed disdain, to be polite, for my tiefling nature and I assume that knowing I had elven blood would have provoked a reaction not beneficial to my liege city. As a side note, I now rather regret not properly paying attention to Father's native tongue. I rather feel these Sun Elves make a practice of saying snide comments behind their polite tones. 

The Gold Dwarves, for all that they are slightly less restrained for engaging with outsiders than those of the Northern holds, did not quite earn my appreciation either. They complimented my dwarven though, on recognizing it was a Shield Dwarf dialect, most of the local dwarves have felt it was their duty to express their pity for the troubles of their "quaint" northern cousins. There are some dwarves that I did enjoy talking to, but by and large, these merchants are not worthy of the jaunty warriors I have grown up among. In particular I found their lack of awareness of the recent orc troubles most distressing. It is quite a thing to have one of the most harrowing periods of one's life dismissed as "of course these things happen."

I shall be most happy to return to the Sword Coast to once again walk among the Tethyrian, Chondathans, Shield Dwarves, and Moon Elves. These Easterners are far too clique-ish and compartmentalized. They don't move among each other the way we do on the Sword Coast. Everybody has this condescending sort of disdain for the other races at times, though I suppose that could be the fact that I am mostly amongst the aristocracy and merchant classes here. Perhaps the common folk would be more accepting of each other. Hard to tell given the odd lack of mixing populations. At least the local halflings are as ingratiating hosts and makers of good food as they are elsewhere in the Realms.

I think I shall end this particular entry here. They are readying a hunt and there will be hounds baying in the courtyard below my quarters for the next two hours before they finally leave. I will want to be elsewhere while the beasts are kept waiting.

Character Journal 

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