Monday, May 15, 2017

The Notes of Lisa MacKenzie

Yurei picture by GENZOMAN
Unlike many scions, Lisa MacKenzie was not born with divine heritage but rather found herself infected with ichor which had begun to change her very being. In her case, she had wandered into a cursed ryokan while travelling in Japan and had taken an apple from within its walls. Luckily for her, she did not actually eat of the apple until she was well away from the haunted place and during the middle of the day when it could not manifest. Still, the cursed nature of the fruit would likely have eventually changed her into a violent and monstrous cursed ghost such as seen in many Japanese horror movies. Fortunately for her, she came to the attention of Emma-O, the name by which Yanluo operated when he was acting among the Amatsukami, and he took her up as a ward of sorts forcing the curse to assimilate into her being and render her a half-divine scion.

Lisa appears to be a Japanese woman with long, unruly black hair who is often seen to be carrying a notebook and pen of curious design. It is hard to tell whether the change in her appearance was part of the progression of the curse or some whim of Emma-O's. It is equally hard to tell whether or not Lisa is aware that she no longer appears Caucasian. She is not the most aware of individuals for all her brilliance as a researcher.

She is coming into the world in the wake of the events of previous campaigns. It remains to be seen what effect those campaigns will have on this one.

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