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Divine Blood - Wasps Among Butterflies - Attempted Derailment - Session Seventeen and Eighteen

This session includes three characters:
  • Arianrhod Monica Trengove (aka Aria), the succubus and Perfect Yandere of War who believes Psyche is Doing the Right Thing and is Lost Outside the Hierarchy
  • Sophia Ecks, Ainur of the Interface and Virtual Apex Predator who lives on The Bleeding Edge
  • Sarah Gow, a Napoleonic Werepanther from an Urbanized Tribe who's a Practiced Shapeshifter
Less is secret now.

Following the incidents of the attack at Sendai, the group begins doing some research to track down an active facility being used by M5:9 where one of the bodies of Adelaide Kuroiki might be present. They've found reference to her having assets in Hokkaido and Sophia works to narrow that down to the area around the village of Kitami. Also in the course of the research they discover that Adelaide had surveillance showing Hecate, the architect of the rebellions in Yomi and Nirvana, is in Okinawa in possession of a seal which Sophia realizes, through her connection to other Immortals, holds a nameless thing which could be used as a terror weapon.

Upon learning this, Sarah reaches out to her extensive family and learns that she has some cousins that live in the area. Joaquin and Ayako Palmeiro live up there with their son Masaru. Ayako is from a bloodline of therianthropes that take snow leopard form and Joaquin has learned to shift into that form himself making them a somewhat unusual branch of Sarah's family, but then Sarah herself can take pretty much any cat-form she wants so still more usual than her.

Aria goes about booking a train for them to get to Kitami across the bridge to Hokkaido. Things seem to go fairly well at first until there is a sudden crash sending the train into a sudden derailment. Sarah manages to take advantage of her naturally small form to avoid obstacles as she thrown to the side, but the succubus is slammed hard as she acts to cover and protect Sophia from the impact. In the wake of the crash, Aria takes some time to attend to her cracked ribs as the group begins looking into the chaos of the scene.

Messages are tried to send out though the wild area and the heavy storm makes it hard to get a signal out. Aria reminds them that she has a supply of wasp-paper and that is a form of communication that cannot be intercepted as far as she knows, barring dimensional barriers. That way they get the message out as to the circumstances of the train wreck and their current location.

Realizing that they are on a bridge and precariously balanced. Aria starts using her telekinetically reinforced phantasms to create chains to hold the car in place while Sophia tries to coordinate the evacuation. Sarah moves onward to try and see what is ahead but the driving snow makes that difficult. The passengers are a little bit panicked but Sophia manages to get them all off the train. Unfortunately, she's still in the car itself when it tumbles down into the stream below the bridge.

Luckily Sophia manages to avoid too much damage but is thrown downward into the freezing cold stream, breaking through the sheath of ice while snow drives about everywhere. Aria immediately moves to try and pull her up out of the stream, getting her up to the woods above while using her biokinesis to cause Sophia's body to generate more heat to better resist the cold.

Sarah meanwhile has gotten to the front of the train where the engineer is fighting the effects of a concussion and tells her that the brakes triggered on their own. In conversation with the engineer, Sarah looks out ahead and sees the oncoming train on the track ahead of them and shouts for them to run. Running out of the front of the train, Sarah gets out easily enough but the engineer trips, forcing the werepanther to turn back and grab him to pull him to safety.

The second train slams into the first, spilling cargo containers all over the scene. Sarah manages to push the engineer safely into a snow bank while she falls down into the stream below herself, watching as Aria pulls Sophia to safety. There is a bit more scrambling as some of the cargo containers from the second train tumble down into the stream revealing radiological symbols. Sarah, gasping manages to get up out of the stream and avoid being crushed by the wreckage.

Sophia detects a bit of leftover signs of the action of a technopath, but doesn't manage to catch their presence in time to retaliate against the party responsible. This leads to the problem of what to do with the survivors while waiting for rescue to reach them. 

Aria and Sarah cooperate to make use of their abilities to shift one of the more intact passenger cars back onto the tracks so that it can get access to power. It takes some effort, but between the effects of biokinetically enhanced strength, leverage, and Aria's telekinetic phantasms, they manage to get it done. Sophia then works at getting the car's heater working again while Sarah and Aria seal up the rents in the car as much as possible.

The resultant shelter is cramped with the two-hundred fifty some survivors, but it is protected against the elements. Aria goes around using her biokinesis to stabilize the seriously injured and heal some of the more minor injuries. At the same time she goes raiding for chocolate to address her hunger issues from healing her own cracked ribs earlier.

Once they are rescued, they are alerted to the fact that the other train was carrying radioactive waste from the damaged reactor from the previous year's earthquake. Since the local processing areas were still inoperable it was being delivered south to being processed into fuel for the more advanced reactors which would render it radioactively inert. Hazmat teams are already all over the place trying to contain the danger.

The team moves on to Sapporo and from there to Kitama to stay with the Palmeiros and wait for word that it is time to make the attack on Mother.

Attempted Derailment Play Grid

This represents two short sessions and is leading up to the final conflict for this campaign. Following this, we will see these Wasps taking on their part in the massive assault on M5:9's president, founder, and resident monstrosity: Adelaide Kuroiki, aka Mother, aka Legion.

After this, we are planning on doing a new campaign where they will be passengers on a luxury airship that gets pulled into the cosmology around Earth similar to the one-shot I recently ran.

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