Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Account - Ames Janda - Client

A woman of infectious energy and passion for her hobbies. Ames is blind only physically. She is aware of everything going on within her business and is more than competent to protect the welcoming environment she seeks to create in her store. However there is a bit more to her than is immediately obvious. She has something about her as inhuman as my own secret.

Client: Ames Janda
Matter: Managing the books for Tanelorn Games 

Item 1: Financial Concerns: I have looked at the books and streamlined the accounts somewhat.

Actions to be Taken: Protect Tanelorn Games' finances.

Item 2: Tanelorn Games: Tanelorn Games has seen much death.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain whether or not there are accounts that need to be balanced within, get Ames permission.

Item 3: Ames Janda: Ames is blind but seems to have a supernatural touch of some kind.

Item 3a: Seems to have a connection to wind, somehow.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the nature of her power.

Item 4: Informant: Relayed to me the nature of the Wraith Busters' fraudulent behavior.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain her opinion on my actions. 

Item 5: Worthy of Trust: A sudden feeling that came to me in the sewers.

Item 5a: Helped lead us out of the cursed sewers. 

Item 5b: Was oddly inspiring in the darkness of the tomb.

Actions to be Taken: Be worthy of Ames trust as she is worthy of mine. 

Character Journal 

Tanelorn Games

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