Sunday, July 2, 2017

Account - Ace and King - Debtor

I would have thought that the vault was sound proof. It almost was. But I remember seeing the looks of shock on the faces of the thieves as I turned to look behind them when the vault swung shut. None of them realized I was in until just the last moment, but the one at the door could easily have stopped closing it. There was an argument then someone was shouting that they needed to call 911 to make sure there was someone to get me out before they left. This was countered with the fact that I saw their faces. They argued that they could just open the vault and kill me then, if they had I likely would not have attracted a geist, the death would have been too mundane. But there was a shot and then someone started thrashing about. I would later hear that a headless and handless body was found outside the vault. I started to see blood seep in under the cracks of the vault. That should have been impossible. I know the vault is secured against liquids, maybe they had already attracted the Auditor by this point. In any case, I was left in the vault to die by suffocation, feeling it as the oxygen diminished and my lungs started to burn with effort. The murderer had opted even to kill one of his crew and leave the body behind before sparing me this cruel death. I have their face, but I have not found them yet.

Debtor: Ace and King
Matter in Question: They killed me.

Actions to be Taken: Ascertain their identities. Collect what I am owed.

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